Chapter 1: Pair Shaped

A Second Chance

Chapter One: Pair Shaped

Let me introduce myself, my name is Scott I'm 37 and of average height and build.
Up until a year ago I had it all.

A loving wife and two wonderful children, we lived in a beautiful house.
I had a career that gave me a six figure income, life could not have been better and then it all went pair shaped.

For months me and four work colleagues had been working flat out on a project to gain a multi billion dollar defense contract for our company Com-Tec. We were on of a multitude of teams competing for the lucrative contract.
It had been an extremely long day and about 23:30hrs the winning team was announced.
In an instant my heart and those of my team members had been ripped out -we had failed-.

Now a year on here I was a lonely broken man, my family, job and house was gone.
I was washing dishes for minimum wage and living in a run down ground floor unit, and a good nights sleep depended whether or not I had to go down to the basement to kick start the old oil heater.
On one evening I had the night off, I sat on my bed eating pizza and watching T.V.. I looked at the only picture I had of my children, tears rolled down my cheeks so I turned to my only companion Jack Daniels and took a long hard swig from the bottle.
And then that rotten grinding noise beckoned me for another trip down to the basement.
The oil heater looks like it was commissioned when Hitler invaded Poland.
As I reached for the tool box the ground began to rumble.
The building began to shake, I felt a sharp pain to the base of my skull and then every thing went black.

I regained consionsus and found myself in complete darkness.
I remembered the zippo lighter in my shirt pocket "good old zippo lighters wouldn't leave home with out it".
I managed to find a working flashlight and made my way up the stairs, as I got near the top I found my path was blocked by rubble.
After surveying the area I found a small gap that looked big enough to squeeze through.

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