Chapter 04: The Beginning Of The End?

Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

Chapter 04: The Beginning Of The End?

John’s eyes opened slowly as a small beam of light entered one of the small cracks from the boarded up window. He started rubbing the sleep away from his eyes as he sat up on the old tatty mattress, attempting to examine his surroundings. Once his eyes came into full focus, he was met with a dark figure towering over him.

“You are awake.”

The figure moved slowly into the light, to John’s relief he was met with two familiar beautiful brown eyes. It was Cameron.

“You’re a master of the obvious, aren’t ya,” said John.

“Thank you,” replied Cameron.

John rolled his eyes at her as he stood up from the mattress and began to stretch.

“Another thing, hasn’t anyone told you to not stand so close to people, especially when they’re sleeping?”

“No, why? Is it something I should not do?” replied Cameron.

“Yeah... it’s something you shouldn’t do, it’s freaky” said John.

“Freaky?” said Cameron with a confused look on her face.

“Yeah... you know, like strange,” explained John.

“My database only includes limited information on human interaction,” said Cameron as she made her way over to the small desk.

“You’re telling me,” said John muttering under his breath.

Cameron picked up the small toolbox and the remaining first aid kits from the desk and stuffed them into a small bag. She turned back to John and stared at him for a few seconds.

“You slept for 4 hours and 34 minutes; you need a minimum of 5 hours sleep in order to be fully operational. You must rest longer,” said Cameron.

“I’m fine okay, it’s only like 20 minutes difference,” replied John yawning half way through.

“You are tired, you must rest longer,” said Cameron in a demanding voice.

“Look Cameron, it’s going to take like half a day to get to LA. I’ll just sleep in the car,” said John.

“Estimated driving time 11 hours 29 minutes,” said Cameron in a monotone voice.

Cameron took the small bag from the desk and made her way out the front door. Moments later John heard the car start up, assuming that Cameron had agreed to his proposition he too left the building.

“So err... how are we supposed to kill this thing?” asked John.

Cameron got out the car and made her way over the trunk, she opened it. John’s eyes widened as he was met with a large arsenal of different weapons stashed away in the trunk of the car. There was a wide range of different weaponry at their disposal, from handguns to automatic rifles all fully loaded and thrown in a messy heap completely filling the trunk.

“Okay... so where did these come from?”

“The T-888,” replied Cameron as she closed the trunk.

“Oh... so all this just to kill me?” asked John

“And me,” replied Cameron.

John glanced at her with a look of puzzlement.

“The resistance sent a protector for both assassination attempts, Skynet assumed this attempt would be no different and programmed the T-888 accordingly,” she added.

John gave a small nod of approval as they both entered the vehicle ready for the journey that awaited them. The true start of their mission to destroy Skynet was now about to begin.

John’s mind had become a labyrinth of chaos and confusion with thoughts, feelings and interpretations for the upcoming mission. He was unable to organise his thoughts, one minute he was thinking about the mission and what lay ahead of them once the T-888 was disposed of. The next was a conversation he had with his mother, a conversation he could not remove from his thoughts ever since Cameron mentioned time travel. He remembered sitting with her as she described her two days with Kyle, and more specifically the time travel experience he had. John could imagine the white light engulfing him, the pain that would soon follow and the cold sting of his naked body hitting the floor when it was all over. John took a deep breath a turned to Cameron who sat motionless, eyes fixed on the road as she steered them to their destiny.


Cameron’s motionless stare was now replaced was a small smile as she turned her head to John.


“What year are you from?” asked John.

“In 2023 I was captured and reprogrammed by John Connor and a small group of resistance fighters to aid them in their fight against Skynet. In 2027 when John Connor’s plans were ready for execution I was programmed to return to this time and protect you in the fight to stop Judgement Day,” replied Cameron.

“So does that mean you were built in 2023?” asked John.

Cameron turned her head from John and looked out the side window of the car.

“Correct,” she replied in a softer tone of voice.

“You okay Cameron?” asked John in a caring voice.

“... Yes, I’m just thinking,” replied Cameron using the same soft tone.

John looked over at Cameron who was now staring through the windscreen at the road as before.

“Since when do you do that?” asked John

Cameron continued to stare at the road in her motionless manner; she didn’t make any recognition to John’s question. John felt a rush of awkwardness hit him straight in the face; he was being given the silent treatment by a machine. The idea that the machine was showing the same characteristics as a hurt schoolgirl played havoc with John’s mind. Was she merely mimicking human emotion as an advanced infiltrator would, or does she actually experience some level of emotion? John pushed the questions from his mind. He needed to keep his mind on the mission; he could worry about Cameron’s differences another time.

“Cameron... I’m sorry.”

Cameron turned her head back to John and smiled again.

“It’s okay,” replied Cameron.

“So what model number are you? You seem... different,” asked John.

“I am different,” replied Cameron smiling.

“My model number is TH-10,” she added.

“TH-10? That is... different,” said John.

“Yes, it was John Connor that assigned the model number to me,” said Cameron as she turned her head back to the road.

“I gave you that number?” asked John as his eyes widened.

“Correct,” replied Cameron.

“Okay, so what was your model number before I captured you?” asked John.

“I don’t know, my memory was wiped when I was reprogrammed,” replied Cameron.

“It heightens the chance of success when reprogramming,” she added.

John paused for a moment and looked toward the road; he was now in a state of confliction with himself. He wanted to know about Cameron’s past, how she came to be and the answers behind all her differences. On the other hand he was afraid of what he may find out. He liked to keep things as simple as possible, in his eyes she was just a machine; here to aid with the mission. However John could not help but feel a slight sense of attachment to Cameron, she was becoming more of a friend than just a machine in his eyes.
Happy with his own conclusion that everything that just happened was the result of clever programming, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his MP3 player. Cameron looked over with a sense of suspicion on her face.

“It’s just my MP3 player,” said John.

Cameron looked closely at the device and then back at John.

“Portable music device, capacity 20 Gigabytes, battery life 20 hours, rechargeable,” said Cameron in her usual monotone voice.

“Used to be, ever since I dropped it a few weeks ago the battery life has never been the same,” replied John.

“Think you could fix it?” he added.

Cameron took the device from John and observed it for a few seconds before handing it back to him.


John’s face lit up as he looked down at the MP3 player and then back at Cameron.

“It doesn’t matter, when we travel through time it will disintegrate,” she added.

John’s face dropped as he slouched into his seat.

“Oh yeah... forgot about that,” said John in a quiet voice.

He plugged the earphones in and relaxed to his music; he slouched further into his seat as the music flowed through his mind clearing it of all that was to come. For these few moments he felt free. Free from his destiny, free from Skynet and free from the machines. He let out a long yawn; he was still tired from his uncomfortable night’s sleep on the old tatty mattress from the abandoned building. Moments later he fell into a deep sleep, free from worries.

The car jerked forward as it made its stop. John awoke from his nap and checked his watch, it read 14:26.

“We can’t be there yet, we’ve only been on the road for about seven and a half hours,” said John rubbing his eyes.

“No, we need to stop for gas” replied Cameron, as she exited the car and proceeded towards one of the gas pumps.

John also got out the car to join Cameron.

“Hey, I’m just gonna grab summin to eat, I’m starving,” said John emptying his pockets to check how much money he had.

“Should have enough here for the gas too,” he added as he made his way to the small shop by the gas pumps.

Cameron pulled out the pump from its stand, injecting it into the side of the car and began filling the car with gas. Moments after Cameron has finished filling the car John re-emerged from the small shop carrying a small plastic bag.

“We ready?” shouted John as he made his way to the car.

“Yes, we have enough gas to reach our destination,” replied Cameron.

Once they were both back inside the car John opened up his bag and examined what he had bought from the shop. Inside was a small turkey sandwich cut into two halves and sealed in a plastic container, a bag of Cheetos and a can of Pepsi. He hastily
pulled out the sandwich, removing it from the plastic container and began to consume it.

“You shouldn’t eat so fast, it can cause indigestion,” said Cameron watching John stuff the sandwich into his mouth as if it were the first time he had eaten in a year.

“Gimme a break Cam, I haven’t eaten since yesterday,” said John with a slightly illegible voice due to the sandwich.

Cameron turned back to the road and resumed her driving position as John continued to eat his sandwich. Once he had finished he took the can of Pepsi and began gulping it down at the same speed he had eaten the sandwich.

“So... tell me what it’s like where you from,” said John as he finished his drink.

“The future I mean,” he added.

“My files only date back to 2026,” said Cameron.

“2026... but you were reprogrammed in 2023,” said John.

“Correct,” said Cameron.

“The mostly likely cause would be a glitch suffered during time travel,” she added.

“Okay, so what was it like the year before you were sent?” asked John.

“I was assigned within the medical sector of the resistance camp. John Connor believed that my skills on human anatomy would benefit them when treating the wounded,” replied Cameron.

“What sort of wounds did you have to treat?” asked John.

Cameron opened her mouth to reply, but John interrupted her quickly.

“Actually, don’t answer that... I’ve just eaten.”

Cameron closed her mouth and returned to her standard driving state as they crossed the border into California.

“We’re getting close now,” said John with a mixture of excitement and concern in his voice.

“Approximately 4 hours and 47 minutes, depending on traffic conditions,” replied Cameron.

“That’s good, I’m starting to get sick of all this driving around,” said John.

“Reminds me of all the times mom and me would drive from state to state... running,” he added.

“We are not running,” said Cameron.

“I know, about time too,” replied John with a sense of relief in his voice.

“I think I’m starting to see why I programmed you to stop me contacting mom. There’s no way she would agree to all this,” he added as he reached for the pack of Cheetos in his plastic bag.

“Correct. Your mother was the best fighter you knew, but her primary initiative was to avoid all possible risk in order to protect you,” said Cameron as she turned her head to John and examined the bag of Cheetos.

John started devouring the contents of the Cheetos bag. He turned to Cameron as she sat eyeing the bag like a suspicious puppy.

“Care for one?” asked John moving the bag closer to Cameron.

“Guess not,” he added as he brought the bag closer to himself again.

Cameron leaned over to him and put her hand into the bag. She retrieved one of the small cheesy puffs, put it in her mouth and began to chew. John glanced over at Cameron as she swallowed the snack with a look of amazement on his face.

“Cameron?” he said intriguingly.


“...Nothing, it doesn’t matter,” said John.

At first he wanted to ask how she was able to consume food just like a human. However with all the differences Cameron already possessed and questions he already had flowing through his mind; he decided against it. He needed to focus his mind on one important thing, the mission. It was now only a matter of hours before they were due to arrive in Los Angeles, a matter of hours before their mission truly began. Destroy Skynet, stop Judgement Day, save the word. To John this is all that mattered now; this was his destiny, his fate. He looked over at Cameron and gave her a smile; he knew that so long as she was there with him they stood a chance. He knew she would give her life in a heartbeat to protect him.
John reached his arm over to Cameron and gently squeezed her shoulder. She looked over at him with a cute smile to her face; a smile that John had come to cherish.

“Is everything okay?” asked Cameron, still smiling.

“Yeah I’m fine... I’m just glad that you’re with me, I wouldn’t be able to do this if it wasn’t for you,” said John softly.

Cameron looked over at him; she could detect a small rise in his overall body temperature.

“Don’t be afraid John, I will protect you,” said Cameron mimicking John’s soft tone of voice.

John gave her a small nod.

“...Thanks,” he replied.

John turned his head back to the road and began to slouch into his seat. That wasn’t what was bothering him, he thought to himself. John had developed a bond with Cameron; she was his friend... his only friend. He knew that she would do anything to protect him, but he didn’t know what would become of her when the mission was complete.
Imagines of the damaged T-101 being lowered into the molten steel hit him square in the face like a sledgehammer. Only it wasn’t the T-101; as the vision became clearer he could see the gleaming brown hair, those cute little brown eyes and that unforgettable smile. He couldn’t bear the thought of history repeating itself, especially with Cameron.
John could feel his eyes beginning to fill up. He frantically pulled his MP3 player from his pocket and began listening to his music in a desperate attempt to eject the thoughts from his mind. He let his mind clear as he allowed the music to flow softly through his body.


John’s eyes opened slowly to the sound of Cameron’s voice. He stretched his arms out and let out a long yawn.

“Did I fall asleep again?” asked John.

“Yes, you were snoring at a level of 80 decibels,” replied Cameron.

“What? I don’t snore,” said John turning red in the face.

“Mom never mentioned it before, and she complains about everything,” he added.

“I have the data stored in my memory banks, I can play it back to you,” said Cameron.

“No no, that’s okay Cam, I’ll take your word for it,” replied John as he began to sit up in his seat.

John looked out the windows to see that they were now engulfed by a series of large buildings and structures. The sun had just recently set into the horizon and was now replaced with a bright full moon in the night’s sky.
John checked his watch which now read 20:49.

“We are here,” said Cameron turning to John.

“Okay, so what do we do now?” asked John.

“We must make our way to City Hall,” explained Cameron.

“City Hall... why?” asked John.

“In the future Skynet will be housed within City Hall; this is where it will be activated and will trigger the nuclear apocalypse. The T-888 has detailed files on this incident; it will assume the Connors will come to this area for information,” explained Cameron.

“How can you be so sure?” asked John as he began to sit up.

“I would,” replied Cameron turning her head to John.

John rejected back to his seat happy with Cameron’s response, she knew what she was doing and that was enough for him. They continued driving through the city for a further ten minutes until the peak of the 454 foot building came into focus.

“I see it,” said John sitting back up.

“Affirmative, we must search the area for signs of the T-888’s whereabouts,” replied Cameron.

They continued to make their way toward City Hall both checking out the side windows of the car in an attempt to catch a glimpse of something that could fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

“Face it Cam, this is like trying to find a needle in a haystack,” said John disappointingly.

“Needle in a haystack?” said Cameron turning to John.

“Yeah... like it’s going to take us forever to find anything here, we have been searching for 20 minutes now and no signs... nothing,” said John as he began to slouch in his chair once more.

“There is a 95.34% probability that the T-888 is currently within the city,” replied Cameron.

“That doesn’t mean we are going to find anything,” said John.

Seconds after John had finished speaking Cameron slammed on the brakes, nearly sending John straight through the windscreen. She reversed the car and parked it up against the sidewalk. John checked his surroundings; he saw a small sign post with the words “Ord St.” printed in bold letters.

“What is it Cameron,” asked John.

Cameron pointed to her left. In the darkness was a small shop; the door was shut and completely covered in yellow tape. As John focused in on the building he could just about make out the words “Police Line Do Not Cross” printed in blue, as well as the bold writing across the top of the shop spelling out “Bob’s Firearms”.
John quickly turned his head back to Cameron’s who glanced at him with a look of seriousness.

“He’s here.”

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