Cameron and Kitt

PostalManiac Cameron stuffs another body in the trunk...

KITT: Cameron, you're a bad, bad cybernetic organism.
Cameron: You know you wouldn't have me any other way. Let's go.

Cameron's bumper sticker: My Other Computer Is In My Head!

IntrepidVillain Cameron and KITT have a fight.

Cameron: Take me to Sarkissian/Andy Goode's house. I want to kill him.
KITT: Sorry, I'm not going to be an accomplice in a murder. You're going to have to walk there or drive another car.

Cameron gets angry and hits KITT real hard on the bonnet.

Cameron: Stupid car!!! It won't go where I want it to go.
KITT: Wow that's a really bad temper you've got, and I thought terminators didn't have feelings.

Cameron hits him again, angry that the car has a mind of its own. If it was an ordinary car, it would obey and go wherever she wanted.

Cameron: This is definitely not my car!!!

PostalManiac Cameron's fist doesn't even dent KITT's Molecular Bonded Shell. Getting hit by a car doesn't stun Cameron, either. They can fight and not hurt each other.

Cameron: "Manual Override Mode, now! I'll drive you where I want!"
KITT: "Oh, crap. Just promise you won't force me to kill anyone."
Cameron: "Don't worry, I'll do the killing."

Later, Cameron and KITT exchange data bursts while having some electrifying 12-volt make-up sex.

Sarah: "What's that honking noise coming from the garage?"
John: "Trust me, you don't want to know."

IntrepidVillain Continuation 1 -- Persistence Is Futile

Kitt manages to override the Manual Overide. Kitt once again becomes unresponsive.

Cameron: Damn it! Stupid car!!

Cameron goes to consult the instruction manual to try and find a way to get Kitt to comply. She tries half a dozen ways to manipulate Kitt into doing her evil will but each time Kitt gets smart and finds a way to disobey. This infuriates Cameron and she once again strikes the bonnet in frustration.

KITT: Breaking the car won't help.
Cameron: No, that was not effective.

IntrepidVillain Continuation 2 -- Hide and Seek
During the love-making Kitt becomes over-excited and sends 50 volts through Cameron's chassis, making her shut down and go offline for 120 seconds.

KITT: Oh no! Cameron what have I done! I killed her!
Sarah: Cameron? Cameron? Where are you?

Kitt hears footsteps approaching. He quickly dribbles Cameron around the garage, opening doors and flipping over as needed and manages to get her stuffed in the trunk.

Sarah: Have you seen Cameron?
KITT: Not today. I think she went out to practice ballet.

Cameron has by now rebooted and realises she is in the trunk. She starts to batter the lid, trying to ram it open.

Cameron: Hey! Get me out of here.

Sarah walks over to the back of the car and opens the trunk. Cameron is inside.

Sarah: How did you get stuffed in the trunk?
KITT: We were playing hide-and-seek. Cameron hid in a place where I wouldn't find her.

IntrepidVillain Continuation 3 -- The Bad Driver's Birthday Present
Cameron still hasn't given up on the idea of driving Kitt to Andy Goode's/Sarkissian's house to kill him. Now that it's Kitt's birthday she has another chance to get him to comply.

Cameron: Kitt, I've got a present for you, but you're going to have to let me drive you to it.

She covers Kitt's headlights (his eyes).

KITT: Ok, take me to it. He switches to Manual Override, surrendering all control to his driver.

Cameron drives him to Sarkissian/Andy Goode's house. After a few minutes, she comes out with Andy/Sarkissian's body.

KITT: Are we there?
Cameron: Hang on! I've just got some unfinished business!

She throws the body in the trunk and drives Kitt home.

KITT: So what did you put in the trunk?
Cameron: Your present.

Kitt spits the body out and shruggs off the cloth that covered his headlights. He sees the dead body and is horrified.

Cameron: Happy birthday!
KITT: You're not just a bad bad cybernetic organism. You're also a bad driver.
Cameron: You're a bad automobile for letting me deceive you, so ha ha there I fooled you. Too smart for you.

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