Played by: Summer Glau

Aliases :Cameron Baum
Cameron Phillips
Species : Cyborg
Specialty : Assassination
Manufacturer: Skynet
Class : TOK715
Model : Unknown

[CHARACTER]'s backstory:

The appearance of Camerons outer organic covering is modeled after a captured human resistance fighter, Allison Young. Allison's mother is shown pregnant with her in 2008, making Allison (and thus Cameron's appearance) eighteen or nineteen years of age circa 2027. The episode "Allison from Palmdale" shows her interrogating Allison in a future Skynet prison about the details of her life, the location of John Connor, and the nature of Allison's superficially innocuous bracelet pass. Once the interrogation is complete, she chokes Allison, possibly breaking the latter's neck, and leaves to infiltrate the resistance in her stead with the aim of killing John and "placing his head upon a pike for all to see".
At some point, she is captured and reprogrammed by John and/or his subordinates to serve as their ally, just as the T-800s in the second and third films.
In the pilot episode, she states she was sent to 1999 from the year 2027 by the future incarnation of John Connor (Thomas Dekker) to protect himself.
She arrives in the town of Red Valley, New Mexico, and enrolls as a high school student under the name "Cameron Phillips", sometime prior to the Connors' relocation to the town. In the fall semester, sometime after the Connors leave Nebraska on August 24, 1999, John enrolls in the high school and is immediately greeted by his classmate, Cameron; she is aware of his identity, but he is unaware of hers. She promptly saves his life from substitute teacher Mr. Cromartie (Owain Yeoman), a T-888 Terminator, and leads him with the previously established code-phrase, "Come with me if you want to live,"


Does Cameron have real feelings, or can she only mimic human emotions very well Cameron - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Name John Connor Relationship: Fake Brother ,Ally and potential love interest or potential victim
Cameron - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Name Sarah Connor
Relationship: Fake Mother, Ally or potential enemy
Cameron - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Name Derek Reese
Relationship: Ally or potential enemy
Cameron - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Name Catherine Weaver
Relationship: enemy or potential Ally



  • He's not a man; he's a scary robot.
  • It's freaking big
  • No, it's not brain surgery. It would have to be a lot sharper for brain surgery.
  • I love you John and you love me
  • Here's a present. It's tight
  • I have sensation. I feel. I wouldn't be worth much if I couldn't feel.


  • Cameron: I can tell she likes that, when he touches her lips like that. ( looks over at John expectantly)
  • John: What are you doing?! ( asks rather awkwardly)
  • Cameron: Making conversation
  • Sarah walks in
  • Sarah: What are you guys talking about
  • John: Gives Cameron warning look
  • John: Nothing mom
  • Cameron: Just making conversation, throws flirtatious wink at John over Sarah's shoulder.
  • John: Looks mad and confused at same time at Cameron who was walking away swaying hips.

Summer: Sarah Connor Chronicles CAMERON

Summer Glau as Cameron Phillips - Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles


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