Chapter 1: Curiosity Killed the Cat

Written by: Kaleb (KrazyKaleb)

If people say curiosity killed the cat. Well from my experience that's nearly true. I was a enthusiastic neighbor and it never really occurred to me that my kindness would get me into trouble. Living in this fairly quiet neighborhood I didn't get out much when it comes to popularity socially but I tried when I could. You could say I was sort of like the good neighbor kid that would say hello to everyone in a ghetto. When I did get a chance to be around people as much as I could. I tended to talk to people about cool technological gadgets I had or would like to have. This was because to have any money anymore to get everything you want it impossible.

It was the economically hard year of 2007. My neighborhood at the time was very ordinary and common. A typical crazy thing would happen now and then but, what neighborhood doesn't have a occasional disturbance? So with that in mind I tried to help people find meaning in my life as a volunteer.

But there was this one day that I wouldn't ever forget and still don't to this day. It was the very day that put me in a terrible place that I still wish never would happen. 'What could that be?' you might ask. Well for most it's fairly simple and common.

My new neighbors moved in. There were three of them. One a older looking mother, her son and daughter.

After they moved in, I decided to go on over and say hi. At first I was really nervous because even though I did talk to people a lot. I wasn't that popular of a person and the beauty of the boy's sister caught me off guard as well. Debating whether or not I would know what to say if she open the door. I recited in my head what to say and I approached the door as calmly and happily as I could.

Before I got to knock the door suddenly opened! Startled by what happened I flinched and took a step back. It was the young man's sister. She stared at me really weirdly for a second looking me up and down like she was hypnotically analyzing me. Then her face instantly changed and I was greeted with a pleasant smile.

“Hi...” I said very nervously trying to smile. The girl was very beautiful. And looking at her made me feel all tingly so I had a hard time talking. “...My name is David... I'm your neighbor from just across the street.” I tried to continue to smile naturally. Hoping I didn't look too stupid.

“I know who you are. I'm Cameron we just moved in from New Mexico. What was the purpose of your visit?” said my neighbor Cameron.

I wondered why she asked me that because I thought it was obvious of why I was there so I said, “Well, I just wanted to say welcome to the neighborhood... I hoped you would be interested in meeting me. I mean, I just live right over there.” I gestured across the street. And I cursed myself in thought because I said would you be interested in meeting me? That is a dumb thing to say. I then continued, “Do you need any help unpacking anything?”

“Why?” she replied.

“Well you did just move in right you do have boxes that need to be unpacked?” I suggested in reply.

“Yes. But why would I need your help?” She looked at me with a sort of stinging raptor look that made me feel weird and kind of awkward standing were I was.

“Um, why wouldn't you? I'm just trying to help out. Have you known people that try to help out in you old neighborhood?”

“Why do you answer my question with a question?” she asked quickly.

Things were starting to get really weird she didn't make any sense. But she did dress a little goth so maybe that's just the ways she is. Though I shouldn't really stereo-type people I thought. It was a habit I was trying to break at the time.

I heard somebody shout from inside the house. “Cameron!” it was a women's voice from somewhere in the house. Cameron left from the front door very hard yet, gracefully as her boots clunked on the floor. In the background of the house I could hear the muffled sound of both Cameron and another woman. I was starting to guess that it was her mother.

The door swung wider to reveal her mother. She had a pleasant look on her face as if she just tried to compose herself.

“Hope I didn't come at a inconvenient time? I'm your neighbor from across the street. Just was talking to your daughter and offering to help if you need to unpack any new boxes and stuff.” I said.

“Oh now is not a good time maybe come back later young man. Were in the middle of doing something important. First day of school is coming up and we are making sure all our paper work is ready for my son and daughter going in.”

“OK. No big deal....Oh, Wait, I never got your name ma'am.” “Oh it's Sarah Baum.” She replied in a somewhat annoyed manner. She closed the door and I heard what seemed to be like a confrontation or dispute that was going on inside the house.

I was starting to think my new neighbors were going to be a little unwelcoming. Almost like the Adams family if you know what I mean. She came back to the door again and I said. “Nice to meet you Ms. Baum. Does your son play video games?”

“Like I said nows not a good time young man. Please go.” she said again and the door slammed shut hard. What's up with them I wondered...
Why did they act like that. I was only trying to say Hi. And Why did that girl say she knew. Knew what?

Weeks later...

I tried visiting my new neighbors a few more times only to be side bared by some kind of weird occurrence nearly every time. First, was the screaming I heard one day. I went over to their house and asked if something had gone wrong. Only to be suddenly escorted away by there daughter Cameron who had spots of blood on her shirt. I thought I saw what seemed like a guy dressed in a blue paramedic suit go inside but I couldn't be sure. Boy did I feel guilty of being a curious body.

Another time was when I was at home I heard a explosion outside the front of my house. I went outside to see that there jeep was on fire. I went to call 911 as I heard rattling from within the wreckage. Some sort of dark figure emerged. It was weird as I stood still in shock as realizing what looked like pealed skin on the persons face and glistening metal showing. But when I realized who it was, I couldn't dial the numbers on the phone. It was my neighbor Cameron with a huge cut on her face that exposed some metal looking bone. Cameron had a curious expression like she didn't know what was going on.

What the heck was she an alien? A robot? A Mental patient?

I ran for help...

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