Chapter 02: Contact

Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

Chapter 02: Contact

John could feel his entire body shaking; his legs had turned to jelly. If it wasn’t for the sheer power of Cameron’s grip he would have fallen to the floor by now.

“John Connor”, Cameron’s words were no longer cute and girly. She was now speaking in a much more distinct, monotone manner.

He took a deep breath and managed a few quiet words.

“Are you here to kill me?”

Cameron looked at him, and loosened her grip.

“No, you must live” replied Cameron, still as monotone as before.

“We must leave, now, it is not safe here” she added, as she grabbed John by the shoulder and started to steer him out towards the main entrance.

The two of them exited the school grounds with Cameron still keeping hold of John’s shoulder. As they moved out Cameron stopped dead and vigorously turned her head at a 90 degree angle, a truck had just slowly come round the corner leading up to the school. Cameron quickly pushed John behind a small bush where she joined him moments later.

“What is it Cameron” whispered John.

“He’s here” she replied.

Cameron starred straight through the bush for approximately 10 seconds before turning to John.

“Who’s here” asked John.

“The other one.“

“The other what?!” replied John, with a sense of dominance in his voice.

“The other infiltrator” answered Cameron.

“Shit... how did he find us so quickly,” said John, slightly concerned.

“I found you,” replied Cameron.

John let out a small sigh as he looked down at the ground.

“Okay, so what do we do now?” asked John.

“We must not engage the target. It will attract too much attention and compromise our mission” answered Cameron.

“Our mission?! I thought it was your mission, to protect me... that is your mission... right?” said John with slight puzzlement in his voice.

“Yes, that is one of my missions” replied Cameron.

“One of your missions?! Well what else are you programmed for then?” asked John.

“We do not have time to discuss, please remain calm,” said Cameron, eyes fixed on the bush.

“And how do you expect me to remain calm when I have no idea what’s going on?” asked John, but Cameron covered his mouth.

“John I understand you have questions, but it is not safe here, I will explain when we reach our destination. You have to trust me... please”.

John gave an understanding nod and Cameron released her hand from his mouth, and she continued to stare through the bush. John glanced at her; he didn’t know what to think. John had encounters with Terminator’s in the past, but he had never come across one as understanding as Cameron, especially so soon after making contact.

His thoughts were grinded to a halt as he heard the door of a car slam shut. A tall dark man had gotten out of the car. He stood about 6’2”, very well built. He was wearing a black leather jacket over a plain black t-shirt, pale blue jeans and black combat boots. He also had short brown hair and was wearing sunglasses. The man slowly made his way towards the school’s entrance, he soon moved into John’s vision from behind the bush. John managed to quickly get a good look at his face before Cameron pushed him deeper into the bush. His face was emotionless and blank. This confirmed it for John; he was the one, the one sent back by Skynet. The one sent to kill him. Cameron turned to John and grabbed him by the shoulder again.

“We must acquire his vehicle” explained Cameron.

“Okay... when he goes into the school I’ll hotwire it and we can get the hell out of here,” whispered John.

“No, he must see us; he must know that we have left”.

Before John could open his mouth to retort Cameron had gotten up, taking him with her and started running for the truck. The infiltrator made a sharp 180 degree turn and zoomed in on the moving subjects.
His infrared sensors followed the boy, before the text appeared on his HUD.

---- Subject Identified: John Connor ----
---- Appropriate Action: Terminate ----

John and Cameron reached the truck; John clambered into the passenger’s seat, breathing heavily, his heart racing.
Cameron got into the driver’s seat and started up the truck, luckily the infiltrator had left the keys in the ignition.
John looked out the windscreen to be met with two menacing eyes staring straight into his. The infiltrator pulled out a 9mm pistol from the left hand side of his jacket and began to fire at the truck. Two bullets soared straight through the windscreen, one of which whistled past John’s head. He quickly ducked down under the dash as Cameron slammed her foot on the accelerator; she reversed the truck at top speed before pulling a vigorous 180 degree turn almost knocking John into her lap and then sped off into the distance.
The infiltrator let off two more shots as the truck made its getaway, one of which went straight through the back window and penetrated Cameron’s right shoulder. John let out a small gasp as he saw the splatter of blood emit from Cameron’s shoulder when the bullet entered her body. Of course Cameron made no reaction to the wound, not even a flinch.
John sat himself up in the passenger’s seat and looked at Cameron with slight anger in his face.

“Why the hell did you go and do that for! I was almost killed back there, we could have just waited for him to go into the school, I thought you were supposed to protect me, not try to get me killed!”

Cameron’s head slowly turned to John’s making him feel somewhat uneasy.

“The infiltrator has the same files as I do, it makes the same moves I would, if it were to enter the school and be unsuccessful in identifying you, it would move onto a different school in the area until it located you” explained Cameron.

“Erm... wouldn’t that be a good thing?” asked John.

“No, part of our mission is to ensure the destruction of this infiltrator; it must be destroyed otherwise remaining mission success drops by 40.57%” explained Cameron.

“Remaining mission success? What else is there? What else must we do?” asked John, feeling very confused.

“Our mission is the destruction of Skynet, to prevent Judgement Day” replied Cameron.

“But we already stopped Judgement Day, we destroyed Cyberdyne, it ended-“

“No, it was only postponed” interrupted Cameron.

“Right... so how the hell are we supposed to stop Judgement Day now?” asked John, while reaching into his jacket pocket and taking out his mobile phone. Cameron turned her head vigorously to him as she watched him push a sequence of buttons.

“What are you doing?” asked Cameron, in a more prominent version of her standard monotone voice.

“What does it look like? I’m calling my mom, I gotta warn her” replied John.

Before he was able to hit the “dial” button, Cameron snatched the phone from him. She snapped it in two and threw it on the backseat.

“What the hell are you doing! Cameron, don’t you understand! That Terminator is going to kill my mom!” screamed John, almost going blue in the face.

“Negative, the T-888 is unaware of Sarah Connor’s location, it is only aware of the State. It will now try to reacquire you in the next logical location...”

“Which is...” John added.

“Los Angeles, It has all details regarding the Cyberdyne incident within its files. The next logical move for the Connor’s now will be to return to Los Angeles and attempt to destroy Skynet, it will try to termi-“

“Yeah, yeah I get it. Look I don’t know what your files say about Cyberdyne, but my mom was there. What we achieved was only possible because of her... she’s the leader, not me” interrupted John, his voice calming down now.

“I am under specific instructions to not allow Sarah Connor to accompany John Connor on this mission” explained Cameron.

“Whose instructions?” asked John, already knowing the answer.

“Yours, 28 years from now you programmed me for this mission, uploading all mission parameters and instructions precisely two days before initiation. The exclusion of Sarah Connor was one of those instructions” replied Cameron.

“And why is that?” asked John in a demanding voice.

“Mission success probability without Sarah Connor’s intervention 78.45%, Mission success probability with Sarah Connor’s intervention 54.67%. Her intervention could jeopardize the mission” said Cameron.

“But why, this doesn’t make any sense... wh-“

“Her judgement and morals will conflict with my mission parameters” interrupted Cameron.

Realising there was no way John could convince the machine, he reluctantly accepted defeat and slouched into his seat.

“Umm... Cameron?”


“So this err... T-888, is it some kind of advanced model, I’ve never heard of it?” asked John in a more calm and controlled voice.

“Yes, it is an advance model infiltrator, it has the ability to blend in with its surroundings more efficiently than previous models” replied Cameron.

“So harder to spot?” asked John

“Correct” replied Cameron.

John looked to the front at the road ahead. He could not get his mother out of his mind, even though Cameron had reassured him that she will not be harmed, he could not help but worry. He had to make sure.

“Okay Cameron... I’ll come with you, but promise me one thing... promise my mom will be safe”.

Cameron looked at him a smiled, John remembered the smile from back in school when she disappeared into the ladies restroom and felt a slight sense of comfort.

“I promise”.

John reached into his other jacket pocket and pulled his mp3 player and began listening to some music, while slouching even further into his seat. Cameron continued driving, eyes fixed on the road not moving a muscle, apart from to steer the truck or to apply pressure to the accelerator and brakes.
John spent the next 15 minutes pondering his predicament and going over the events leading up to this moment, just to try and make sense of it all in his own mind. His thoughts were extinguished when Cameron broke their silence.

“We are here”

Cameron pulled the truck up to an old abandoned building, most of the windows had been boarded up, there was a small hole in the roof and all vegetation in the area had either started to wither away or died completely.

“You been living here?” asked John with a slight chuckle in his voice.

“Yes, what’s so funny?” replied Cameron with a sense of confusion added to her monotone voice.

“Oh... nothing, nothing... c’mon let’s get inside before we’re seen”. John added.

John exited the car as Cameron drove it into an open garage next to the building. As they entered John was met with a very empty large room, inside the flooring was covered in dust and old leaves, probably blown through the hole in the roof. To the left hand side of the room stood a small table with a chair positioned beside it, on the table an old computer sat on standby with a radio beside it. On the right hand edge of the table was a small stack of first aid kits and an old rusty toolbox.

“Surveillance?” asked John.

“Yes, I used the radio to try and track your location. When I heard you were spotted in Arizona I hacked the police database and acquired your registration number.” replied Cameron as she made her way to one of the other rooms in the building.

John let out a small sigh, his mother was right to assume the police had their registration number. He felt a sense of regret at the fact he didn’t pay as much attention to her as he should. The thought he may never see her again played on his mind as he rested himself on the wall of the building.

“I must be strong, I must focus on the mission, I must stop Judgement Day”, he repeated those phrases over and over to try and take his mind off his mother.

Cameron re-emerged with an old mattress and threw it into the middle of the room.

“You must rest, we need to leave in the morning” said Cameron.

John let out another sigh as he inspected the old, tatty mattress Cameron had presented him with, his eyes fixed on one of the corners which had a small splatter of red on it, blood he thought. John then remembered the bullet from the T-888 that penetrated Cameron’s right shoulder as they made their getaway. He quickly turned to her and saw a small bloodstain on the top of her blue t-shirt.

“Cameron, we need to patch you up before we do anything” said John, examining her wounded shoulder.

“I don’t understand” replied Cameron.

“You won’t get very far wandering the streets as if all is well with a bullet wound in your shoulder now will you?” said John in a comical voice.

Cameron turned her head to its right and examined her shoulder.

“Oh... thank you for explaining” she said as she manoeuvred to the desk, returning with a first aid kit and the chair.

“Okay, now sit there and I’ll get rid of this thing” said John, pointing to the chair.

Cameron moved over to the chair, she then removed her black zip up top followed by the small blue t-shirt underneath and then sat on the chair with her back to John.
John cleared his throat as he felt his face turning red; luckily Cameron had her back to him so she couldn’t see. Not that it would matter much John thought to himself.

“Right... err this will only take a few secs” said John as he took the first aid kit from Cameron.

He slowly moved her bra strap out the way so that he could get a good look at the wound. It was nothing more than a small red dot, very clean, apart from the small smear of blood from her top. He cleaned it off using one of the antiseptic wipes from the first aid kit, before reaching for the forceps. He forcefully pushed the forceps into Cameron’s shoulder until he felt the small metallic object; John clamped the forceps around the bullet pulling it from Cameron’s shoulder and finally dropped it into a small metal dish that she was holding. Once the bullet chinked in the dish, Cameron went to stand up.

“Err hang on a sec Cam, there still a gaping wound here you know” said John, thinking as advanced as she may seem, there is still much she needs to learn.

“Oh... sorry” said Cameron as she sat back down.

John then reached into the first aid kit and pulled out a small Band-Aid and some tape. He ripped off four pieces and stuck them on the edges of the Band-Aid before placing it neatly over the wound. He pressed down softly until he was happy it would hold and finally pulled her bra strap slowly back into its appropriate position.

Cameron stood up and turned to John as she pulled her blue t-shirt back on.

“Thank you” she said in a softer voice.

“Now, you must sleep” she added, her voice returning to its normal state.

“Okay, but there’s just one thing I need to know first... how do we stop Skynet?” asked John.

Cameron looked into his eyes and took a couple of steps back.

“I will access my mission database and explain” She said as she closed her eyes and stood still like a statue.
“In 1994, five years ago Sarah Connor, John Connor and a reprogrammed T-101 destroyed the research of Miles Dyson. This delayed the creation of Skynet by 13 years, 8 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 13 hours, 28 minutes and 49 seconds. Since the incident, Skynet setup multiple events in order to safeguard its own creation, each event has a critical moment in time and this is when we must act. We must destroy each event at its critical moment and only when all are destroyed will Judgement Day be prevented” explained Cameron.

“Right, and how many of these events are there” asked John.

“Four” replied Cameron.

“The first has already begun with the termination order of John Connor, we must destroy the T-888 in this time before we can effectively move onto the next event-“

“Hold on a minute” said John as he leaped up to his feet.

“What do you mean... in this time”

“In order for us to effectively destroy all four events we will need to use time displacement equipment in order to travel to the specific moment in time when the events are being executed” explained Cameron.

“Time displa... erm... Cameron, how is that even possible?” said John.

“In 2024 John Connor obtained vital information from an advanced infiltrator sent to terminate him and his officers. The information contained all details relating to these critical events. John Connor spent the next three years of his life putting together this mission to destroy these events, and to stop Judgement Day. He sent some of his best engineers back through time to create multiple time displacement apparatus around the city of Los Angeles so that when the time came, his fifteen year old self would be able to travel to each moment in time and stop the events.”

John’s eyes widened, his heart racing. He never expected something of such magnitude to be thrusted upon him at such an early age. He just couldn’t understand how his older self could have seen sense in any of this.

“Cameron, what are the odds that we will survive this mission?” asked John with an elevated level of distress in his voice.

“Mission success probability 78.45%” replied Cameron.

John now remembered how she explained this in the truck on the way to the building. He believed the odds to be in their favour however he could not stop worrying about the remaining 21.55%, he felt his eyes start to fill up, a few tears started to trickle down his cheeks which shone in the moonlight. Cameron approached him taking a seat on the chair, only facing him this time.

“You’re scared John, but don’t worry it will be Okay, I will protect you... I promise”.

She leant over to John and wiped the few tears from his face with her finger. John looked up at her not knowing whether to burst into tears and hug her or run away in fear. Cameron was showing an abnormal amount of understanding towards John’s emotions and even showing a simulation of what could only be described as care towards him.
His thoughts were halted as Cameron slammed the chair back down by the table.

“You must sleep now.” said Cameron her voice back to its normal monotone state.

John lay down on the mattress stretching his whole body ready to get some sleep; he curled over onto his side to see Cameron standing by one of the open windows.

“What are you going to do then?” asked John.

“I will assess the threat levels in the perimeter and maintain optimum safety” replied Cameron.

“I never sleep” she added.

John rolled his eyes, and turned over onto his stomach ready to sleep. He plugged in his mp3 player again to try and drain out the knowledge of what was to come. Time travel, terminators, Skynet; he knew it would be tough, he knew there would be pain, suffering. But if he could stop Judgement Day then it would all be worth it, and so long as he had Cameron by his side to protect him, he knew there would always be hope.
With that being his last thoughts he zoned out of reality and into the world of music, before slowly falling into a deep sleep.

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