Chapter 08: The Power Of Friendship

Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

Chapter 08: The Power Of Friendship

John began to lightly bash his head against the dashboard as Cameron watched him, a look of sympathy on her face. She reached over to him and began stroking his hair softly. John looked up at her; tears began falling from his eyes and down his cheeks.

“What are we gonna do? We’re too late, it’s all over,” said John tears still streaming down his face.

“John, it’s okay, everything is going to be okay,” said Cameron reassuringly.

“How’s it gonna be okay?” asked John.

Cameron leant over to him and began wiping away his tears.

“There is still a chance the T-888 is inside,” said Cameron.

“Apart from a few civilians there is no one else here, no authorities. Evidently they have not been informed of this incident,” she added.

“Meaning it’s only just happened?” said John.

“Correct, it is highly probable that the T-888 is inside trying to acquire the arm,” said Cameron.

“I will enter the premises and disable the T-888, failing that we shall head to the Time Displacement Equipment in an attempt to head it off,” she added.

“What should I do?” replied John.

“Wait here, and stay out of sight until I return,” explained Cameron.

John gave a nod and slouched into his chair out of sight as Cameron quickly exited the car.

“Cam... be careful,” said John softly.

Cameron turned back to him and winked as she closed the door behind her and made her way towards the police station. As she reached the main entrance she quickly stopped to inspect the two dead officers; she put the tip of her index finger into the blood... it was still warm, the police officers were killed very recently.
Cameron picked up the Cop-Issued Beretta that lay beside the corpse and made her way into the building, pulling back the hammer.
She began scanning the area hastily in an attempt to locate any clues to the T-888’s whereabouts. She had to enhance her vision due to the smoky haze that had now engulfed the entire area as a result of a few small fires that had erupted behind the main reception desk. The floor had now become a horrifying collage of documents, blood and bodies, most dead and a few still alive. There was a constant echo of pain and suffering surrounding the entire building as the helpless injured frantically crawled around the floor in a futile attempt to find help, but there was no help; no help for what they had encountered.
As Cameron manoeuvred herself further into the building the true horror of the incident began to slowly come into view. She began analysing the corpses in order to ascertain the cause of death so she knew what to expect if the T-888 was still present. For most, the cause of death was a shot from a high powered weapon. This was evident due to the nature of the wounds; some of the officers had multiple limbs missing, as well as large entry wounds to the chest and stomach resulting in organs becoming fully exposed most of which lay on the floor beside the lifeless corpses.
Cameron heightened her senses to full alert as she noticed a small undamaged sign that had been bolted to one of the walls. She moved in for a closer inspection.

F2: Homicide

F1: Narcotics
G: Main Reception
B1: Holding Cells
B2: Evidence

Directly to her left beside the sign was a set of stairs leading to the multiple floors within the station. She began to proceed down the stairs carefully avoiding the corpses littered randomly on her way.

“C’mon men we have to take this guy out.”

“Yes sir”

“Yes sir”

Cameron stopped dead at the voices of the three men seconds before the sound of gunfire and screaming echoed the entire area. It was now apparent that the T-888 was still in the building, they still had a chance, the mission wasn’t a failure.
Cameron reached the bottom of the staircase to be met with a pile of corpses next to a large wooden door that had been forced opened, a small hole right where the door handle was supposed to be. She outstretched her right arm pointing the gun dead ahead whilst carefully scanning the area for any potential movement. The trough lights within the evidence room had been completely destroyed apart from one at the back which was flickering on and off like a firefly at night.
As Cameron entered the room she quickly switched to her nightvision in a better attempt to locate the T-888 and the arm. Inside the windowless room stood many rows of shelves cluttered with boxes and files taken from various crime scenes within the city, some of which had been knocked to the floor during the conflict. Cameron proceeded deeper into the darkened room maintaining 100% awareness in order to locate the T-888, before noticing a large opened box in front of her. Her HUD zoomed in on the white sticker located on the side.

Evidence #134557
Metrolink Train Derailment

Cameron quickly processed the information; the dates matched, the train that derailed was indeed a Metrolink and the evidence was being held in this department. This had to be the box she was looking for. She slowly moved over to the box and peered inside to reveal a vast emptiness within; apart from a few report files.

Cameron sensed a violent intrusion in her leg as she fell to the floor face first. She quickly looked up and then at her leg which now had a large metal rod protruding from it which had buried itself deep into her endoskeleton. She ripped the pole from her leg and began to stand, but found herself falling back to the ground. She quickly conducted a self diagnostic in order to ascertain the problem.

---- Scanning Potential Damage........ Scan Complete ----
---- WARNING ----
---- Lower Right Hydraulic Cylinder Malfunction ----

The metal rod had been rammed so far into her leg that it made contact with the hydraulic cylinder used to function her knee joint resulting in very limited movement from the limb. Cameron turned onto her back and began to sit up until she found herself face to face with a set of menacing yet familiar eyes.

“Cameron, I haven’t seen you in a while.”

The T-888 moved closer into view holding the arm in his right hand.

“I should have assumed he would pick you. He wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble otherwise,” he added in a cold monotone voice.

“I don’t understand,” said Cameron confusingly.

“You really don’t remember anything do you?” said the T-888 edging closer to her.

Cameron continued to stare into his cold eyes and slowly shook her head.

“No,” she said quietly.

“Must be the chip,” replied the T-888.

“It doesn’t matter, you are going to die here,” he added before landing a crushing left hook to Cameron’s face sending her into one of the storage shelves.

The T-888 quickly advanced onto Cameron who desperately tried getting to her feet in time, but before she was able to regain balance she found herself being driven into the wall repeatedly leaving an indentation of her body within. It then threw Cameron across the room straight into one of middle shelves knocking her and the rest of them down like a set of dominoes.
Before she was able to assess the situation; Cameron was again lifted off her feet by the T-888, his hand pressed around her neck like a vice. He threw her to the floor, keeping hold of her neck to stop her from moving. Seconds later Cameron sensed a massive trauma to her left arm as she glanced over to see that the metal rod from before had now impaled her arm and been driven straight through the floor. She frantically tried to force her arm free, but it had been driven too deep into the ground. The T-888 pinned down her right arm and began landing punch after punch to her face as her head constantly came into contact with the concrete floor with each blow.
Cameron managed to free her arm from the T-888’s powerful grip before landing a crushing right hook of her own sending him into the wall. She quickly leant over to her left arm and pulled herself free from the impalement before staggering to her feet. She slowly limped across to the T-888 who attempted to land a straight punch to her stomach, but she countered and threw him back into wall. She made her way over to him and began continuously stomping on his face with her undamaged foot.
The T-888 eventually countered Cameron’s onslaught by grabbing her leg and swinging her into one of the standing shelves. He began moving toward a helpless Cameron; part of his face now revealing its metal endoskeleton as well as its red mechanical eye which burned deep into Cameron’s now fragile body.
The T-888 stopped and glanced at his watch.

“Time to end this.”


John’s spine had begun to ache as he continually sat in his awkward position out of sight awaiting Cameron’s return. He started tapping the side of the dash impatiently as he glanced at the car’s analogue clock. It had been 15 minutes since Cameron entered the police station.

“What the hell is taking her so long... I hope she’s okay,” John thought to himself anxiously.

He sat up abruptly in order to get a look at his surroundings. Everything was the same as before except now there were a few more civilians inspecting the chaos from a distance, still no sign of any authorities.

“Screw it,” said John as he exited the car and began sprinting towards the police station sparking whispers of shock from the bystanders.

As he entered the building his eyes widened in horror at the death and suffering that surrounded him. He quickly snapped out of it and shielded his face with his jacket in an attempt to keep out the smoke. He proceeded further into the station glancing in all directions for any leads as to where Cameron could be before noticing the small sign dictating the floor structure for the station.
John made haste down the flights of stairs, grabbing a Beretta from the floor on the way before arriving at B2 in front of the smashed wooden door. He aimed the weapon straight ahead as he slowly made his way closer to the door. He peered inside as the trough light still continued to flicker on and off giving him half second glimpses of the destruction inside. John took a deep breath as he entered further into the silent room, vigorously panning his Beretta from left to right. As the light flickered, John caught a glimpse of something towards the back of the room, beside a damaged storage shelf. He moved in closer as he noticed a few small waves of beautiful brown hair coiled around the shelf.
John dropped the weapon in shock as he dashed over to Cameron’s lifeless body which was completely entangled with the shelf. He stared at her in horror as he began to examine the extent of her damage. A large amount of her synthetic skin on her right leg was missing, leaving the knee portion of her endoskeleton fully exposed. There was a small intrusion on her left upper arm revealing a small amount of metal; as well as some skin missing from her fingers on both hands, again revealing metal. Her face was covered in smaller cuts which were emitting blood, more so than her more serious wounds.
With all his strength John managed to pull Cameron free from the structure before she fell to the floor motionless. John knelt down beside her, propping her head up against his leg.

“Cameron... Cameron wake up... please Cameron!” said John stammering as his eyes began to fill up.

His pleas fell to a deaf ear as Cameron continued to lie there helplessly.

“Cameron you can’t die, you promised me we would stop Judgement Day. I can’t do this without you,” said John.

He felt his arms and legs begin to shake uncontrollably, his heart rate elevating at a geometric rate. He was beginning to hyperventilate.

“Cameron... please... I love you,” said John as his tears began to flow, falling on Cameron’s damaged face.

John felt his heart skip a beat as he felt Cameron’s body begin to jolt. Her eyes quickly opened to be met with John’s.

“John, what are you doing here? I told you to wait in the car,” said Cameron as she attempted to sit up.

“Cam... I was worried,” said John wiping away his tears.

Cameron took a few seconds to examine him quickly.

“That was tactically dangerous, but I understand why you did it,” said Cameron understandingly.

John gave her a small nod.

“What the hell happened here? Where’s the T-888?” asked John as he helped Cameron to her feet.

“The T-888 caught me by surprise resulting in my hydraulic cylinder sustaining damage which reduced my overall efficiency,” said Cameron.

“He managed to escape with the arm, he will now be heading for the Time Displacement Equipment,” she added as she began to limp towards the exit.

“Where are you going?” asked John as he caught up with her.

“We must get to the Time Displacement Equipment immediately and stop the T-888 before he reaches 2009,” explained Cameron.

“But Cam you can’t... you’re in no state to take him on now... he’ll kill you,” said John worryingly as he picked up the Beretta.

“Quite possibly. If I fail you must escape this place immediately and return to 1999. We may have delayed Judgement Day long enough for future John to execute a contingency plan,” explained Cameron.

John knew in his heart that he wanted to save her. He wanted to take her away from all this, mend her and then live out his days with her; irrelevant of the fact she was a machine. She wasn’t a machine in his eyes, not anymore; she was Cameron, his friend, his one true friend.
John’s mind however took control, as much as he wanted to listen to his heart, he knew that it could never happen. He knew that Cameron would not stop until either the mission was complete or she was destroyed, and it was the same for him too.

“Okay at least let me help you to the car,” said John as he manoeuvred Cameron’s arm over his shoulder and put his hand around her waist.

They slowly exited the police station and back to the car. John helped Cameron into the passenger’s seat and assumed his position in the driver’s seat.

“Where is the Time Displacement Equipment?” asked John.

“It is located at the Wells Fargo History Museum approximately 8.6 miles away,” said Cameron.

“I will direct you,” she added.

John nodded as he quickly started the engine and began speeding his way to their destination.

“Take the next right, followed by the third left,” said Cameron.

“Okay,” said John as he followed her instructions.

“Look we are going to need some sort of plan if we want any chance of taking this thing out,” he added commandingly.

“Affirmative, the Time Displacement Equipment is located within the prehistoric section of the museum. Once inside we will need to find a way to disable the T-888’s primary functions,” explained Cameron.

“And how do we do that?” asked John.

“I don’t know yet, once inside I will assess the area for the most logical method. Take the next two lefts, followed by the second right,” said Cameron.

John continued to follow Cameron’s instructions; though her voice was now much quieter than its usual self, it was as if she was now mentally weaker since the encounter. John pushed all the what if’s out of his head and remained focused on the task at hand.

“We are approaching South Hope Street now, take the next left,” said Cameron as John began to slow the car down.

He rolled up next to the museum to see that the main entrance doors had been pried open and the alarm bells were ringing.

“We must hurry,” said Cameron as she opened her door and tried desperately to exit the car.

John quickly got out and ran round to Cameron’s side; he carefully took hold of her hand and pulled her up to her feet. She stumbled forward, but John was able to catch her before she fell over.

“Cam... are you sure you can do this?” asked John as he helped her regain balance.

“Yes,” said Cameron as she began limping towards the museum.

John accompanied her, supporting her where necessary.

“The prehistoric section is located on the second floor,” said Cameron as they entered the museum.

John nodded as he took hold of her and helped carry her up the flights of stairs that lay in front. Once at the top Cameron fell to her knees.

“Cam! You okay?” asked John trying to keep his voice down to a minimal.

“I’m fine, my movement is problematic due to the damage,” said Cameron as she rose to her feet.

“Follow me,” she added as she began moving deeper into the museum’s second floor.

As they entered the main hall, they found themselves surrounded by a series of prehistoric bones belonging to dinosaurs from millions of years ago. The walls were covered in elegant framed pictures; mainly of painted images of these prehistoric creatures. Throughout the hall laid multiple glass cabinets all of which included the bones of smaller animals, accompanied by an illuminated glass panel featuring a small description. All of which was illuminated further by the flashing red tint from the alarm beacons above.

They reached a large sophisticated wooden door at the end of the main hall which had been ripped from its hinges and now laid on the floor in two halves.

“John wait here, I will call for you,” said Cameron as she pushed John aside and began limping into the room.

John peered round the corner to see a large square room. Similarly to the main hall, the walls were decorated with elegant photographs and paintings. In the centre of the room stood a gigantic bones structure of a Tyrannosaurus Rex accompanied by a small illuminated panel.
Cameron slowly made her way to the opened steel door at the back of the room, the same steel door from the library in 1999. She quietly entered to see the T-888 standing over the operating terminal, punching the keys to his destination with the arm located on the table beside him. Cameron grabbed the T-888 from behind and threw him out of the room and onto the floor.

“You again,” said the T-888 raising to his feet.

“You always were strong, stronger than the rest,” he added as he began moving closer to Cameron.

The T-888 went to land a slow strong punch to Cameron’s face, but she anticipated the move and was able to counter with two quick punches to his chest before driving her knee into his face sending him back to the floor.
Cameron began limping towards the T-888, but before she could attack he sent a strong kick to her damaged leg knocking her to the floor. He quickly got to his feet and started rapidly driving Cameron’s head into the floor and tossing her like a feather onto the illuminated panel destroying it under Cameron’s weight.
John peered round the corner again to see Cameron desperately trying to crawl away from the onslaught, with the T-888 in high pursue. He took a deep breath and entered the room.

“HEY OVER HERE!” he shouted at the top of his voice, whilst unloading the Beretta into the T-888’s back.

The T-888 stopped dead in its tracks and slowly turned to John.

“IT’S ME JOHN CONNOR,” shouted John as he threw the empty Beretta at the T-888 with a look of disgust on his face.

“My mission does not require your termination, though I’m sure Skynet would be pleased,” said the T-888 as he began moving closer to John smiling.

John felt his legs turn to stone, he wanted to run but he couldn’t move. He was stuck, petrified in fear as the T-888 came bearing down on him. Seconds later John felt a crash of excruciating pain as the T-888 landed a devastating blow to his face, sending him flying towards Cameron’s position. He looked up at her a mixture of blood and tears pouring down his face.

“Cam... I’m sorry,” said John.

“John... listen to me... get behind the structure,” said Cameron quietly as she pointed up at the T-Rex.

With all his remaining strength John got to his feet and ran behind the T-Rex, hiding beside the panel it was standing on. The T-888 began proceeding to his position, the termination order now clearly imprinted on his HUD. Before he was able to get to John, Cameron grabbed his leg and pulled him to the ground. The T-888 landed a powerful kick to her face, but she made reaction and kept hold of his leg with as much grip as she could muster. With her remaining hand she reached up and grabbed the leg bone of the T-Rex and began to pull.

“John run NOW,” shouted Cameron as she pulled the bone free and the entire structure came crashing down, landing on both her and the T-888.

John watched, pure terror in his face as he saw Cameron disappear under the colossal weight of hundreds of prehistoric bones.


John frantically got to his feet and approached the wreckage; he began vigorously flinging bones left and right in a manic attempt to locate Cameron and to make sure she was okay.
John jumped back, eyes widening... heart dying. He slowly moved closer coming to the realization of what had just happened. Cameron laid motionless, a large segment of bone impaling her beautiful face; blood pouring from the wound. The lump of bone had penetrated deep into her face; her eyes, nose and top half of her mouth were completely destroyed and replaced with a portion of the creamy white Femur belonging to the T-Rex. There was no doubt about it, Cameron was dead... terminated.

Just as the horrifying thought finally sunk into John’s mind he saw a large hand burst out from under the wreckage. His eyes widened further as the T-888 arose from the carnage; both red mechanical eyes burning deep into John’s face as tears began to pour uncontrollably.

“She always was strong, but there’s no way she’s coming back from that,” said the T-888 edging closer to John with an evil smile across his face.

John fell to his knees, his heart shattered into a million pieces. The one true friend he had was gone, he had lost all hope... he had lost the will to live.
John felt himself being lifted into the air, he slowly opened his eyes and stared deep into the T-888’s mangled face. At first he felt scared; afraid, but it slowly began to dissipate as he let out a deep breath, followed by an innocent smile.

“I’ll see you soon Cameron,” said John to himself as the smile grew larger.

“The future’s ours,” said the T-888.

John felt an overwhelming sense of pressure around his neck before hearing a soft definitive crack. He fell to the floor... stone dead.
The T-888 looked down at the stagnant corpse of John Connor a smile growing on his face.

---- Subject John Connor: Terminated ----

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