THE YEAR:- 2020
TECH COM I.D. :- Sargent Gerry - SERIAL No! 4776482
BACK GROUND :- From Australia, was here on holidays when Skynet launched its war on humans. has no idea if family and friends back home are alive or dead.

As I sit against the cracked wall I notice a young boy sitting across the room staring at me, he smiles and gives me a friendly wave and I return the kind gesture. He approaches me and asks how many metal heads did I kill, as I had just got back from a recon mission. Again I smile at him and ask what are you doing here should'nt you be deeper under ground with the others, he places his hands on his hips and with a stern look and a voice beyond his years he replies - Im a messenger / runner between this post and and the post in charlie sector and Im waiting for orders to be taken back there.

I was stunned here was a boy no older than 10 and he had the maturity of any man in my squad, I guess kids are going to grow/mature alot quicker now its a must for survival. Just then a voice calls out to the young boy, its Leiutenant Grothe here son he says to the young boy take this to the commanding officer at charlie sector on the double, with that the boy snaps to attention salutes the leiutenant and in a loud mature voice says YES SIR!!! then turns and runs down a tunnel with lighting speed, i shake my head in disbeliefe at how fast he can run because in a matter of seconds he dissapers.

Just then the Leiutenant calls out to me and I get to my feet while saying YES SIR, Sargent gather your squad and meet me at the southern gate in 20mins now get moving, YES SIR I replie and go in search of my squad members, none of which are too hard to find. On the way up to the southern gate some of the squad kept on harping me about what was going on and how they needed rest and food, I stopped suddenly turned and answered in an agitated tone - look we are all tired and hungry and I have no idea what is going on, Im sure we will find out when we get to Leiutenant Grothe at the southern gate now lets move it before we get there late.

I sure as hell would like to know what is going on - I think to myself - with all the activity around the place, we arrive at the southern gate 2mins late and recieve a grilling by Lieutenant Grothe about being on time.

After that he filled us in on our next mission, let me tell you it was a doozie.

At 08:00hrs the next morning we were to head south west and engage an enemy force that consisted of 10 metal heads and three HK tanks and to do this with only eight men armed with plasma rifels and timmed charges, we were to spread out and make ourselves look like a much bigger force so as to distract the enemy long enough for our leader and two battalions heavily armed made a bee line for skynets main operation base in the area.

Jesus christ this is a suicide mission I thought to myself, but then if the others succed it will have been worth it and if they dont well as the Manchester United song used to go Que Sera Sera (what ever will be, will be). None of us got any sleep that night, well except for Carpenter that bloke could sleep through an atillery barrage but even so surely the mission was on his mind it was sure as hell on mine.

A familiar face came into view, it was the young boy from the day before - Sarge its 07:00hrs Leiutenant Grothe wants to see you right away, ok son lead the way I replie.

He is in the room on the left Sarge I have another message to deliver as the young boy turns and heads down another tunnel he stops and turns to me and says good luck Sarge, please come back and if you can bring me an endo's head, thats an interesting request I replie - he says nothing then turns and like before he dissaperd in a flash.

I enter the room and salute the Leiutenant and the other ranking officers present, a voice came from behind and starteld me as I turned the first thing I saw was the red glow.

I raised my weapon to take aim and was stopped half way by a firm and strong hand, I turned to my right to come face to face with General Connor his only words were stand down sargent its ok he is with us I reprogrammed him myself.

With all due respect General he /its still a wolf in sheeps clothing a loud voice comes across the room from Leiutenant Grothe - Sargent watch your mouth, now stand down shut up and listen to what the General has to say.

" Generals Speech "- Sargent you and your men have been given a difficult mission and the reason I picked your squad is the fact that yesterday you came back from your 20th mission and you still have the same men you had on the first thats very impressive and the intel you have gathered on each mission has been put to good use.

Look Sargent as the General puts his hand on my shoulder I know you and your men are really going to be up against it this time but we need to put that base outta business and we need your help to do that, as the General steps back I replie

- Sir if me and my my squad die today just make sure it was'nt for nothing with that the General just smiled and said your dismissed sargent and I will see you back here tonight.

I head back out the door and over to my squad, right you bunch of bad asses on your feet we have some work to do.

I open the viewing port on the south gate to have a look all is clear so I give the order to move out. Moving quickly between the piles of rubble, twisted metal and burnt out cars we reach our way point 2 clicks from our base, before I can even speak carpenter asks whats in the bag Sarge, well its a little present from the General.

Its a new armour piercing rocket they have been developing, it can penetrate up to a foot of solid steel and we have only three rounds so we gotta make em! count.

Right carpenter you along with jennings, hindmarsh and gilroy take the right flank, tommo, greves, locky and marsh you take the left flank and give the endos hell and I will take care of the HK tanks and make bloody sure you have something solid to duck behind because these things pack one hell of a punch.

I watch my squad move into position and open fire on the endos, as the first two HK tanks turn to fire in the direction of carpenters group I raise up and fire the first rocket at the Hk in the centre as it impacts and explodes I duck down behind a pile of reinforced concrete pileons that was once the support for the freeway, there is a massive explosion and rocks dust and parts of HK and endos fly over my head.

I load another round and slowly raise up to again take aim for a second Im stunned there is only three fully operational endos left as well as one HK, the other one has lost its tracks and its right gun turrent.

I aim right at the guts of the Hk that is still 100% operational as its stuck behind the damaged one again I duck down as there is another explosion even bigger than the last, christ I must of hit its fuel cell I think to myself I load the remaining round and raise back up to finnish off what ever is left.

As I get to my feet I see the squad finnishing off an endo, I lower the rocket launcher and then only realize there is only seven of them wheres Hindmarsh I ask the men, sorry Sarge but he copped a direct hit just before you blew the second HK to hell and took out what was left of the other one.

Dammit was my split second delay the cause of Hindmarsh's death damit, damit. The men gather around me and try to console me in saying it was'nt my fault if your number gets called well thats it.

As we head back to base I reach down and pick up an endos head, hey carpenter you got those pliers handy, sure sarge he replies as he passes them to me.

I rip out the CPU and smash it on the ground with my boot and hand Carpenters pliers to him he smiles and asks and what the hell you gonna do with that.

Well its a present for a good mate of mine back at base, the messenger runner he has earned this.

We finally make back to base and head for our squads area to get some rest, I close my eyes to try and get some sleep.

But its no use I keep thinking " was that delay responsible for Hindmarsh's death" under my breath I say to Hindmarsh - rest in peace my good mate - you were the best and now you have earned your ever lasting rest.

I was interupted by a corporal who I verbally tore to shreds anyway what is it corporal,

he spoke - the General and his men are on thier way back it looks as if the mission was a success, thank you corporal you may go now, oh before you do just one other thing have you seen the young boy who runs the messages between here and charlie sector,
if you do tell him I have something for him.

With that the corporal turns back towards me and drops his head as he raises it I can see a tear roll down his right cheek, I sit up what is it corporal speak up.

The young boy you refere to sarge was my baby brother his name was Kevin and he was killed when a celing collapsed over at charlie sectors post after a HK tank blew up not too far from there, ah christ now Im responsible for the kids death as well as Hindmarsh's.

The corporal looks me straight in the eye and says Sarge I know what your mission was out there and in no way do I hold you responsible for kevins death none of us could have known that the celing was about to give way, now if you will excuse me sarge I have other matters to attend to, sure I replie and if you need anything come and see me.

Twenty minutes later the General and Leiutenant Grothe returned and came straight into see me, I jumped to my feet and saluted them.

The general spoke - Im sorry to hear you lost a squad member but I hear the mission went well, yes sir I replie and those new rockets made our job alot easier Im guessing by your return sir that you also had a successful mission.

Yes sargent that base is burning as we speak and I think we may have Skynet on the back foot.

If you dont mind me asking sir but where is you know - it, well sargent your theroy about wolf in a sheeps clothing came true it tried to kill me on the way there but thanks to Leiutenant Grothe and some quick thinking soldiers Im alive and its terminated, now sargent get some well earned rest your going to need it.

With that said I salute both officers as they leave the room and then I lay down and fall off to sleep.

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