Chapter 1: Desert Findings

The desert glistened in the light, but not with the same light as it did before...

It was midday and the land was silent, nothing roamed this place, and it was for all purposes a wasteland. It seemed as if there hadn’t been any life there for years, and the only indication were the broken down cars on the side of the road and lined down from the horizon. Then a spark came and started its way down the road.

As the spark moved down the road, it was easier to make out what it was...

It was black... dirty... worn... but was indistinguishable in its form... it was old pickup truck.

This particular truck has seen its fair bit of action, but not the action that one would expect for a truck. Trucks usually haul things; construction materials or large pieces of equipment, and sure this truck has done that, once upon a time. However, this truck, a 2009 Ford F150 upon closer inspection, was different; it’s covered with armour plating, nearly from head to toe, and on those plates are the black marks of weapon’s blasts and the grey scratches of bullet holes.

The driver didn’t mind the wear and tear of the vehicle; he actually believed them to be a sign of the experience of the truck, like a rite of passage that this truck passed with flying colors.

He put on the radio... static... on every station. He left it on however, he liked it; it was peaceful to him. It might be weird that someone would find static peaceful, but considering the times that it was actually working were the times that it was used in battle, with chatter going on in the background while hell’s gates were opened. No, he liked the static, it was exactly what he needed right now.

Sigh... who am I?

He thought to himself, trying to understand his world around him. Where did everything go wrong? He was searching for someone... something, but now he feels lost and resigned to the fact that he may never see home again, and that all that waited at the end of this road was death and the end of his and our existence. Thinking of this, his thoughts centred on another question: Why am I here?

Well... no use thinking about, or else I might go crazy... not like it matters, I’ve lost everything anyways, and who cares if I go crazy now.

Suddenly he noticed something over the next hill, about 3 or 4 kilometres off. He couldn’t make it out at this distance, but it did not seem to move, so he guessed he would find out rather quickly.

As he got closer he could see two figures standing in the middle of the road, However he could not make out who or, hoping not, what they were. He slowed down as he approached the figures, which he could make out as two humans... hopefully. He grounded to a halt about 50 metres away... took out his rifle and stepped out of the truck; he wasn’t going to risk anything.

As he got closer, rifle trained on the figures, ready to fire at a moment’s notice, his mind seemed to recognize the person facing him, but he did not immediately put name to the person’s face.

“Who are you?” He demanded.

“I could ask you the same question.”

Then it hit him, the voice was undeniable. The accent completely gave it away; it was the same person who brought him here, away from everything he knew... into hell. She still has long red hair and still look as deadly as the last time they met.

“You’re John Connor... it’s been a long time...”

It remembered him alright, and it had been a very long time. She left him nearly the moment after he arrived.

... But that was two years ago, which was a lifetime ago. I was only 17 and stupid. Now, I look worn and tired... at 19! All I have are my urban army fatigues, my body armour, combat boots, and army gloves... yes guess I am a real soldier...

“Know that I did what I did in order to achieve a greater mission, I needed you to grow into the man that you have become.”

It was like it knew what he was thinking at that moment.

The man I’ve become? Funny... I don’t know what I’ve become...

He has changed considerably since that last meeting. How can it know what he had become when he really didn’t know himself? He had seen thing things that he knew would change him... make him cold... but what kind of person he was... that was lost to him. But why has it now shown itself to him, after being silent for the last two year. Maybe it was going to finally hit the nail in the coffin.

“Are you here to kill me?” It was the only thing he thought to say.

“... No...”

He lowered his weapon; he has at least learned how to tell if what they say is the truth. But that was rare, most of the time, they lie to infiltrate and then kill.

“I’m here for another purpose...” It continued.

Another purpose... what purpose? Can we finally kill Skynet? No, that wouldn’t be possible now...

“It’s time John.” Maybe it is possible?

“Time for what?” This I got to hear...

“It’s time to go, John”

It was not her that spoke... but when he heard those words, it was like every part of himself sank into the earth like a ship in the water.

It cannot be...

“Time to go home.”

And then there she was... the very figure that he had been searching for the better part of two years. Just like that, she was back in his life, and he didn’t know what to say, what to do. All he could do was collapse on the ground looking at her...

“... It’s... It’s you?”

Please, if there is a God, please let it be her!

“Yes John... it’s me... Cameron...”

At that moment, he seemed to think of the all the things that he had done over the last two year.

This is what “your life flashing before your eyes” must feel like...

And with that he thought back to moment he arrived... in the future...


“John... John Conner”

“I know a lot of people, kid. Don't know you. Anybody heard the name John Connor?”

No one seemed to know who he was...

How can this be, I’m John... I jumped, that must be it, like when I jumped from 1999 to 2007, that’s the only possible explanation. This must be the Derek who played baseball with my dad... he doesn’t know me yet...

“ know what. I think you're going to be famous. My brother's back and you're wearing his coat.”

John turned around as he heard movement behind him... and there he was... his father... He had never seen him before, but he knew at that moment he was face to face with his father. What does someone say at a moment like this?

Then suddenly, there is movement behind his father, and a young woman comes into view... smiling...

Cameron? I... I found you!

John lights up as he believes he has found his Cameron quickly...

Cameron then bends down and begins to pet a German shepherd... and then it hit him... Max had been barking like crazy when the T-1000 was pretending to be his foster mother... Uncle Bob told him afterward that dogs were used as look outs for infiltrators as they always barked when there was metal around.

No... not Cameron... oh no... where are you? Who is this?

At that moment, John knew that this may take a while, but he didn’t know how long. He hoped that it would be quick, but something inside of him told him that he may be here for a very... long... time...

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