Chapter 01: A New Beginning

Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

Chapter 01: A New Beginning

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His heart sank as they moved further and further away from civilization. The civilization he had come to accept, enjoy... love. John Connor, the future leader of the resistance. The title had almost left his mind until two days ago, since then it had been burnt deep into his mind once again, like a hot smoldering iron.
It had been five years since the Cyberdyne incident, five years since they stopped Judgment Day, five years since they have been constantly on the run from the law. The price they have to pay for saving three billion human lives, still who would believe Judgment Day, the end of the world, and of course machines programmed to extinguish all human existence.
These are just some of the thoughts and feelings that would run through young John’s mind every time they had to leave, every time they were identified.
John glanced across the car at his mother who was sitting bolt upright, eyes fixed on the road as she steered the car across the open desert where hopefully normality would be waiting for them on the other side. John could not help but notice the striking similarities between his mother and the machine that saved his life five years ago. This was typical of Sarah Connor these days, John thought to himself. Every time she engaged a mission she... changed, she didn't think of anything else but the mission, especially when that mission was the protection of her son. John knew that deep down his mother didn’t believe the war was over, she would never believe the war was over and unfortunately for John, that meant his life could never truly be normal. Sarah turned her head to her son who now sat with his head staring down at his feet.

“John... are you Okay?” she asked.

“Yes mom, I’m fine” replied John using an unenthusiastic tone.

John didn’t move he just sat there, rocking back and forth like a rag doll as the car sped across the bumpy desert roads. Sarah turned to him again, eyebrows raised.


“Mom! I said I’m fine Okay, jeez how many times are you gonna ask me that huh? What makes you think I haven’t gotten used to this whole moving thing anyway? I mean it’s not like we’ve had to move six times before is it? Since... you know.”

Sarah looked at him with slight concern on her face. She knew what he meant. She knew what was on his mind. She remembered his face like it was yesterday, the tears, the hurt and the pain on her ten year old son’s face as she lowered it down to its death. They watched as the closest thing to a father John had disappeared into the molten abyss, leaving nothing but the smell of burning flesh.
Sarah opened her mouth to speak but decided it would be best for John to work things out in his own mind. He was no longer that young ten year old, he was now fifteen, soon to be sixteen; he needed to learn to deal with things himself she decided.
They continued their journey towards their new life, a new beginning. But for how long? That was the question that kept running through John’s mind as he continued to stare down at his feet. At first he had hope, hope for a normal life, no police, no running... and no machines. His hopes had now been slowly slipping away as he began to realize it would never be over, they would always be running. They may have stopped Judgment Day, but they couldn’t take on the United States in its entirety. They were alone.
John snapped out of his daydreams as he heard the radio’s volume increase. He looked up to see his mother staring at the radio more so than the road itself. She turned her head vigorously to him, a look of seriousness on her face, like a terminator that had just identified its target.

“John... listen” she snapped.

John sat up as the news broadcast started.

“This just in, two fugitives have just been spotted on the outskirts of Arizona. Sarah Connor and her son John Connor, wanted for the murder of Miles Dyson and the destruction of one of the country’s most advanced computer labs know as Cyberdyne Systems have been seen leaving the town of Holbrook, Arizona. They are considered armed and extremely dangerous; if you see them contact your local police department ASAP, do not make any attempt to apprehend them yourself...”

Sarah switched off the radio abruptly and turned to John.

“We need a new car” she said.

“Why?” asked John.

“John wake up! If we have been spotted the chances are they have our registration number, not to mention our faces will start appearing in the local papers again, we need to act now!”
John let out a long sigh as the car veered off the interstate and headed towards a small town. It was late and very dark, Sarah turned off the headlights and drove at a steady 10mph in an attempt to pass through the town unnoticed. She suddenly stopped the car outside a closed Gas Station, where she noticed a small truck parked in a lay-by. It was a mid 90’s Toyota Hilux, though the color of the vehicle was unclear since the paint job was slightly faded. It must have been heavily used on a regular basis by its owner.

“John... toolbox” exclaimed Sarah, breaking the night’s silence.

John let out another sigh as he handed the toolbox to Sarah, who abruptly got out of the car.

“Follow close behind” she whispered as she made her way over to the parked Hilux.

John shifted himself into the driver’s seat and placed his hands on the steering wheel, waiting for his mother to make her move. He heard a small crack and saw the door to the Hilux open slowly, moments later he heard the engine start-up and the truck was in motion.
John looked out the window to see his mother moving her hand in a forward motion while mouthing the words “follow me”. John obeyed his mother’s instruction and started the car, following closely behind her; they left the town in the same manner as they entered in order to pass undetected. After all, the last thing they needed was to get spotted again in their newly acquired vehicle.
They drove on for approximately 30 minutes, Sarah leading the way with John close behind. Luckily it was still the early hours of the morning, so there were very few cars on the road to complicate matters. They veered off the roads and onto the desert surface when the coast was clear. They soon arrived at a small cliff face leading down to a river below. Sarah instructed John out of the car as she opened the trunk and started loading the Hilux with clothes, bags and of course guns.

“John! Are you just gonna stand there or what?” whispered Sarah quietly but forcefully.

“Okaay mom, okay” replied John, as he started helping her with the unloading.

Once they were all set, Sarah started up their car, leaned one of the old M4 rifles between the seat and the accelerator before steering the car off the cliff and into the river.
They both clambered into the newly acquired Hilux and sped off quickly back to the interstate and continued onward to their destination.

John awoke as Sarah tapped him on the shoulder.

“We’re here” she said, with a slight sense of relief in her voice.

John sat up to get a look at their new home. They were now out of Arizona and in New Mexico, more specifically in a small town known as Naschitti. The sun had just started to appear over the horizon so the house was in clear view. It was a small detached property surrounded by a small plot of grass. In the front a small but old swing set sat, veering slightly to the left. The bars were slightly rusted and looked as if they would snap with enough weight. The grass surrounding the property itself looked as if it hadn’t been cut in a while, or cared for since there was a yellow tint to it in some areas. The property itself looked like it hadn’t been inhabited for quite some time now. There were small elements of decay on the wooden areas connecting the roof, and the guttering had been damaged, with large cracks in certain places which were leaking water.

“So... this is the mystery house?” said John disappointingly.

“I know it’s not perfect, but with a bit of work it can be home” replied Sarah optimistically.

“It’s hardly the worst place we have ever been in after all”, she added.

John tried to force a smile in Sarah’s direction as he entered the property.

“At least the inside’s okay” said John.

The interior had been completely cleaned from top to bottom; the new furniture advertised with the property was all in place making the home seem much more inviting on the inside.

“That doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done” said Sarah smiling at John.

“What! You’re kidding right? Or have you forgotten school starts today” replied John.

“There’s still a few hours before we have to go, at least help with the unpacking.”

“Okay, I’ll take my things in, but I wanna rest after that, besides I still need to get these stories straight. You wouldn’t want me to accidentally let slip that my dad was a resistance fighter from the future, would you?”
Sarah turned her head away from John slowly while putting her hand to her forehead. John could see out the corner of his eye that she had a few tears running down her cheek. He moved closer to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Mom.... I’m sorry... I...”

“No... it’s okay, your right... I’ll call you when we need to go,” replied Sarah in a soft voice.

John bowed his head slightly and rubbed his mothers shoulder for a few seconds.

“Okay mom, I’ll be in my room if you need anything,” said John in an understanding voice.

John knew that he had upset his mother; he knew how touchy she could get at the very mention of Kyle. He also knew that there was nothing he could do to help. His mother would only tell him she is fine, even if she wasn’t. John decided now would be the best time; he went to the car to get his bags before making his way to his new room.


He was running, running faster than ever, running for his life. He looked behind to see if anything was there, the coast was clear it seemed. Did he loose it? How did it find him? Why is it here? What’s going on? Questions were swirling around his mind, like a maelstrom out at sea. Out of nowhere he felt something cold creeping up his back, towards his neck. His hair stood on end as he turned around. There he was met with two menacing red eyes that stared straight into his, burning a hole right through his head. They were here, they had found him, all was lost. The hand grabbed him around the neck with the force of a wrecking ball and threw him against the wall. He could see it now, he knew what it was thinking, he imagined that infrared vision staring deep into him with the words “Subject John Connor...... Terminate” appearing across its HUD.


He heard the voice, loud but distant and somewhat familiar. He tried to scream, but nothing came, the grip was too intense. He was rendered helpless, there was nothing he could but accept his fate.


The same voice, only much more distinct, it was his mother, she had come for him.

“John! Wake up sleepyhead”.

John’s vision was a blur; he rubbed his eyes to see Sarah sitting on his bed looking at him. He was home, it was just a dream. John let out a deep sigh of relief.

“Nightmare?” asked Sarah.

“Yeah” replied John, his voice shaken from the subconscious experience.

“You Okay?” She added.

“Yes mom, I’m fine, it was just a dream” replied John, his voice returning to normality.

“Good, because it’s time for school, you had better get your things together now.”

John looked at his watch; it was 7:57am.

“You’re right! I haven’t even washed yet, and school starts at 8:30” said John quickly as he jumped off his bed and darted for the bathroom.

Ten minutes later John rushed outside where Sarah was waiting for him by the truck, only it wasn’t the Hilux from earlier.

“Err... mom... what happened to the Hilux?” asked John, rather puzzled.

“C’mon John, how long do you think it would have been before the owner of that had reported it stolen?” explained Sarah.

The Hilux had been replaced with a brand new Chrysler Concorde, dark green in color with comfy looking leather seating inside. John’s eyes widened.

“So... err... where did you get this one then?” asked John, slightly nervous.

“It doesn’t matter, we need to go otherwise you will be late” replied Sarah.

John reluctantly agreed and got in the car; he decided that he would question his mother concerning the origins of this new car when he gets home from school later that day.
They arrived outside the school grounds at 8:25am; John hurried out the car and made his way to the main entrance.

“Good luck!... And be careful!” shouted Sarah.

“I’ll be fine, cya later” replied John as he entered the school.

He entered the main corridor. To his left and his right were rows of red lockers and billboards with notices pinned to them. There were other students dotted around, pulling out various booked from their lockers and congregating outside the classrooms. Nothing out of the ordinary, John thought to himself.
A ray of sunlight came through the window and penetrated his eyes; he shielded them for a moment and started making his way to his locker. The sunlight then suddenly disappeared; John unshielded his eyes to see that someone was walking towards him, blocking the sun.
It was a girl, not just any ordinary girl. John felt his heart race slightly as she made her way towards him. She was about 5’6”, couldn’t have weighted any more than 120lbs. She had long healthy looking brown hair and two beautiful brown eyes that glistened in light, like diamonds. She was wearing a black hoody which revealed a small blue t-shirt underneath, and a pair of dark navy blue low rider jeans held up by a brown belt.
She continued walking towards John; his felt his heart skip a beat as she passed him and smiled before disappearing into the ladies restroom. John made his way to his locker unable to get the image of that girl smiling out of his mind. She had full red lips and brilliant white teeth, perfectly aligned; the only word that John could think of to describe her was perfect.


John gasped slightly and turned around to see the girl standing right in front of him.

“Oh sorry, did I scare you?” the girl added.

“Oh… no, it’s Okay, I was just getting my books for class” replied John while trying to catch his breath back.

“I’m Cameron, what’s your name” the girl said, with a big grin.

“John” replied John.

“Nice to meet you” said Cameron.

“You too, Cameron... anyway I’d better get going, don’t wanna be late on my first day” said John quickly as he closed his locker door before turning to the direction of his classroom.

“Oh, me too, I’ll come with you” she added as she started walking with John.

The two walked down the narrow corridor exchanging looks along the way.

“So, this is your first day here” asked Cameron.

“Yeah” replied John.

“Sucks for you” said Cameron, laughing slightly.

Out of nowhere John felt an incredible force as he hit a wooden door, it flung open and he landed on the floor with a loud thud. He held his head in pain as he frantically looked around the room; it was dark, full of brooms, mops and other cleaning equipment. A janitor’s room perhaps, John thought. He then heard the door slam shut behind him. Cameron was standing over him, starring straight into his eyes. The friendly innocent little girl look he had come to like had gone completely. It was now replaced by a blank and unemotional glare as she stood there for a few seconds like a statue staring at him. She then leaned forward and grabbed him by the arm. John felt himself being pulled up with an incredible amount of force. A force he knew well. It was that very same force from five years ago, the force from his dream. Only this was no dream, this was real.

And it was happening now.

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