Chapter 03: The City Of Angels

Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

Chapter 03: The City Of Angels

The large truck headed down the dark empty road before pulling up along the sidewalk outside a small closed pet store. It was a black Dodge Ram that looked like it had been picked up from the local scrap yard. Both the large doors had been heavily damaged with most of the paintwork either faded or missing completely. The left headlight has been completely smashed, and the left front wheel had been slightly buckled. The vehicle itself looked as if it had just been driven away from a collision.
The driver’s side door swung open and a large black combat boot made contact with the pavement below. It was the very same boot that belonged to the infiltrator from the school back in New Mexico, the infiltrator that had just recently tried to terminate John Connor.
The infiltrator made it’s was past the pet shop stopping at the crossroad ahead. It stopped dead and sharply turned its head 90 degrees to the right, staring at the tall structure straight ahead in the distance. The infiltrator’s HUD targeted the building and zoomed in close.

---- Scanning............ Scan Complete ----
---- Match Possibility 93% ----
---- Los Angeles City Hall ----
---- Primary Location Acquired ----

The machine was standing on the crossroad at Ord Street leading to North Broadway with Los Angeles City Hall standing tall in the distance. It turned its head back and carried on moving south-east down Ord Street, observing its surroundings.
There were rows of shops on either side of the street, most of which were either closed or empty. It was late; the sun had just disappeared behind the tall buildings within the area. The only shops in the area that showed any signs of activity were the restaurants, they housed people out for an evening meal together. The machine pasted the buildings, moving in a manner that would have surely attracted some attention had the area been flowing with people.
Its feet moved in the exact same manner with each step and each step being the exact same distance. The rest of its body remained complete fixed in the same position, eyes fixed dead ahead as it scanned the area by sharply turning its head from left to right.
Without warning, the machine stopped dead outside the Mien Nghia Restaurant and turned its head slowly to the left. Its eyes were fixed on a small store directly opposite the restaurant, a gun store. The machine turned its head back to the restaurant and completed a brief scan.

---- Detecting Human Presence ----
---- Scanning.......... Scan Complete ----
---- Human Presence Moderate ----
---- Proceed With Caution ----

The infiltrator then turned back to the gun store and proceeded towards it. As it entered a small bell rang and a man appeared from the back room and headed over to the counter. The machine stood in the entrance, looking from left to right at the guns on display.

“Hi I’m Bob, can I help you sir?”

The machine's head turned vigorously to the counter where the man was standing.
He saw a short man behind the counter; the man was about 5’5”, late-40’s. He had grey hair around the sides and back of his head, the top was completely bald. He was wearing a plain white shirt and an old pair of faded blue jeans.

“Yes, I need weapons” replied the machine.

“Well, you came to the right place,” said Bob.

“So... why do you need weapons eh?” he added.

“Personal,” replied the machine, using a dominant monotone voice.

“Ahh I get it, you wanna beef up the ol’ home security, I got just the thing,” replied Bob, reaching under the counter.

He re-emerged holding a small handgun; the machine quickly scanned the item. He made his way toward the counter and took the weapon. He aimed it behind the storeowner slowly moving it left and right.

“Beretta 92F,” said the infiltrator.

“Very impressive... yeah this little baby will scare off anyone trying to rob ya,” said Bob, laughing.

“It fires 9mm rounds, sold separately of course, very lightweight and easy to use.”

“Oh yeah, and you get this free with it,” he added as he put a silencer on top of the counter.

The infiltrator put the gun down on the counter next to the silencer and started scanning the wall behind Bob. The wall had a vast array of different rifles, shotguns and SMGs stacked in a line. It then looked down at the glass cabinet under the counter, where all the handguns and ammunition were kept.

“Anything else you interested in?” asked Bob.

“Yes” replied the machine.

“Ooh that reminds me, before we do anything I need to see some ID, and I’ll need to get you to sign this form quickly,” said Bob.

He reached under the counter and pulled up a small form, he took a pen from his shirt pocket and made a cross next to a dotted line at the bottom.

“Just here,” he added.

The infiltrator reached into his left jean pocket and pulled out a small black wallet. He reached in and put a small laminated card on the counter. It read:

Name: Mr Brian R Davies

DOB: 12/10/1962
Address: 858 E Kensington Rd, Los Angeles, CA

Brian’s eyes glanced over at the Identification card as he quickly scanned the signature located at the bottom. He took up the pen from the counter and signed the bottom of the form; using the image he had just stored from the card. Bob picked up both the card and the form and checked through all the details. He examined the photo attached the card and then Brian’s face before giving him a small smile.

“Okay, you’re good to go. So what else are you looking for?”

Brian scanned the walls for a second time.

“The Benelli M2” said Brian.

Bob turned to the guns behind him and pulled the shotgun down from its rack.

“A nice choice... and this is the tactical version. Not like those slow pump action types. Though I wouldn’t recommend using it indoors” explained Bob, laughing.

Brian picked up the shotgun and aimed it past Bob in the same manner as the handgun from earlier. He put it back down on the counter and continued scanning the wall of guns.

“The G3KA4” said Brian.

Bob turned around to the wall and pulled the rifle from its rack.

“Again very nice choice... this has gotta Germany’s finest weapon. It’s the shortest version of the G3 assault rifle, semi automatic, very accurate... if you can use it. I’d recommend taking it down the range for some practice first.”

Brian again picked up the weapon and aimed it behind Bob. When he was finished he put the rifle down beside the shotgun and the handgun and turned to Bob.

“So... which will it be?” asked Bob.

“All,” replied Brian.

“Okay, no problem... wait here just a sec, I just have to go out back and get the paperwork,” said Bob as he made his way to one of the back rooms.

Brian scanned the area before locking onto the ammunition stored with the handguns under the counter. He punched the glass covering, shattering it completely. Blood dripped over the ammunition boxes, Brian had two large glass shards sticking out of his hand from the covering. He pulled the glass out of his hand, as blood spurted from the wound onto the counter. He then took a box of 9mm handgun rounds and loaded one into the chamber of the Beretta. He attached the silencer to the weapon just as Bob made his way out.

“Fits nicely don’t it,” said Bob.

Brian aimed the weapon at Bob’s head; Bob looked at the counter to see the small blood pools and the opened box of 9mm ammunition.

“What the fu-“.

But before he had time to finish, Brian fired the weapon. The bullet blasted straight through Bob’s head and out the other side. The force from the shot sent his limp body into the wall before it slid to the floor into a lifeless clump. The bullet had entered the wall behind, through the centre of a large splatter of blood and brain tissue from Bob’s head.
Brian went over to the western corner of the shop and grabbed a large black bag off one of the shelves. He loaded his newly acquired weapons into the bag, along with as much ammunition as he could fit and proceeded out the shop.
He headed back up Ord Street walking slightly faster than normal but still in the same mechanical manner used earlier. Once he was back at the truck, he loaded the weapons into the back and headed south west down North Broadway.
Moments later he was driving down North Spring Street where he came within yards of City Hall. He slowed the truck down to a steady 15mph as he stared at the structure. His HUD zoomed in on the building once more, before driving off into the distance.

---- ETA: 12:02:12:20:07:53 ----

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