Chapter 05: Realization

Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

Chapter 05: Realization

“Wait here.”

John gave a nod of agreement as Cameron exited the car and started to make her way toward the sealed door belonging to the gun store. She quickly turned back to John.

“John you should hide; he could still be here,” said Cameron.

John gave another small nod as he slouched into his chair out of sight. Cameron turned back and proceeded toward the store frequently turning her head from left to right checking for possible threats in the area.
When she arrived she examined the yellow tape that engulfed the door in front of her. She grabbed the tape and with very little effort ripped it from the door allowing her entrance to the crime scene.
Cameron slowly opened the door to reveal a vast emptiness within the store’s four walls. She was instantly plunged into the darkness the room had to offer as she manoeuvred deeper into the building. At first glance the area seemed completely lifeless, but she had to be sure.

---- Switching to Nightvision ----
---- Scanning Potential Threats......... Scan Complete ----
---- Current Threat Level: Zero ----
---- Switching to Heat Signature ----
---- Scanning Potential Threats.......... Scan Complete ----
---- Current Threat Level: Zero ----

Happy with the results from her multiple scans, Cameron entered deeper into the store; maintaining her nightvision function for optimum exposure. She observed the area to the fullest extent in order to retrieve some level of information as to the whereabouts of the T-888. After examining the main areas within the store Cameron reached the conclusion that the structural integrity was not compromised; there was no struggle during the encounter.
Cameron turned herself toward the counter where the guns were located and moved in closer for a better look. She noticed that there were two gaps within the weapon stack behind the counter; one by the shotgun collection, and one by the assault rifles. She continued to search the area beside the counter before hearing a small crack. She looked down to find a collection of glass shards messily scattered around her feet. Upon kneeling down to examine the glass she noticed the compartment underneath the counter where the handguns and ammunition were stored. There was blood; only a small amount located within the compartment, and more specifically around the ammunition. Cameron examined the blood samples that lay before her.

---- Scanning Blood Sample......... Scan Complete ----
---- Blood Sample: Synthetic ----

Though the synthetic blood was carried within all terminators, Cameron knew this belonged to the one they seek. Her files specifically stated that only one infiltrator was sent to the year 1999 programmed to terminate John Connor. It was obviously collecting weaponry to use on them when the time came, since the original arsenal acquired by the infiltrator was now in their possession.
Cameron now had significant proof that the T-888 was the source of this crime, the only question that remained unanswered was how to find him. She continued to check the counter since this seemed to be the main focal point for all activity between the store owner and the T-888. Moments later Cameron noticed something out the corner of her right eye. She turned her head to be met with a circular marking on the wall beside a door leading to a different room, the anomaly emanated through her nightvision more than any other object in her view. As Cameron enhanced her vision she noticed the messiness surrounding the circle; as well as the smaller, darker marks within. It became apparent that the marking was from a bullet wound to the head, the splatter was blood and the darker aspects belonged to the recipient’s brain.
Cameron started to move toward the blood splatter on the wall for a closer inspection. As she approached she noticed the corner of a small object standing out on the floor in front of her. It was partially hidden underneath a shelving unit holding bags and other storage devices located across one of the building’s walls. Cameron picked up the object and began to examine closely; it was a small rectangular card.

John slowly peered out his side window in an attempt to get a view of his surroundings. All was quiet, the streets were completely deserted; no sign of any immediate threat. He gradually sat up in his seat since his legs had developed pins and needles from the awkward position he was in for the past few minutes. As he finally adjusted himself into a more comfortable position he heard a soft slamming noise to his left. He quickly turned his head to see Cameron making her way towards him.

“John I told you to stay down,” said Cameron with a serious look on her face.

“It’s okay Cam there’s no one here, the place is like a graveyard,” said John.

Cameron entered the driver’s side of the car and stared at John with her usual confused look every time he used a metaphor she wasn’t familiar with.

“Err... I meant the place is quiet and empty... like a graveyard,” said John correcting himself.

“Thank you for explaining,” replied Cameron.

Cameron shifted herself into position and entered the keys into the ignition before receiving a small tap on the shoulder from John.

“So did you find anything?” asked John.

“Yes,” replied Cameron.

“Brian was there; he shot the storeowner in the head and left with a handgun, shotgun and an assault rifle,” she added.

“Brian? Who the hell is Brian?” asked John.

“The T-888,” replied Cameron.

“The T-888’s name is Brian?” said John raising his right eyebrow at her.

“Apparently so,” said Cameron as she pulled the card from her pocket and handed it to John.

John quickly examined the card.

Name: Mr Brian R Davies
DOB: 12/10/1962
Address: 858 E Kensington Rd, Los Angeles, CA

“Okay, so you found this in there?” asked John.

“Correct,” replied Cameron.

“We must go to 858 East Kensington Road and destroy Brian,” she added as she reached for the handbrake.

“Hang on a minute,” said John as he grabbed her hand before she could release the handbrake.

“How do we know this is the T-888; we can’t just go in guns blazing. For all we know this could belong to the storeowner,” he added.

“Impossible, the photograph is a 100% match to the image I stored at the school,” explained Cameron.

John looked back at the card and examined it closely, specifically the photo on the left-hand side.

“Sorry... I couldn’t really tell without the sunglasses,” said John.

“It’s okay,” said Cameron.

John looked down to see that he still had hold of Cameron’s hand from when he stopped her from releasing the handbrake. He quickly let her go and put his hands in his pockets as Cameron started up the engine.

“So are we heading there now?” asked John.

“Correct, we must neutralise the T-888 immediately and proceed to the time displacement apparatus,” replied Cameron.

“How do you know where we’re going?” asked John.

“I have detailed files on the structural layout of Los Angeles,” replied Cameron.

“So you can find anything here basically,” said John.

“Correct, it should take approximately 4 minutes and 29 seconds to reach the address,” explained Cameron.

“Great, so what’s the plan when we get there?” asked John curiously.

“I will enter the premises and disable the T-888; when I call for you, you must come immediately with the tool box and remove its chip,” said Cameron pointing to the bag on the backseat of the car.

“And what happens if you can’t disable him?” asked John with a look of concern.

“If I do not return within 10 minutes, you must leave without me,” said Cameron as she turned to John.

“But... Cam I can’t leave you... I won’t leave you,” said John softly.

“If I fail you must survive Judgement Day, it is you destiny,” replied Cameron.

John turned to her with worry in his face. He believed in Cameron, he truly believed that with her help he could prevent Judgement Day. So far the mission had been relatively safe, but all that was about to change. This would be their first face to face encounter; the first real taste of danger. The realization of what was to come had finally started to sink in.
John couldn’t help but worry about the negative; what if Cameron was to fail, all would be lost. There was no way that he could prevent this alone; he needed her.

“Just make sure you turn that machine into scrap,” said John commandingly.

“Affirmative,” replied Cameron.

Moments later they pulled up at the corner of East Kensington Street, though for John the minutes seemed like an eternity. Cameron stopped the car and began to scan the area and pointed her right hand towards a small detached house at the end of the road.

“This is number 858,” said Cameron.

John looked in the direction her hand was pointing to see the small property. It was encased within a row of hedges surrounding the area. The house itself was nothing out of the ordinary; standard detached property standing two storeys high. He also noticed an old, damaged black Dodge Ram parked outside the house.

“Well I guess somebody’s home,” said John.

Cameron switched off the headlights as she slowly manoeuvred the car behind the Dodge Ram parked outside the house before switching off the engine. She exited the car and quickly made her way over to the trunk. She removed one of the handguns and holstered it using the front of her jeans. She scanned the rest of the weapons before reaching for the 12-gauge shotgun buried underneath a few rifles.

“John, wait here until I call for you,” said Cameron as she closed the trunk and made her way to John’s window.

“Okay, make sure you get out of there in one piece,” replied John.

Cameron turned back to him and smiled as she made her way to the house. As she approached the small gate leading into the garden she quickly checked her surroundings for any potential threats to John whilst she was gone. Once complete she quietly opened the gate and proceeded up the small pathway leading to the front door of the property; shotgun in hand and at the ready. Since the door was made of wood Cameron had no trouble forcing it open without making too much noise.

---- Engaging Search Mode ----

A small circular crosshair appeared on Cameron’s colourized HUD; it began scanning all aspects of her vision for potential movement. As she entered the house she was met with a short narrow hallway leading to a large room; there were two wooden doors on each side of the hallway leading to different rooms in the property. She ignored them from the time being and made her way down the hall into the main room.
Everything seemed ordinary; to her left there was a brown three piece suite towards the back of the room with a small coffee table in front of it. Further away from that was a television sitting on a small wooden unit and a bookcase located in the far corner. Beside her on the right was a wooden staircase leading to the upper part of the house, and straight ahead was an archway leading into a different room.
After conducting a brief scan Cameron made her way through the archway and into the second room. Again nothing out of the ordinary; inside she was surrounded by various different cooking appliances, it was the kitchen. Seconds after scanning the room Cameron’s audio sensors picked up something from above. She quickly froze in position and looked up; her sensors had picked up the sound of quiet footsteps in one of the rooms directly above her.
Cameron brought the shotgun closer to her chest as she quietly made her way back to the main room and started heading up the stairs. Nearing the top one of the stairs let out a small creak under her weight; she stopped dead in her tracks and increased the level of her audio sensors. The footstep sound had returned and was becoming increasingly louder with each step; it became apparent to her that the source of the sound was moving closer to her. She quickly ran up the remaining stairs pointing her shotgun to the right and then to the left in an attempt to identify the target. She was met with a dark empty hallway on both sides, all doors were closed and there was no sign of movement.
Cameron conducted a brief scan to ascertain which door lead to the room above the kitchen; the original source of the suspicious footsteps. She locked onto a door at the end of the corridor on the far left and began proceeding towards it. As she arrived she released that all was silent; the footsteps had stopped again. She turned the door handle and slowly opened it to reveal a small study area. There were two small bookcases rested against the walls either side of her, and directly in front was a desk with a computer system setup on it. Cameron made her way to the computer noticing that the monitor was in sleep mode; she quickly moved the mouse to reactivate the system. As the monitor slowly came into focus she released that she was staring at an online FBI file. It was John; she noticed his face distinctly on the left hand side of the monitor as well as all his personal information documented on the right.
Cameron turned back to see a dark figure standing in the doorway; she attempted to identify the target, but it was too dark and out of focus. The figure moved in closer quickly grabbing Cameron by the shoulders and pulled her closer. She was now able to get a good look at its face.

--- Checking Image Database ----
---- 100% Match ----
---- Primary Target Acquired ----
---- Appropriate Action: Terminate ----

Seconds after Cameron had completed her assessment she knocked herself free from his grip and pushed him with the force of a wrecking ball. The T-888 flew backwards and straight through the door opposite turning it to splinters. Cameron made her way towards the room shotgun pointed straight ahead ready to fire. The T-888 began to stand up, his silhouette slowly growing in front of Cameron’s eyes. She let off two rounds into his chest; sparks flew as the shots made contact making him loose balance and stagger backwards. Cameron moved in closer, letting off another round into his face. The T-888’s head was knocked to its left from the force of the blast; as he slowly turned his head back Cameron could see the glowing red eye on the right side of his face before it focused in on her.
She raised the shotgun to let off another round, but the T-888 moved too quickly and knocked the weapon out of her hands sending it straight through a window. He grabbed her and in a nanosecond began repeatedly smashing her face through one of the walls before throwing her back into the small study room.
Cameron quickly got up her face now showing small scratch marks and blood trickling down her cheeks from its close encounter with the wall. She had only regained balance for a few seconds before she was grabbed by the T-888 once again and sent flying through one of the small bookcases. She slowly turned onto her back to see the T-888 towering over her; its glowing red eye burning a hole right through her face. He grabbed her by the hair before she was able to retaliate and sent her straight through the other bookcase completely desecrating it.
The T-888 reached down to grab her again, but Cameron was able to deliver a strong kick to his left leg knocking him down with a large thud. She quickly got back up and grabbed him by the shirt; lifting him up and sending him straight into one of the walls. She pinned him to the wall and repeatedly punched him in face before launching him into the desk; destroying all contents in an instant. The T-888 began to slowly stand up and make its way toward Cameron; it had now suffered extensive damage to its left leg and was now limping towards her. It attempted to land a powerful right hook to Cameron’s face, but she countered the attack and threw him to the floor. He landed with so much force he went straight through the floorboards and landed in the kitchen below. The T-888 was now laying on one of the kitchen counters; blood pouring from his back. He quickly got up to reveal three knives stuck in his back; blood spewing from the wounds.
As Cameron jumped through the hole and into the kitchen the T-888 moved in on her and stuck one of the knives from its back straight into her stomach. She quickly retaliated by pushing him back into the wall close by knocking him down due to his damaged leg. She ripped out a small sink to her right and smashed it into the T-888 knocking it back down as it attempted to stand. She pulled the handgun from her jeans and began unloading it into the T-888’s upper body. Before she could empty the clip; the T-888 knocked it from her hand and landed a strong punch to her chest sending her into a gap in the kitchen where the sink used to be. She hit the wall with an incredible force; destroying the entire piping system and sending jets of water flying across the room in different directions. The T-888 slowly made its way towards her knocking the dishwasher out the way for better access. He grabbed her with both hands around the throat and started slamming her head into the floor repeatedly.
As Cameron struggled to free herself she saw that to her left where the dishwasher used to be, the power cable had been snapped but was still plugged into the mains. She grabbed the loose cable and stuck it into the T-888’s neck. The electric sparks danced around them like a set of fireworks as the T-888 began twitching uncontrollably before landing on top of her; motionless.
Cameron quickly pushed the T-888 to one side and began running to the front door.

“John, now!” shouted Cameron standing at the foot of the car.

John frantically searched the bag for the toolbox before exiting the car and running to the house with Cameron by his side. As he entered the kitchen, his eyes widened at the destruction that lay before him.

“I take it you got him,” said John.

“No, I shocked it with an electric cable forcing it to reboot. We have 120 seconds to remove the chip before it is back online,” explained Cameron pointing at the lifeless machine in front of them.

They both rushed over to the T-888; Cameron turned it onto its stomach as John searched the toolbox for a screwdriver.

“Cameron, there’s too much skin; I can’t get to the chip,” said John impatiently.

Cameron looked at her stomach and pulled out the knife before handing it over to John. John looked at her worryingly but quickly snapped out of it and began to cut away the flesh from the T-888’s head.

“I see it, quick pass me the screwdriver,” said John holding out his hand.

Cameron handed him the screwdriver as he removed the port cover exposing the chip inside. Seconds later the T-888 began to twitch and his eyes opened instantly.

“John quick, he’s back online,” said Cameron.

John quickly put his hand into the small compartment that held the chip and removed it. As soon as the chip was removed the T-888 stopped moving and lay motionless on the floor, it was now offline... for good.

“John, we have to go before we are spotted,” said Cameron as she grabbed the T-888 and flung it over her shoulder.

They both made their way out the property and headed down the small path; they could see that some of the surrounding houses now had light emitting from the windows. They had to assume it had something to with their little encounter and as a result of that picked up the pace till they reached the car. Cameron threw the lifeless T-888 on the backseat as John got in the passenger’s side and threw the toolbox in the back beside it.
Cameron quickly started up the car and they sped down the street out of sight.

“We must head to the time displacement equipment immediately before the authorities are alerted,” said Cameron.

“Okay, and where is this time displacement equipment?” asked John.

“There’s a library located 2.3 miles away, the equipment is hidden there,” explained Cameron.

“Hidden? How did it get there in the first place?” said John.

“In 2025 John Connor sent an engineer into the past, he posed as construction worker when the library was being built. During this time he secretly integrated the time displacement equipment within its walls,” said Cameron.

John looked over at Cameron and gave her a small nod before noticing the damage on her body from the fight with the T-888.

“Cameron... you’re hurt; we have to stop and patch you up,” said John.

“My injuries are very minor, we can worry about that when we reach our next destination,” replied Cameron.

John turned his head back to the road, he realised it would be pointless to bandage Cameron’s wounds at this time; since it would all disintegrate during the time travelling.

“Just hurry okay,” said John.

“We are almost there,” replied Cameron.

A few minutes later they arrived at the library; Cameron stopped the car abruptly.

“We are here.”

They both exited the car; Cameron went to the backseat and removed the T-888 as John sat on the hood of the car and inspected the library. It was a small building; no bigger than a large home. There were a set of stone steps that lead up to the two large wooden doors at the front of the building.

“John we must go, now,” said Cameron as she headed up the stairs.

Cameron quickly checked her surroundings before she forcefully opened the door to the library. It was late and the library was only small, so there were no night patrols to worry about. They made their way inside and John closed the door behind them, though it didn’t stay shut since Cameron had broken the hinges.
Cameron dropped the T-888 into the middle of the room and began scanning the area. The library itself was nothing but one large room with three rows of shelves positioned evenly starting from one side of the room and ending at the other. To their left was a small counter; presumably where people would rent out books.
Cameron began moving deeper into the building scanning the shelves as she passed them.

---- Scanning Area ----
---- History A-G ----
---- Negative ----
---- Fiction A-D ----
---- Negative -----
---- Fiction S-Z ----
---- Positive ----

Cameron fixed her eyes on the small shelf in front of her. She punched a hole into its side and removed an old tatty book covered in dust as John quickly looked up and ran to her location.

“Cameron what are you doing?” shouted John as he arrived at her side.

Cameron inspected the books coverings; it was entitled “Take Back The Future”. She opened the book to its middle where a few pages had a small square cut out of them; she put her fingers into the gap and removed a small shiny object from inside.

“What is it?” asked John.

“A key,” replied Cameron.

“...To what?” asked John raising his eyebrows.

Cameron moved away from John and began examining the wall to their left. After a few moments of what appeared to be staring at nothing but a wooden wall, Cameron moved closer to a specific area and began to repeatedly punch at it knocking away chunks of wood as she did.

“CAMERON! What are you doing? Someone is going to hear you!” said John running over to her.

As John arrived, he realised that the area Cameron had destroyed was hiding a large steel door.

“The engineer built the time displacement equipment and stored it in this hidden room. The door is made with solid steel, not even I could break through it,” said Cameron as she reached into her pocket and removed the key.

She entered the key into the small hole under the handle and turned it. She pulled open the door which must have been almost half a foot in width as it appeared Cameron was having a hard time forcing it open.
Inside was nothing but a desk containing a small 15 inch monitor, a keyboard, a small circular container and what appeared to be a computer standing on the floor under the desk only it was much larger than any computer John had ever seen.

“What is this? How is this going to teleport us to the future?” asked John.

“Come here,” said Cameron as she entered the room.

“This is the operating terminal. You see the four large cables coming out the back of the machine and heading into the wall?” asked Cameron.

“Yeah, I see em,” replied John.

“Two of those cables link to a component hidden within the ceiling, and the other two link to a similar component hidden within the floor. Once I enter the details and execute; an electronic signal will be sent to these components creating an electronic field. When the two electronic fields meet they will cause a chain reaction which will send us to the point in time I specify on the terminal,” explained Cameron.

John glanced at her and gave a nod; pretending he knew what she was talking about. Cameron moved closer to the terminal and began to operate the keyboard.

“Err... Cam what about the T-888? We just gonna leave it here?” asked John.

“No,” said Cameron as she stopped typing and grabbed the small tub next to the keyboard.

She left the room and made her way back to where she left the inoperable T-888 with John following close behind. She opened the container to reveal some type of dark powder with a lighter resting on top.

“What is that?” asked John.

“This is a substance known as Thermite. It consists of 37.5% Aluminium and 62.5% Iron Oxide,” explained Cameron.

“And what is it for?” asked John as Cameron began tipping the contents over the T-888.

“The T-888’s endoskeleton is manufactured using refined Coltan. This is because the titanium alloys used for the production of previous T-600 models were vulnerable to heat. Coltan has a much higher melting point, therefore more effective. The only existing material today capable of reaching the required temperature is Thermite,” explained Cameron.

When she had finished covering the T-888 in Thermite; she took the lighter from the container.

“Stand back,” said Cameron.

She flipped open the lighter, ignited it and dropped it on the T-888 instantly engulfing it in flames.

“We must get back to the time displacement equipment,” said Cameron making her way back to the secret room.

John watched as the T-888 began melting under the intense heat created by the recently ignited Thermite. Once the smell of burning flesh and metal was too much; he quickly returned to Cameron’s location in the hidden room. He arrived in time to catch a glimpse of the date Cameron had entered before she hit the execute button.

Time Displacement Equipment Online
Date: 23/03/2007
Initiate (Y/N)?

“We’re going to 2007?” asked John worryingly.

“Correct, follow me,” said Cameron as she hit the execute button.

John turned abruptly to see multiple blue electric bolts flying from the ceiling in the main room. Cameron quickly grabbed his arm and directed him to the centre of the electrical fiasco. Seconds later electricity started dancing around them from below before they were sealed inside a large, translucent blue orb.

“Make sure you don’t touch the sides, otherwise you will be electrocuted,” said Cameron commandingly.

John tried to speak, but the words didn’t come. He was completely paralysed in disbelief at the thought that in a few seconds he would be travelling through time, eight years into the future.
He quickly put his arms around Cameron and squeezed as hard as he could before finally being completely engulfed in a bright white light.

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