Chapter 1: A Painful Secret Revealed!!!

The eight of us sat in silence deep within the cave system that was our base, an hour or so had past since the last of the bombs fell.

I raised my head to look around at the rest of my squad members, the expression on thier faces was that of a lost and scared child that had lost all hope of finding its mother. I noticed Private Stevenson trying to light a cigarette as his hands trembled.
I got to my feet and walked over to him and steadied his hands with mine, he looked up at me and gave a gentle nod as tears rolled down his cheeks. No words were exchanged I gave him a faint smile and a pat on the shoulder.

If it was'nt bad enough going through Judgement Day once we just went through it a second time, I thought it would be easier knowing what was coming.
Yeah! Right.

I was kidding myself it was twice as bad many old wounds and memorys were reopened. But I had to hold it together I was in charge of this squad, this band of brothers. Each one would give his life for the next without a second thought and we all knew each other better than we knew ourselves or atleast I thought we did. What happend next I doubt even a claravioent could have forseen.

I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts by the noise of a Beretta 9mm being locked and loaded. I spun around to see my close friend and 2IC 1st Lieutenant Fitzy holding the beretta to the side of his head.
He sat there crying like a child he kept saying over and over its all my fault, its all my fault.
I quickly walked over to Fitzy and stood in front of him he looked up at me and I stared straight into his eyes.
Fitzy secure your weapon and explain to me why the drama queen performance.
The rest of the squad just stood to the rear of me watching with arms folded.

Fitzy are you fucking deaf I just told you to do something and yes it was an order.
I stood there watching Fitzy as he removed his finger from the trigger and flicked the safety with his thumb, his right arm went limp down his side and he dropped the sidearm on the ground.
Ok Fitzy care to explain yourself I growled at him.

The rest of the squad and me just stood there in stunned silence as he explained how his father was head of programing on a state of the art defense system.

My Mum and I never really new the full extent of Dads work and what it was he was creating computer programmes for. He was only allowed to tell us that it was a matter of national defense and we would be a whole lot safer because of it.
A look of despair came upon his face. So you see Im the son of the creator my father gave Skynet a heart beat.
I placed a hand on Fitzys shoulder.
You cannot blame yourself and you cannot blame your father, he had no idea of what was to come.

Fitzy looked at me with a look of disbeliefe.
Dont you get it Im the son of the man who killed three billion people, they called Adolf Hitler a genocidel mainiac he never got even close to that figure.

I slapped Fitzy across the back of the head.

Will you stop feeling sorry for yourself and get with the programme, I need you and the squad needs you at one hundred percent we have a base full of Tin Heads to take down.

The rest of the squad came closer and gathered around Fitzy and me.

You see Fitzy we are all in this together and not one of these guys holds you or your Dad responsible for what Skynet has done.

I wanted to tell Fitzy about my brief encounter with his family just before they moved to America, I wanted to tell him how I thought about killing his father the day before the shooting at the truck stop.
But I decided to send it to the deepest parts of my memory.

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