A Heart Strong Enough For Two


A Heart Strong Enough For Two

Los Angeles, California
132nd DefCom
Sunday, November 21, 2027

"All prisons are mental prisons -- including yours." -John Wareham, author of How to Break Out of Prison

"Only our concept of time makes it possible for us to speak of the Day of Judgment by that name; in reality it is a summary court in perpetual session." -Franz Kafka

It was good to be back in California. Though Cameron was only a machine, she missed it. She had longed for familiar surroundings of what she had begun to think of as home.

Major General Perry took the day to walk with the troops and learn what had happened in his absence. John Connor took the day to console the families of those that had died fighting in London. For both, it was a long
and emotional day.

Cameron had a hard time deciding what had been harder for John, facing the families that had fallen, or trying to make some kind of memorial for those that truly had no one left, but those they served with. Whatever the
answer was, two hundred fifty four souls never returned to the 132nd. They had been buried on England's shores to make room for the wounded and those suffering from radiation sickness.

John was tired and distant by the time he made it too his secure bunk. Cameron had followed him quietly, ever playing the part of his silent machine bodyguard for the troops.

He sat on his bed and looked up at her, breaking the silence. "Sorry, if today was boring for you."

Cameron took the time to sit next to him. "I don't really get bored John."

"Do you understand why I did what I did today?"

"Yes", Cameron offered, "It's because you care about the people you serve with."

He simply smiled. His emotions were slightly numb.

She responded, "Skynet didn't care if we were destroyed or not. We were just drones, to be disposed of, at will." Cameron looked into his eyes and added, "I like your way better John. I like thinking that I matter, that we
all matter."

John had something he was struggling with. Something he wanted to say. Cameron waited silently for him to find the words.

He opened with, "Perry said something back in England, I wanted to talk to you about."

From her close proximity to him and the level of anxiety in him, she could sense what was on his mind. She offered, "This is about Kate Connor?"

John looked at her. So she added, "I can read your poetry John."

John answered, "I wanted to make sure you were ok with how I reacted back there."

Cameron answered honestly, "I'm a machine. I don't get hurt or jealous."

John Connor stared at her like she had just lied, obviously and poorly. So she repeated, "I'm just a machine."

John still didn't answer. He just stared her down.

"I can read emotions off of you and feel them through you, but I don't have them on my own."

John continued listening. He radiated disbelief. It was unnerving her.

Cameron gently grabbed the sides of his face with both hands and steered him closer to her eyes. She stared back at him saying, "The only machine I know of that had its own emotions was Skynet, I really need you to
know I'm not Skynet."

John said, "I know you aren't Skynet. That doesn't have anything to do with what I'm talking about."

"It has everything to do with what you are talking about. I'm not Skynet, John." Her eyes watered. There was no way she could express how vile or repulsive that thought was too her.

He was going to say something. She didn't want to hear it.

She kissed him to shut him up. To break whatever was going on inside that head of his.

She drew him closer, one kiss at a time. She slowly wrapped her body around his.

She ran her hands underneath his clothes. Feeling his skin and teasing him, until his mind was in another place.

John was smart enough to know she was silencing him; he was proud enough that he didn't fully reciprocate at first. So, she kept kissing him passionately, until he did.

When his breathing changed and his emotions ran like lava from a hot volcano she undressed him slowly. She'd needed to show him she cared, in her own way.

Cameron lacked the words to express what John meant to her. So, she tried to show him with actions.

She was a machine. She didn't have a heart. Cameron knew that she couldn't feel.

She didn't have too, as she felt the warm torrent of his senses, feelings and emotions ignite inside her. John Connor had a heart that was strong enough for both of them.

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