Cameron's Redemption

Cameron's Redemption
Cameron's Redemption

Chapter One: Confrontation
John is determined to save the girl who saved his life.
Chapter One: Confrontation: download
Chapter Two: Contemplation
Cameron becomes withdrawn and Charley Dixon pays a visit.
Chapter Two: Contemplation: Download
Chapter Three: Complication
A slip of the tongue hurts an unstable Cameron.
Chapter Three: Complication: Download
Chapter Four: Consequence
Cameron seeks revenge after John's accident.
Chapter Four: Consequence: Download
Chapter Five: Confidence
Cameron helps John recover from the accident.
Chapter Five: Confidence: Download
Chapter Six: Conspiracy
John investigates a new arrival from the Future.
Chapter Six: Conspiracy: Download
Chapter Seven: Conflict
John meets a cyborg named Jason, an old acquaintance of Cameron.
Chapter Seven: Conflict: Download
Chapter Eight: Comfort (Contains explicit content. Mature readers only.)
John and Cameron explore the extent of their feelings for each other.
Chapter Eight: Comfort: Download
Chapter Nine: Competitors
Cromartie returns and seeks help from an old enemy of the Connors.
Chapter Nine: Competitors
Chapter Ten: Commitment
Tragedy strikes when Derek finally makes his move against Cameron.
Chapter Ten: Commitment
The story continues in Cameron's Reflection...

  • Cameron - self-aware Terminator who is suffering from emotional trauma.
  • John Connor - future leader of mankind and Cameron's closest friend.
  • Sarah Connor - mother of destiny.
  • Derek Reese - brother of Kyle Reese and uncle of John.
  • Charley Dixon - former fiance of Sarah and frequent medical aide.
  • Cromartie - T-888 assigned to assassinate John.
  • Jason Corvain - a mysterious cyborg and self-proclaimed "brother" of Cameron.
  • Carter - T-888 who's original assignment was foiled by the Connors.
  • Morris - John's school friend and secret admirer of Cameron.
  • Riley - a hipster whom John befriends.

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