Chapter 10: Below pt2

Chapter 10 “Below” Pt 2

“John, stop the car.” Commanded Derek. John obligingly stopped the car and looked at Derek. “I’ll drive.” Derek said as he stepped out of the car while John transferred to the passenger seat.
“Where are we going? What’s the plan?” Asked John as Derek started the car.
“Do you have your phone?” Derek told John.
“No. Where’s yours?” Said John.
“I dropped it, back at the house.” Said Derek not taking his eyes off the road. John seemed worried, his hands were slightly shaking. Derek noticed it then said,
“Don’t worry. We’ll figure this out, okay?” Assured Derek. John nodded but said nothing.
“Sarah’s probably trying to call us too.” Derek added.
“Yeah, I bet she is.” Said John.

Sarah was holding her bleeding hand while walking with Cameron towards a blue pick-up truck parked near a pet shop.
“It’s possible that they’re not in the house anymore.” Said Cameron as she forced open the truck’s door.
“We don’t know that. But I know that I need to get to John immediately.” Sarah said heading towards the passenger side. She then notices the puppies inside the pet shop barking at them.
“Why do they always do that?” Asked Cameron. Sarah turned to face her.
“Do what?” Sarah said to her.
“Bark at me. They always do that.” Cameron said.
Sarah looked at the puppies once more then said,
“I guess they don’t like the smell of metal. Probably reminds them of cages.” Then Sarah stepped inside the car leaving Cameron still staring at barking puppies.
“Can we just go? Now is not the right time to be sentimental.” Sarah said to Cameron when her cell phone rang. “Derek?” She answered as Cameron stepped inside the car.
“Mom it’s me.” A voice said on the other line.
“John? Where are you? What happened?” Asked Sarah. Cameron listens intently.
“I’m at the house.” Said John.
“Are you okay? Where’s Derek?” Sarah asked then signaled Cameron to drive.
“I’m fine. I don’t know where he is. Mom where are you?” Said John.
“John, listen to me. You need to get out of there now.” Instructed Sarah.
“Where will I go?” Asked John.
“Tell him to meet us at the train station.” Cameron said to Sarah.
Take the guns with you then meet us at the train station.” Sarah said to John.
Okay. I’ll meet you there.” John said.
John!” Sarah called out.
What?” Asked John.
Be careful.” Said Sarah.
I love you mom. See you in a minute.” John told her then hangs up. Sarah slowly lowered the cell phone thinking about something.
What’s wrong?” Cameron asked Sarah.
Nothing.” Answered Sarah. Cameron looked at Sarah for a moment then said,
“He’ll be fine.” The two of them sat in silence as they drove off to their destination.

A man was standing beside a swing set talking to someone through his cell phone. His voice sounded younger for his age.
I love you mom. See you in a minute.” He said then hangs up.
The man walks back inside the house; He then grips his damaged jaw as he tries to fix it, his eyes blazed a deep shade of red.

“Where are we?” John asked Derek as he parked the car in an alley.
“I just need to get something.” Answered Derek. John looked at him questioningly.
“A phone and some guns.” Derek said to him. John still seemed unconvinced.
“Stay here. It’ll just be a few sec.” Derek added and stepped out of the car.
“No I’ll go with you.” John firmly said to him. Derek didn’t say anything but nodded.

They entered an old building; John saw a few rooms with its door locked from the outside. They made their way through the end of the corridor. Derek pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked a door.

“What is this place?” Asked John as Derek entered first; it was a dark room that smelled like rust and gun powder.

Derek switched the lights on and John saw that it was a room full of different types of guns and ammunitions.

“Wow you can arm the whole Spartan army with these things.” John said while looking at some guns.
“If they had one of these they didn’t need a wooden horse to defeat the Trojans.” Derek replied. John walked around looking at some more guns place on the racks.
“Pick one.” Said Derek while packing some guns and ammos in a black bag.
“One what?” Asked John.
“A gun. You should have one, your own gun.” Said Derek bluntly. John seemed a little shocked and stared at Derek.

He then looks back at the gun rack and touches a 9mm.
“Go on, take it.” Derek told him. John hesitantly takes it.
“I know Sarah wouldn’t approve. But I think you should carry one.” Added Derek. John didn’t say anything but gave him a nod. Derek found a cell phone on the table, he took it and gave it to John.
“Here, call your mom.” Said Derek. John took it and dialed Sarah’s number.

“Damn it!” Cried Sarah holding her cell phone. Cameron looked at Sarah,
“What’s wrong?” She said while still focusing on the road.
“The battery’s low.” Said Sarah.
“We’re almost there.” Cameron said to her when Sarah’s phone rang.
“Hello? John? I can’t- I can’t hear you. Are you at the train station?” She said while covering her ear so she can hear the person on the line.
“John? Shit!” Shouted Sarah as she looked at her cell phone then throws it on top of the dashboard.
“Battery’s dead.” She said to Cameron and noticed a speeding trailer truck from the left side headed towards their path.
“Look out!” Screamed Sarah as the truck rammed their car and skidded sideways a few feet from the intersection.

Sarah caught a glimpse of Cameron hitting her head on the window caused by the impact. The left side of their car was crushed like a tin can, pinning half of Cameron underneath. Sarah felt lightheaded as she touched her bleeding forehead. Her sight, blurred and her right eye obscured by blood. Sarah tried to get out but the door was stuck and she didn’t have enough strength to push it as a pain in her right shoulder became evident. She turned to face Cameron and saw that she was not moving but her eyes were glowing blue. Sarah saw someone walking towards her door; it was Derek who had a mangled, skinless metal jaw. The cyborg ripped the door from the car and held Sarah by her neck and pulled her out of the wreckage.

“You will help me get to him.” Said the machine as he drags Sarah towards a waiting train.
“You’re gonna be sorely disappointed.” Sarah answers back as she gasps for air then passes out.

“What did she say?” Asked Derek after locking the door.
“She didn’t say much. I lost contact then-“ John was saying when Derek interrupted him.
“Shhh. I hear someone.” He said in a low voice. They hear several heavy footsteps approaching. Derek pulled a shotgun from his bag.
“Stay behind me.” He whispered to John. They move slowly towards the corner.

“Volkov wants this finished. If you find them, kill them.” They heard a man said. Derek gestured to John to climb through the window at the end of the corridor. John walked towards the window but it was too high for him to reach.
“Derek.” John called to him in a low voice. Derek shouldered the shotgun and gave him a lift. John lifted himself over the window and as he stepped down he heard gun shots from inside the building.
“Derek!” Shouted John.
“John get the car I’ll meet you upfront!” He heard Derek from inside the building. John looked around and saw their car parked up ahead. He hurried towards it when a broad-shouldered man in a black leather jacket emerged from around the corner and took a shot at him. He hid behind a dumpster just in time a couple of bullets missed him. John took a deep breath and took the gun from behind his back. He aimed his gun; he was ready, ready to defend himself. The man suddenly appeared with his gun pointed at him, John heard a loud gunshot. And the man fell lifeless on the alley floor; John frozen in shock stayed behind the dumpster. He heard someone running towards him; it was Derek.

“John, are you okay?” He asked him. John lowered his gun and said,
“Yeah. I’m fine.” Saying it like he wasn’t entirely sure.
“Let’s go.” Derek said to him and turned towards the car. John followed him then he suddenly remembered something.
“The train station.” John said while they were walking.
“What?” Asked Derek while he placed the bag of guns in the back seat.
“Mom asked me if I was at the train station.” Explained John.
“Why would she ask that?” Derek said as he stepped inside the car.
“I don’t know. But I think we should go there.” John replied as he closed the door. Derek shakes his head in disagreement then said,
“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, John. She wouldn’t ask you to come to her, she’ll find you.”
“She didn’t ask me to come to her. I know we’re supposed to meet her there.” John said firmly and there was intensity in his voice. Derek stared at John and thought about what he just said and how he said it.
“Can we go now?” John said looking directly at him. Derek didn’t say anything else, he’s convinced that John will find Sarah whether he was with him or not.

Sarah felt a throbbing pain in her wrists as she slowly opened her eyes. Her hands were numb and she tasted blood on her lips. She can’t recall where she was and why her head felt like it was splitting in two. Sarah realized her hands were tied down and she was sitting on a dusty floor; the cyborg Derek was standing over a bald man sprawled on a pool of blood, a few feet from her. Then everything started to move forward slowly and was gathering speed.

“I should have known.” Sarah said aloud. Derek turned to face her but said nothing. Sarah tugs the restrains and said, “I should have known that I was talking to a machine when you said those words.” She looked directly at him, infuriated.
“John wouldn’t say those words. Metals always rely on emotion to make it sound more convincing. ” Sarah added. The machine stared back at her.
“It worked on you.” He said mockingly. Sarah was speechless; she felt ashamed and angry on herself for falling on the trap.
If he dies today, then it’ll be your fault.” He said coldly.
“Not if I destroy you first.” Sarah said firmly.

“What the hell?” John said in horror as he saw the wreckage of a car crushed by a truck a few feet from the intersection. Derek looked around as they drove pass by it.
“Is that Cameron?” Said John pointing to a woman running after a moving train away from them. The woman caught up with it and hastily jumped into the train.
“Hold on.” Derek said to John as he stepped on the gas and followed the train.

Cameron pulled herself up the steps of the train. She surveyed the area, but no one is around but the empty seats. A large gash is seen on the left side of her face; Cameron drags her left leg as she move towards the next compartment. She opened the door and found Sarah tied to one of the seats. Cameron took a step headed towards Sarah but was grabbed by the cyborg who was waiting beside the door. Derek threw her on the floor and slid a few feet. Cameron was slow to get back up; the cyborg grabs one of the railings and strikes her repeatedly on her back. Sarah seized the opportunity to reach for the knife that was concealed on the strap of her boots. Cameron raised one arm to shield her head from the cyborg’s continuous assault as she tried to grab the weapon from him; while Sarah struggled to free her hands.

“John, take the wheel.” Instructed Derek as they caught up with the train which was now moving in speed.
“Just drive steady, I’ll jump across.” He added. John hastily transferred into the driver’s seat. Derek reached for a shotgun and said,
“Drive closer to the train.” As he prepared himself. John tried his best to steady the car as it moved closer beside the train. He turned to John and said,
“When I get on the train, drive away from here as far as you can. Do you understand?”
“John?” He said when John didn’t say anything.
“Okay.” Answered John. Derek took a moment to look at John then jumps across onto the train.

Cameron caught the railing with her hand as the cyborg Derek swung back at her. Sarah finally freed herself and quickly stood up. The two machines, who were busy trying to dismantle each other, didn’t seem to notice her. Sarah ran towards the door where Cameron entered; she looked back and saw Cameron getting the upper hand this time. She elbowed the cyborg’s face a couple of times making it fall on its back. Sarah collided with Derek; he caught her just in time as she was about to fall sideways.

“Come on.” Derek said to her as Sarah straightened up. He walked back towards the door of the next compartment. “Where’s John?” Asked Sarah as she followed him. She was holding her shoulder. Derek ignored her and stopped near the door at the side of the train. He opened it and a strong gush of wind poured in.
“Derek!” Shouted Sarah. Derek moved closer to her and said loudly,
“Don’t worry he’s fine. We have to jump.” Derek noticed that Sarah was holding her shoulder and was wincing in pain. “You’re hurt.” He added. Sarah realized that Derek saw that she’s in pain.
“I’ll be fine. We need to get to John.” She told him and moved closer to the door. But before they can jump, they heard a thunderous crash of metal. And they saw a form of two blurred objects flew past them and landed on the side of the tracks. Sarah and Derek stick out their heads through the door and saw Cameron quickly standing up.
“I’ll stop the train, stay here.” Derek said to Sarah then heads to the next compartment.

The cyborg Derek pulls himself up as Cameron approached him then slams his head on the side of the passing train. He falls flat on his back, Cameron grabs him by his jacket; he tries to defend himself but Cameron pushes him underneath the passing train, slicing through his neck, and as the last of the train’s wheels went by, the machine’s head rolls in front of Cameron still holding the rest of its body.
The train slowly went to a stop, Sarah jumps down from it. She saw Cameron from afar picking up something, and noticed a car approaching from behind her. Sarah limps toward her, Derek jumps down from the train as well and follows her. He takes Sarah’s arm and places it around his neck to help her walk.
Cameron stood in the middle of the railroad holding the head by its hair. She looks down on the dismantled cyborg as it lay still on the ground. The car stopped a few feet from her; John stepped out and walked towards them. Sarah and Derek reached Cameron first; they saw John hurrying to meet them.

“I’ll get the car.” Said Derek, leaving Sarah with Cameron.
“Anything broken?” Sarah said to her. Cameron looks at Sarah, then lifts the head showing it to her.
“I meant ‘you’. Are you damaged?” She said to Cameron.
“Just my leg. Nothing to worry about.” She answered Sarah mechanically. John finally caught up with them.
“Mom.” He said looking at Sarah.
“Your shoulder, it’s-.” Cameron was saying when Sarah interrupted her.
“It’s fine.” She said looking at John. Derek returned with the car.
“Get in.” Sarah said to John. Cameron moved to the back of the car and placed the head on the trunk and went back for the rest of it. Sarah stands near the trunk and waited for Cameron to come back.
“Thank you.” She said to her after she placed the headless cyborg. Cameron straightened up and closed the trunk then faced Sarah.
“You’re safe.” Cameron said to her. Sarah nodded and said,
“For now.” Then proceeded to the back seat; Cameron followed suit. Sarah sat in the back seat with hope that they’ll finally be safe from machines that are hunting them. So they can resume their mission of tracking down the program called “The Turk” that will soon become Skynet.

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