Cameron's Relocation

Cameron's Relocation
Cameron's Relocation
The sequel to Cameron's Reflection
Prologue (2011)
Cameron wakes up on a beach, but does not recognise her surroundings.
Chapter One: Here One Moment... (2008) (Contains explicit content, Mature readers only.)
While Cameron and John enjoy a day at the beach, Charley visits Sarah and Derek bumps into Agent Ellison.
Chapter Two: Not My Future (2011)
Cameron tries to understand what happened during the three years of her absence.
Chapter Three: ...Gone The Next (2008)
Sarah, Charley, and Ethan help John look for Cameron. Meanwhile, Ellison interrogates Derek.
Chapter Four: Lamb to the Slaughter (2011)
Cameron makes contact with a powerful gangster, bringing her one step closer to finding John.
Chapter Five: The Fault of None (2008)
John suffers a break-down and accuses Derek of being behind Cameron's disappearance.
Chapter Six: Human Error (2011) (Contains explicit content, Mature readers only.)
Cameron finally meets John, but is he the same person she knew 3 years ago?
Chapter Seven: Desperate Times... (2008)
John resorts to desperate measures in his search for Cameron.
Chapter Eight: Angels & Demons (2011)
John is captured by the Bureau, and Cameron & Ethan mount a rescue.
Chapter Nine: ...Call For Desperate Measures (2008)
Ellison attempts to arrest the Connors, resulting in another loss.
Chapter Ten: Hell Hath No Fury (2011)
Cameron finally confronts the machine who ruined her life.
Epilogue (2008)
Cameron's story comes to an end as all things do.
  • Cameron - self-aware Terminator who is in love with John Connor.
  • John Connor - future leader of mankind and lover of Cameron.
  • Sarah Connor - mother of destiny.
  • Derek Reese - brother of Kyle Reese and uncle of John.
  • Charley Dixon - former fiance of Sarah and frequent medical aide.
  • Ethan - (formerly Jason/Kevin) psychotic Terminator and brother of Cameron.
  • James Ellison - FBI agent who seeks to rid the world of any and all Terminators.

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