Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Created by: Fezgod
Date: Feb 2 2009, 11:23 AM EST

Chapter 1
He was floating in a fog, a mirage. Shapes moved around him, dark shadows with red, gleaming eyes. He recoiled as a one of them extended its hand, he grabbed it and...a bright light covered his vision.

<What is your name?>

Name? He tried to remember, what was a name? He opened his mouth:

"Service Number 4798T990"

He felt the other's anger, felt it as surely as one would feel the sting of a needle.

<That is not your name, your name is Robert Polanto.>

Robert, he liked that, it sounded like he was real. Robert Polanto, it wasn't a string of numbers, it was a real name.

<Where are you from?>

He, sorry, Robert, shrugged.

"Where am I now?"

<Irrelevant. You are from...Albuquerque, New Mexico>

That name meant nothing, only his name mattered. A new voice suddenly spoke, but not to Robert, but to the other.

[the process is taking far to long to proceed recommend instant memory transfer if not terminate subject and find another]

The second voice spoke, in a voice that sounded like a hiss.

<You yourself are far to inefficient. A quick transfer can result in gaps in the subject's story. Human interrogators will undoubtedly become suspicious.>

[you are on verge of rampancy an idClass mind should be able to sustain itself much longer than you are i fear that the maker will undo your programming]

<Let me continue, my way.>

Robert became afraid, the two were arguing over him, it seemed. He was about to open his mouth, stop them from arguing, when the second spoke in an almost lightning fast voice.


Then it spoke again, in a regular tone:

[memory transfer nearly complete in 5 4 3 2 1]

There was a flash of light, and all descended into darkness.

Camp Hope - 0800 Hours
Sgt. James Connell sat next to one of the many entrances to Hope Camp, a human military base. He glanced at the clock, thinking: Just 5 more minutes and I'm gone. The proximity alarm went off, waking the half-asleep Sargent. He stood up and looked out the peephole. Oh God, please don't be machines, please... He pulled out his pistol and cocked it back, ready to fire at a moments instance.

"Yo Sarge! You in there?"

James sighed, "You know the drill, Mark. What's the passcode?" His finger relaxed from the trigger, barely.

"Alright Sarge, but just because it's you. 1532JK."

James glanced back outside, there was another man standing next to Mark. "Whose your buddy?"

"I dunno, he was wandering outside, probably a Wanderer."

James stared at the man, it didn't look like any model of Terminator he could recognize, "Did you sweep him?"

"Yeah, yeah, ran the metal detector on him and everything. He's a hundred percent meat."

James unlocked the door and took a better look at the stranger. The man was tall, with a muscular build. He had a strange scar next to his temple and was dressed in the same manner of any Wanderer, rags.

"What's your name son?"

The man frowned, as if this question had never been asked to him before, "Robert Polanto" He finally said, "New Mexico."

Chapter 2
6 Months Later...

"Fall back now!" Sgt. James Connell stood up, an outline in the thick smoke, "All units fall back! Robert, take those metals and give us covering fire!"

"Yes sir!" Robert snapped his plasma rifle up and fired into the crowd of T-450s which were massing on the bottom of the ridge. Immediately, the reprogrammed Resistance Terminators opened fire as well. A large Terminator with half its face missing snarled and hurled a grenade at the retreating humans before it was shot to pieces.

"Aw ****! Medic!" Robert turned back. One of his men was writhing on the ground, blood pooling out of gaping wounds on his side. Robert dropped his gun and ran to help him. As he was doing so, a Terminator rose from the ground. Robert paused. The machine was standing in front of him, plasma leaking out of its core, the light in its red eyes slowly dimming. The terminator cocked its head to side, contemplating its target. Slowly its gun lowered and it stepped back. It opened its mouth to say something...but collapsed onto the ashen ground, smoke leaking out of its head.

What's going on, Robert thought, Shouldn't I be dead now? He looked at the dead machine and for an instant, felt a small amount of sorrow towards its death.
Unacceptable, a voice in Robert's head said, The mission and self-preservation are 1st priority.

"Robert come on! Let's go!" Mark's voice interrupted Robert's thoughts, "Get your ass moving!"

Slowly, hesitantly, the warrior retreated with his brothers.

Top Secret, Eyes Only
I dunno what to tell you, but, this war isn't going much better. Something's changed. The metals are acting...frankly they're acting different. Remember when we used to see hordes of metals just marching at us, in perfect formation? They don't do that anymore. Some of my men swear they've seen machines do things that seem, well, almost human. I saw a metal today, it was screaming: "Die humans!" As it was being shot to pieces. I don't know why the metals are suddenly acting all emotional, maybe their programming's becoming all screwed up. Either way, these machines are more aggressive than anything we've seen before.

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