Cameron's Reflection

Cameron's Reflection
Cameron's Reflection
The anticipated sequel to Cameron's Redemption

Chapter One: Intrusion
Cameron becomes jealous when a girl tries to seduce John, and Sarah tries in vain to understand Derek's madness.
Chapter Two: The Worst Sin
John has an encounter with another girl, which leads to tragedy. Meanwhile, Sarah discovers a new lead to Skynet.
Chapter Three: Devil on His Shoulder
Cameron tries in vain to reconcile with John, who abandons her for a new friend.
Chapter Four: Confessions of the Damned
Cameron seeks comfort in an old friend, while Derek reveals their past to Sarah.
Chapter Five: Love's Sacrifice
Cameron makes a terrible decision, while John discovers the truth about Kevin.
Chapter Six: In a Mirror, Darkly (Contains explicit content. Mature readers only.)
His plan ruined, Kevin captures John and Cameron while Derek visits Morris' grave.
Chapter Seven: A Life for a Life
Jason confronts Kevin so that Cameron and John can try to escape.
Chapter Eight: Beneath the Skin
John experiences a disturbing hallucination, which reveals the truth about Derek.
Chapter Nine: Sibling Rivalry
Cameron faces Kevin, who is beginning to suffer a moral crisis.
Chapter Ten: Singularity
Kevin catches up with Cameron, and Jason's plan comes to fruition.
The story continues in Cameron's Relocation...

  • Cameron - self-aware Terminator who is in love with John Connor.
  • John Connor - future leader of mankind and lover of Cameron.
  • Sarah Connor - mother of destiny.
  • Derek Reese - brother of Kyle Reese and uncle of John.
  • Jason Corvain - renegade I-950 and self-proclaimed "brother" of Cameron.
  • Kevin - sadistic new friend of John who carries a dark connection to Cameron.

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