Chapter 1: Activation

Chapter 1: "Activation"

Year: 2038
Time: 0600 Hours
Mission: Infiltrate Skynet cyborg production facility, retrieve cyborg.
Commanding Officer: General John Connor

The sound of hurried footsteps filled the dimly lit corridor as the faint sounds of battle rang in the background. Lights flickered and wavered as the ground shook from explosions outside. A squad of eight heavily armed resistance soldiers swept the area, with weapons at the ready.

"General Connor, this is HQ. Squad two reports successful penetration of the northwestern Skynet facility with minimal resistance. What is your status?"

General John Connor, still moving, pressed his headset closer to his ear. In a tired but determined voice, he responded, "General Connor reporting in. We've entered the north factory and are on route to the production bay. Can you give me a situation update on the rest of our forces?"

A moment of static filled John's earpiece, "Squads 3 and 4 report heavy resistance from Skynet forces. They're barely holding up as it is. Skynet's unusually determined this time, they're throwing all they can at our forces. You have less than fifteen minutes before their detection grid comes back online."
"Acknowledged, HQ. I'll update as we go. Connor out." John replied, eyes still focused on the path ahead, nearing a heavily armored door. The strike was going according to plan; while Squad Three and Four knocked out Skynet's detection systems to buy time and engage any Skynet resistance, while Squad One slipped in unnoticed and Squad Two was to infiltrate the second cyborg production facility. But time was running out.

As the soldiers reached the heavy, featureless door leading to the construction bay, John stepped up to investigate. "Specialist Reynolds, do your job." He turned around and motioned to his team "Men, fall back."

One of the soldiers came forward, reaching into the satchel he was carrying. C-4 Explosives. John motioned to the group to stand back, while Reynolds attached bricks of C-4 to strategic positions on the metal door. With quick and deft hands, he expertly wired the charges together. He flipped a switch on one of the charges, and stepped back to join the rest of his squad, detonator in hand. The red flashing lights on the C-4 bricks began flashing calmly as the charges began to arm.

The calm blinking of the lights began to increase in frequency, flashing faster and faster.

"Fire in the hole!" Reynolds shouted as he squeezed on the trigger of the detonator. Immediately and violently the explosives detonated,filling the air with thick dust and smoke. The explosion was just powerful enough to tear an opening large enough for a person to pass through.
"Alright, lets move it!" instructed John as he covered his face with his left sleeve as he rushed through the debris. Without hesitation, the Resistance fighters followed suit behind their leader.

As the group entered breach one by one, their rifle barrels quickly swept the area, looking for any signs of movement in the darkness.

"I don't like this, it's way too quiet in here," commented one of the soldiers, he was breathing heavily and nervously touching the trigger of his rifle.
"Well, let's hope it stays that way. With the sensor grid down, they shouldn't know we're even here." replied another.

With a sigh of tired relief, John spoke into his headset. "HQ, General Connor reporting in. Squad one reports successful entry. Proceeding with the extraction. Over."

"Good work, General. Squad two is currently starting the extraction process. Squads Three and Four report massive casualties, we're bringing in a fifth squad to assist."

The message struck John particularly hard. More casualties, more deaths. How many more innocent people have to die so we can win this war? The words of his mother, Sarah Connor, never left him for a moment. For a moment, John grimaced at the emotions those words carried. He steadied himself and tried to calm himself to keep his attention to the mission at hand. Any lapse in judgment could jeopardize the mission objective.

The men neared a construction pod at the center of the immensely large room. A myriad of interconnecting wires lead from the ceiling into various parts of the metallic structure and into the dark silver endoskeleton contained within, an ominous figure of death and destruction, even in its motionless state. The machinery of the pod was working away at the endoskeleton contained within the pod. Robotic arms extended and methodically attached pieces of cybernetic components onto the lifeless endoskeleton's limbs and chassis. Tubes snaked from around the assembly pod and attached themselves to various points to the terminator, pumping a stream of clear fluid. A small panel on the surface of the structure contained a screen of streaming information and blinking lights.

John noticed the computer panel and motioned to one of the members of his squad. "Mr. Ballard, you're the tech here. Take care of this. The rest of you, stand guard while we wait." John gave a quick hand motion to the squad, and the rest of the group moved to take defensive positions around the assembly machinery, with rifles at shoulder level and fingers at the triggers.

The technician, Ballard, nodded in response took his place at the panel, and withdrew from his backpack a handheld computer and quickly began to connect it to the pod's systems.

"Connecting to the assembly systems... alright, I'm in," reported Ballard as the readout on the handheld showed a successful connection. Ballard rapidly typed a sequence of commands into the handheld and reported, "looks like our intel was spot-on. The T should be completed in about five minutes by the looks of this." He examined the readouts on his screen and typed another flurry of commands. "Patching into the power systems... done. I should be able to knock the T offline with a power overload as soon as it comes online."

Shifting his weapon to his right hand, John adjusted his headset's microphone with his left and spoke. "HQ, Connor reporting in. We've started the extraction process. We should be ready and out in a few minutes."
"Acknowledged, General. You don't have much time, we lost contact with Squad Two a few minutes ago, we're still waiting for an update from them. Squad Three has been wiped out, Squad Four is about to begin falling back. Squad Five's ETA is ten minutes."
John's eyes widened, his heartbeat quickened. "Give me an update on Squad Two as soon as anything new comes in. If anything happens, I want to know about it right away."
"Understood, General. Good luck."

[Inbound system connection established... commencing transfer...]
[Fuel cell array online... commencing system powerup sequence...]

"I'm reading a power surge, General. The T's going through it's startup process."
"Keep an eye on it Ballard, I want to be ready for it when it comes online."

[Dual processor configuration detected... commencing information download...]

"General Connor, this is HQ. Squad Two reports they have engaged an unknown enemy."
"Have Squad Two fall back and Squad Five move in to assist."
"Acknowledged General."

[Information transfer complete. Bringing all systems online]
[System chronometer - Online]
[Tactile sensor systems Online]
[Temperature sensor systems - Online]
[Audio sensor systems - Online]
[Weapon replication systems - Online]
> Audio Information Received: "General, the T's systems are coming online. Might want to get ready." Source: New audio signal - no matching targets.]
> Audio Information Received: "Alright. Men, watch it. Do not fire your weapons unless I give the word. Ballard will knock it offline as soon as it activates." Audio signal identified as John Connor - 99.5% match.]
[Bio-mimetic systems - Online]
> Audio Information Received: "What the... Ballard, do you have any information on the series of that thing?" Audio signal identified as John Connor - 99.3% match.]
> Audio Information Received: "Negative General. It has some sort of flesh-imitating covering, it's not anything we've seen before." Source: New audio signal identified as Ballard]
[Bio-mimetic configuration: human female. Configuration set as default.]
[Visual sensor systems - Online. Analyzing environment...]
> Audio Information Received: "Um... General... it's looking right at us..." Source: New audio signal - no matching targets.]
> Subject Located: Human Resistance fighters. Eight. Analyzing for known targets... Primary Target Identified: John Connor. Action: Terminate]
> Audio Information Received: "Ballard! Now!" Audio signal identified as John Connor - 99.1% match.]
> Warning: System power overload detected. Critical system failure. Emergency system shutdown commencing.]


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