Chapter 10: Comfort

Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

Chapter 10: Comfort

Cameron turned to John as he stared back at her; she could sense the fear and desire emanating from his face. John always wanted to know the answers, and yet he was always afraid of what he may hear, a fear of the unknown... but this was something he had to know.


“The year is 2015,” replied Cameron as she rested her head back down on the pillow.

“20...15?” said John quietly.

“Correct,” replied Cameron.

“But... hang on a minute... Judgement Day happened in 2011... why is everythin like normal 4 years later?” asked John quizzically.

“We altered history when we destroyed the T-888 in the museum. Judgement Day’s expected arrival is now Monday 15th March 2021,” explained Cameron.

“We... don’t you mean me... future me stopped the T-888,” said John bowing his head.

“What happened back there Cam?” he added.

Cameron sat back up and moved herself closer to John, but her leg flung to the right uncontrollably almost hitting John in the face, who jumped back just in time to dodge the unintentional attack.

“Whoa, that’s worse than I thought,” said John.

“Lie back down okay, I’ll take a look at your leg,” he added.

Cameron laid back down on the bed and turned her head to John who made his way over the three black bags positioned on the floor beside the Photon Cannon.

“There’s gotta be somethin in here we can use,” said John as he began to open the first bag.

As he quickly unzipped the first bag, he was met with a small arsenal of weapons and ammunition. He quickly slid the bag to one side and began opening the second.

“No surprise there,” he said as he turned back to the bag filled with guns.

Once John had removed the straps from the second bag, his eyes widened at the sight. Inside he found an incredibly large sum of money which had been piled messily into the bag, like the reward from a recent bank heist.

“I don’t wanna know where that came from,” he said as he hastily closed the bag and moved it to one side.

John pulled the third and final bag closer to himself and began to open it. He felt a smile creep across his face as he was met with a vast supply of medical equipment, as well as a large toolbox positioned on top.

“Perfect,” he said as he took the bag and placed it on the foot of the bed.

John took out the toolbox and began searching through its contents before pulling out an adjustable wrench. He then grabbed one of the large first aid boxes and shifted himself closer to Cameron.

“So what exactly happened to your leg?” asked John as he ripped a hole in her pants to reveal the wound.

“My knee joint is powered by a hydraulic cylinder which was damaged during my encounter with the T-888,” replied Cameron.

John’s eyebrows rose sympathetically as he reached into the first aid box and removed a small scalpel.

“I’m sorry Cam... but I’m gonna have to cut deeper into the wound in order to see what’s goin on,” said John.

“That’s okay,” replied Cameron smiling at him innocently.

John took the scalpel and placed it beside the wound on Cameron’s leg. He felt his hand begin to shake as he tried to make the incision.

“John, don’t be afraid,” said Cameron, noticing his hand.

“I know, it’s just... never mind,” said John softly.

John took a deep breath and began his incision. He made a small cut on either side of the wound in order to get a good view of the insides. Once he had finished cutting, he carefully pulled the skin aside to reveal the mechanical components within her leg.

“Cam... can you do me favour and explain what happened back at the museum?” asked John as he began inspecting her metallic leg.

“Will help to take my mind off this,” he added.

“I cannot be certain of what exactly happened,” replied Cameron.

John let out a long sigh as he continued to examine her leg. Cameron raised her head slightly, noticing the sadness currently portrayed on his face.

“But logically, future John travelled back to this time to save us. He said he was monitoring our progress, so he must have noticed something severe and felt it best to intervene,” explained Cameron.

“What could have been so severe that he felt sacrificing himself was the only answer?” asked John.

“He pulled me from the bones just before they fell. It is possible that I could have been destroyed if he didn’t intervene,” said Cameron.

“So he sacrificed himself for you?” asked John intriguingly.

“I cannot be certain, but it is the most logical answer,” replied Cameron.

“He must really have... hey I think I found it,” said John looking up at Cameron.

John slowly inserted his fingers into the wound and carefully wrapped them around a small component.

“Okay Cam can you try and bend you leg a little?” asked John.

Cameron slowly began to bend her leg inwards as John felt inside for any movement. He felt the cylinder shaped object inside move inwards, but not as smoothly as it should, as if it were conflicting with an unnatural object that wasn’t there previously.

“Okay it’s not broken, but there’s something inside causing a problem. The cylinder seems to be making contact with somethin that shouldn’t be there,” explained John.

“Is there a way I can disconnect the cylinder?” he added.

“Yes, remove the connection device located at the bottom of the cylinder,” replied Cameron.

John began to quickly scan the component in an attempt to locate the connection device that Cameron was talking about. After a few moments he found a small bolt positioned towards the bottom of the cylinder that connected it to the rest of her metallic leg.

“I think I see it,” said John.

“Turn it counter-clockwise in order to release,” replied Cameron.

John took the adjustable wrench; modifying it to fit the bolt in Cameron’s leg and began attempting to turn it counter-clockwise, but found it was so securely fastened that he was unable to release it.
He tightened the wrench around the bolt as much as humanly possible and began an attempt to rotate the bolt with both hands, using all the strength that he could muster. Eventually the wrench disengaged itself from Cameron’s leg due to the intense pressure used by John. The recoil from the tool caused John to lose balance resulting in him stumbling back and falling from the bed, landing head first on the floor below.

“John, are you okay?” asked Cameron as she quickly sat up.

“Yeah... I’m fine, but that bolt isn’t goin anywhere,” said John caressing the back of his head.

“All my mechanical parts were created in a Skynet factory which makes use of the most advanced resources available to it. Basically all my parts have been built to be strong, durable and efficient,” explained Cameron.

John quickly got to his feet, still rubbing the back of his head. He regarded Cameron’s innocent stare for a short moment as he felt a sense of comfort and security enter his mind, but when his eyes travelled down her perfect body and reached her exposed leg; his thoughts were replaced with a sweeping cloud of depression, blanketing all positivity housed in his psyche.
Even now John still couldn’t come to the realization that this perfect being in front of him was previously a ruthless killing machine, whose sole purpose in life was to execute him.

“Let me try,” said Cameron holding out her hand.

John looked over at her confusedly; his mind had wandered into a tunnel of confliction with itself as if his conscience had split into two and began whispering opposing thoughts in his mind. One would tell him that Cameron is a sweet person, a kind person; she was his friend and he could trust her with his life. The other would tell him she is just like the rest, underneath all the beauty she was still the same killing machine that tried to take out his mother on that fateful night in 1984.
John pushed out the thoughts at the sound of Cameron’s voice in an attempt to zone back into reality. The reality that she was here, now; that she would give her life for him in an instant... that she was his friend.

“Err... yeah sure,” said John as he handed her the wrench.

Cameron took the wrench from John and fastened it tightly around the bolt in her leg. She began turning counter-clockwise and without much effort, released the bolt from its origins. She slowly removed the object from her leg and placed it on the bed sheets beside her.

“Well... you made that look easy,” said John as he manoeuvred back to the bed.

“The functions within my leg are now fully offline, if you need to move it for any reason you will have to do it manually,” said Cameron.

John gave a slight nod as he approached the injury once again, carefully taking hold of her leg and straightening it. Once fully straightened John removed the cylinder from its position, gaining access to a small hollow portion of her ligament the cylinder would enter during movement.
John slowly brushed his index across the metallic part in order to locate any signs of damage, but found it to be fully intact. John pressed his hand to his mouth as he began to consider other possible causes for Cameron’s problematic movement.

“Is everything okay?” asked Cameron, studying John actions.

“Yeah... just can’t seem to find the problem,” replied John faintly.

John’s head snapped upright as he began vigorously searching through the first aid box, re-emerging with a small set of tweezers. Cameron tilted her head slightly as John turned back to her, positivity radiating from his face.

“What is it?” asked Cameron.

“I think I know what may have happened,” said John as he began inspecting the wound again.

John took the set of tweezers and slowly inserted them into the hollow portion of Cameron’s leg. After a few moments of fiddling around with the inside, he felt the tweezers make contact with something, something small. John carefully grasped the object within the tweezers and slowly pulled it out and into view; it was a shard of metal that had somehow been embedded in her ligament.

“This must have been the problem,” said John as he showed the small shard to Cameron.

“It appears to be a fragment from the metal rod used by the T-888,” said Cameron examining the object closely.

John turned back to the injury and inserted the cylinder back into its appropriate location. Whilst holding it in place, he then took hold of the bolt and slid it back into position, turning it slightly so that it wouldn’t fall out.

“Cam... you may wanna tighten that yourself,” said John handing her the wrench.

Cameron took the wrench from John as he quickly turned back to the first aid box. Cameron leant over to her wound and with as little effort as before, tightened the bolt to a satisfactory level.
As she finished, John turned back to her holding a small wire thread and a needle.

“So if stitch this up will it heal over?” he asked.

“Yes,” replied Cameron.

“Good... okay just try moving your leg quick,” said John.

Cameron began moving her leg back and forth slowly as she conducted a brief scan on the area in question. A smile crept across her face as she turned back to John.

“The hydraulic cylinder is now 100% operational,” said Cameron.

John smiled back as he took hold of the stitching apparatus and began to suture the wound, taking as much care as the typical doctor working on one of his patients. Cameron regarded John’s actions with a blank expression on her face for a few moments, before smiling at him lovingly.


“Yeah... what’s up Cam?” asked John.

“What does it feel like to be in love?” asked Cameron as her smile grew more prominent.

John instantly stopped what he was doing and looked up at Cameron, a mixture of shock and care plastered across his face. He knew a machine couldn’t feel emotion, couldn’t feel love, but Cameron’s voice seemed so sincere; as if she were genuinely showing an interest. John felt his body temperature begin to rise as he opened his mouth to speak.

“Err... why do you ask?” said John, brushing the beads of sweat from his forehead.

“In the future, John sutured one of my injuries from a piece of shrapnel. As he did it he took more care than was necessary and as I explained this to him, he told me it was because he loved me. The fact that you are doing the same thing now brought the memory to my attention,” explained Cameron.

John quickly turned back to the wound and continued with the stitching as he tried to think up an answer. He couldn’t understand how a hardened veteran like his future self could ever feel love for a machine, no matter how human she seemed. The idea sent his brain spiralling out of control, making him question everything his mother had told him about the machines. She told him they don’t feel pity, remorse, fear, love... anything. So why was Cameron showing an interest into the most complex of all?

“Do you know why I said that?” asked John.

“I don’t, that’s why I asked you,” replied Cameron.

“I... I don’t know either,” said John.

“There, that outta hold,” he added as he finished suturing her leg.

John made his way over to the first aid box and replaced the remaining thread, as Cameron examined John’s work with a smile on her face.

“John, you used the same level of care as you did in the future. Does this mean you love me too?” asked Cameron using the same sincere tone of voice.

John turned back to her slowly; his face turning red and his heart racing uncontrollably. This was one question he didn’t want to answer.

“I... err, it’s... it’s complicated,” said John nervously.

Cameron took a moment to process John’s response. She could tell the question had sparked a series of emotions within him, his rise in temperature and his nervous tone of voice. She looked back at him, her face no longer as cute and innocent as before.

“I’m sorry... that was ineffective of me,” said Cameron.

“No, it’s okay. You were just confused and needed answers,” said John letting out a silent sigh of relief.

The next few minutes seemed like an eternity to John as an awkward silence covered the entire room. He didn’t know what to think, what Cameron’s motives were, anything. Did she genuinely feel something towards John, or was she merely questioning an act in her past.
John felt as if his head were about to explode, he had to break the silence.

“Okay, let’s take a look at your arm,” he said making his way closer to Cameron.

“There is no internal damage, only external,” said Cameron.

John took a set of bandages and antiseptic wipes from the first aid box and made his way over to Cameron. She turned onto her side and outstretched her arm for him to examine. He took one of the antiseptic wipes and began applying it to her bloodstained skin around the wound. Once clean he took up one of the bandages and ripped of a large segment before wrapping it around her arm tightly.

“That will heal up without stitches won’t it?” asked John.

“Yes,” replied Cameron.

“And what about your hands?” asked John.

“Yes, the synthetic skin will grow back over time,” replied Cameron.

John took out another antiseptic wipe from its box and began to remove the dried blood surrounding the sutured wound on her leg, taking extra care to avoid the newly applied stitching. Afterwards he used the wipe to quickly clean off the remaining blood and muck from Cameron’s face and hands.

“There, I think you’re good to go,” said John happily.

“Thank you,” said Cameron smiling as she manoeuvred herself to the end of the bed.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” asked John stopping her from standing.

“It’s late and you must rest now. This is the only bed,” replied Cameron.

“No, it’s okay. You need to lie down while your wounds heal... I’ll just sleep on that,” said John pointing to one of the sleeping bags on the floor.

Cameron took a moment to scan the floor, as well as the sleeping bag.

“It appears to be very uncomfortable on that. The chances of you sleeping are minimal,” said Cameron with a concerned look to her face.

“I’ll be fine, I’ve slept on worse,” said John.

“Thanks for the offer,” he added as he gently squeezed her shoulder.

John stood up, stretching his arms and yawning. He felt a small wave of tiredness flow throughout his body. He knelt down beside the sleeping bag closest to the bed and began setting it out. He looked up to see Cameron leaning over at him holding one of her pillows.

“Here, use this,” said Cameron smiling.

“Thanks, think I’ll be needing that,” said John examining the dusty old floor.

“So what will you do? I mean do you sleep or anythin?” asked John as he sat beside her on the bed.

“There are no immediate threats in the area so I will enter standby mode. It will help with cell regeneration since most of my primary functions will be offline,” explained Cameron.

“That’s good, the sooner you’re healed the better,” said John.

“Goodnight,” he added as he gently brushed the hair from her face.

“Goodnight,” replied Cameron.

John heard a quiet hum emit from Cameron’s head as she powered down. She laid there motionless with her eyes wide open, like a corpse.
John let out a small tut as he carefully closed her eyes in an attempt to make her seem more human. He leant over her and began to slowly caress her beautiful brown hair.

“I wish I could tell you the truth Cam... it’s just... wrong... I shouldn’t be feeling this,” said John as he felt a tear form in his right eye.

John felt the love inside him take control; this was the only time he was able to truly express his emotions... when Cameron was unaware. He leant closer to her and softly pressed his lips against hers, a feeling of warmth and comfort radiating throughout his entire body.

“I love you Cameron.”

John quietly got up from her bed and slipped into his sleeping bag. He adjusted himself into the most comfortable position he could find and closed his eyes ready to sleep; the images of Cameron’s beauty helping his mind to relax.

Cameron felt a sense of comfort flow through her body as she let out a large smile across her face.

“I love you too John."

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