Cameron's Ride to the Future

IntrepidVillain Has anyone noticed Cameron's weird relationships with cars? You know how cars are often used as a symbol of sexuality? A sexy girl usually has a sexy car, but Cameron tends to deny that a car belongs to her. She needs to be told how important a car can be. Also, every girl is a car to be driven!! Remember what happens to Bender in Futurama? He turns into a car at midnight! His brain was infected with a virus from the most evil car in the whole world, a car that was part of a project called Project Satan. Now imagine if that happened to Cameron at midnight, but instead it's Project Casanova! :)

Ok, enough metaphors, now for the conversation.

Guy: Wow, is this your car?
Cameron: No. It's definitely not my car.

Guy: You kidding me? I saw you come out of the driver's seat, pulling the keys out. Gotta be your's. How could a hot girl like you not own a car like that?
Cameron: Oh wow, I'm so flattered! Yes, I lied. This is really is my car!

Guy: Oh great, my beautiful metal friend. Take me for a ride!
Cameron: Take you for a ride in my car? Usually the guy drives the girl around.

Guy: Who wouldn't want to be driven around by a beautiful metal friend in gorgeous car like that?
Cameron: Are more interested in the car or in me? We're both machines....but the car doesn't have a mind of it's own.

Guy: It's you I want. I don't really care if it's car, bus or a space ship. What matters is that it's you driving it. I'd let you take me anywhere.
Cameron: Ok, I get it. I've got a mind. I've got a personality. The car doesn't have a mind or personality.

Guy: That's right. You're alive, you've got a soul. Drown and bathe me in your soul.
Cameron: Oh thank you!! I get it now. You watching me drive is like seeing me expressing my soul.

Get your lines right, and Cameron will drive you far into the future!

IntrepidVillain Oh I forgot to provide evidence for Cameron's weird relationship with cars.

Episode 2: Gnothi Seauton
It's definitely not my car.

Episode 9: What He Beheld
No. It belongs to the guy I killed and stuffed in the trunk.

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