Chapter 1

(Continued from Introduction)

They were sitting at a rectangular dining table, 3 seats on a side, 3 on the other, one seat at each end of the table. I was standing near a wall, the room was illuminated very faintly and I could barely see other faces than Connor's. They were discussing the plans to rebuild mankind from it's ashes, deciding whether we should use T's or not. Everyone was against, only Connor keeping his opinion about using the cans. In the end, we decided that it was easier to rebuild our own with the help of T's. Exterminating everyone of them not being an option as we were still having so much to learn from them, the endoskeleton and skin reconstruction technology helping hundreds of war wounded, including me. As they too were having so much to learn from us, humans. Everyone was denying it but the tin cans were the next step in human evolution.

On my way back to my quarters Connor stopped and asked me if he can come by later with Kate and Kyle, his son, letting me know that he misses her a lot. I knew about who he was talking and I told him it's ok, she was making some of the tea we used to drink at my place. I finally arrived at the place I called home, smelling the light breeze that came through the door, carrying with itself the faint smell of mint and berries that was always tingling my senses. It was one of the few things that kept remember me of my Mom and they way she was always doing what's best for me.

- Wow, it smells just like home! I exclaimed, watching her sitting on the edge of the bed with her hands in her lap. She gave me a reassuring smile and told me the tea was still hot and we should wait a bit.

- How was the meeting? Did everything worked out well? She asked, with the curiosity of a little child.

- Yes, we are safe, we decided to keep the T's, as you are so important to us and probably we are important for you too.

- For a moment there I was worried. She said while looking at the floor. I was still asking myself how can something so sensible and serene can be created with the purpose to kill. No, I said to myself, she is different, she knows what a human life means, it can't be replaced, it can't be brought back. Deep inside I knew...all my worries vanishing away.

- Do you think I should continue with that journal I'm asking you to keep for me? It seems like a bad idea and when you make that metallic voice it gets really creepy.

- Why not? She asked, looking at me with her eyes, that look that always made my heart want to hammer out of my chest.

- It's not a bad idea. Someone has to hear our story in the future. How you met...she suddenly stopped, her cheeks quickly changing into red and burried her looks in the floor. I gently touched her cheek and lifted her so she can face me.

-I met hope, I met made me go forward when I thought everything was crushing down on me, you saved me." I said to her with with the kindest of my words, reserved only for her Slowly, the space between us faded and our lips met, it was always like the first time, she was always surprising me, making my heart pound, for she is the only reason it's still beating.

I slowly let go of our embrace and reached for a cup to put some tea in it, she tenderly grabbed my hand and asked me to take another cup for her. She explained to me that she still needed fluids and food to maintain her living tissue in a good state. These were moments when she remembered me what she was but I never felt bad or any other way for I know that deep inside of her, amongst the wires and circuits, she had a heart and a soul, she always had them, she just did not know.

- Open journal entry AF No. 02, auto-biography. Her sweet voice confirming me this time that she was ready for inscription.

- It was a bit colder then usual, I was pretty grateful of this, not even after two months I couldn't get used to the heat. My phone rang, it was Kacy, almost screaming of joy in my head-phone, letting me know that the big house next to us was rented. She asked me to come and meet the new neighbors. She also said I should shave my beard and saying that I really don't want to show up in front of them like I was at the barbeque last night. Took me about 20 minutes to get myself ready, my morning siesta never taking more. When I arrived at the house, a man that was as tall as me with dark hair and blue eyes greeted me and asked me who I am with a slightly defensive and threatening stature.

- I'm Andy, I live in Kacy's guests house. I'm new in the country. What 'bout you?

- Are you brit? He asked, his breath almost meeting mine.

- Is this how you always treat your neighbors? I stood for myself. He studied me from head to toes, just as Trevor did the first day I moved into Kacy's little house.

- Yeah, listen, where's that electrical panel?

- No idea, I'm not used to this kind of architecture.

- Right. Kacy's in the house, you should go but beware of your behaviour, just be relaxed.

- Why? I asked. Your security system doesn't like guys who are a bit stiff?

- You have noooo idea, he said, laughing through his teeths.

I knocked the door, Kacy being the one that opened it for me.

- Hey! He's Andy, he lives in my guests house, he's fresh in the US, arrived two months ago from Eastern Europe.

- Hey, I exclaimed, the black haired woman slowly turning on me.

- What happened to your... I was pointing at my forehead as if it was hers.

- Car accident. She said coldly. Whole family, teaching that one to drive. And then, she points at her...

I saw her for the first time in my life, she slowly approached me, looking with her always innocent eyes at mine. My heart was about to jump out of my chest...she was perfect in every way, even with the slightly visible scar on her right cheek, her figure was still serene, still perfect.

She reached out for my hand, I shaked it and I tried to spell my name, nothing coming out from my mouth, her eyes still locked into mine, mesmerizing me.

- His name is Andy! Kacy's voice rapidly bringing me to reality.

- Cameron, she said with a blank expression while still holding my hand.

- That's a nice grip, I said, trying to stop looking like a fool, really strong.

She didn't said anything, instead she just let go of my hand and turned her back to me, losing sight of her in the kitchen.

- Were you kidding about the accident? I asked the black haired woman.

- I don't kid about teenagers, she told me with a soft tone.

- I think I should get going, there's a lot of cleaning and stuff to do at my place and you guys are certainly doing fine here. If anyone needs anything you should just come by and ask, I'm pretty good with broken erm...yeah, I think I should really get going now, cya! I almost shouted, hoping Cameron would salute me back, but she didn't. After I excused myself I left Kacy talking with the dark haired woman which I later found out that her name was Sarah.

I entered my house and I just sat on the couch in the living room, trying to figure how I can get back there without looking like a stalker or anything, hoping to see Cameron again. I decided to take a little nap as I didn't slept really much in the night before. I couldn't sleep of course, Cameron's blank stare at me kept reappearing before my eyes. After about an hour or two of sitting in the couch doing absolutely nothing, I took a cake of DVD's and filled them with any new movie I stumbled upon on the Internet, hoping the Baum's like movies the same way I do. I put on my sneakers and headed for Baum's new home. Shortly after I knocked, a spiky haired teenager wearing a grey shirt greeted me suspiciously.

- Yeah? He asked with the same suspicion as when he opened the door.

- Oh hey, I'm Andy, I live next to Kacy's. Is Cameron around?

- Why? What's your business with her? And how do you know her in first place?

- Sorry if I dropped off in any unpleasant moment but...are you her boyfriend?

- What? He asked, almost bursting into laughter. No, she's my weird sister.

I almost let out a sigh knowing this was her brother. With the corner of my eye I catched a blonde figure through the window on the right. She rapidly came behind John and before seeing me she asked who is. She finally catched sight of me and let out a small sigh as if I was some kind of freak.

- Oh, it's just Andy. She, her eyes boring into me.

- Oh, hey...wait, you're that girl with the broken monitor who came down by my shop about two weeks ago, right? How do you even remembered my name?

- Good memory I guess, she turned her back onto me and John and climbed the stairs back.

- You were saying? Ah yes, your name is Andy. With a bored gesture he reached his hand to me and spelled his name. John. Nice to meet you. What's with that CD cake in your hand?

- They're just some DVD's, I figured you guys want some movies to watch in your new I brought you some movies.

- Cool. He exclaimed. So you like computers?

- Yeah, the hardware part always tingled me. Well then, you have those DVD's now, I guess I can go.

- See you later! His suspicion was gone and he saluted me like we knew each-other for some time.

- Yeah, I'll see you guys later. I left the porch and headed to my place, my plan failed. Not that it could be called a plan, I just wanted to see her again...Cameron...

The doorbell suddently rang and I answered the video-interphone. It was John, Kate and their little kid, Kyle. Kyle, energic as always, eager to get to see Cameron.

He knew what she was, he was little, innocent, like we were once. He knew what she was yet always when he was coming here we couldn't break them apart, she always enjoyed playing with him, with the little wooden cubes I made for him for his 4th birthday from an old tree me and John found while scouting for decoissioned T's.

We didn't had a factory and every piece of T tech we found was to be shipped at our bunker for spare parts. It was an old tree, sticked to the scorched ground somewhere south of LA. I knew exactly what to do with some of it's wood, little Kyle never had toys, not one remained in one piece throughout the wasteland.

- Is she okay? John asked, knowing she was aware of the decision he had to make in the T's matter.

- Yeah, it was the first thing she asked as I walked in through that door. I think she is afraid they will wipe her clean too. It's really hard for me sometimes, I know
what she is but I can't imagine how it would be without her around.

- Nothing will happen to her, she played her part in the war just as you did. If it wasn't for her and that device of yours we would have been long gone from this
world. I can assure you she'll be safe, she is my sister after all, whether she's a machine or not. Anyone who even thinks at wiping her clean will have to deal with me.

- You always wanted the best for us John, I can't deny that. Yet I feel somehow in debt to you, I don't like that feeling, you did so much for her, to keep her as she
is and I appreciate that.

- You don't have any debt to me Andy, you know that. You helped us very much during the war, we were able to intercept tin cans attacks minutes before they were even closing to our bunkers.

- It's just a stupid wireless card John, I just modified it a bit.

- That little thing saved a lot of innocent lives, you know it. Enjoy your tea now, be calm.

- So what are the big boys doing here? Kate asked,with a tired voice, her age starting to show in her features.

- We were just talking, bringing back old memories, John reassured her.

- Kyle really likes Cam's company, she's the only one to whom he's acting like this, Kate almost whispered to me in a silent voice for Kyle not to hear.

- I know that, she's special...she's...the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me, if it wasn't for her and John I probably wouldn't even survive Judgment Day.

She knew what I was saying, her audio receptors keeping me from sharing my secret with Kate and John, She glanced at me, her look saying a thousands things more then our mouths could say. She loves me and I love her...

Chapter 2

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