Chapter 10: The Day of the Nightmare

Written by: Kaleb (a.k.a. KrazyKaleb)

It's the kind of dreams you get when you can't sleep. Sounds seemed audible and it sounds like your in the third person listening to yourself. I could hear yelling...

“911 what is your emergency?” said a voice in my chaotic dream.

“My life is in danger! I've been kidnapped by a known domestic terrorist. I don't have much time... Her name is Sarah Connor. She has a neutron bomb in a abandoned building on level three that will decimate all of Los Angeles into--” I heard myself pause in panic.

A Neutron Bomb? That's a nuclear type weapon made to destroy only human life and leave buildings, technology and structures intact. Who would be capable of making one of those? Was I dreaming of the future? I thought as I slept.

“How could you? What the hell have your done? After what you've done for us... you do this?” said a female voice that echoed in my dreams. I think it was Sarah Connor.

“I do only what is necessary to accomplish the future's mission. I understand if you kill me and leave me hear to die.” I said in reply.

This can't be happening. Why am I doing this? What's going on?

“You jack-ass!! I knew you would try something even after I warned you! You never learn!” I heard Derek say.

I heard Clanking of things and commotion going on in the room being pushed around as I listened, screaming, agony... panic. Then I heard three simultaneous gun shots and a single heavy body fall with a hard thud.

“My god! You killed him. Why did have to kill him? He was going to help us fix this Derek!” said John Connor. I heard more talking but I couldn't understand it.

It seemed like hours had now gone by in my dream. I only got bits and pieces of what could be heard, “We need to hurry John...Someone is outside we need to go... Now if you want to live.” said a monotoned Cameron.

...Somehow it's the kind of restless sleep. Where you wake up in the morning as if you did sleep the entire night with your mind racing in some kind of terrible nightmare that you can't understand. I hated it... The feeling was terrible and I wanted to just sleep in peace. But I couldn't, my thoughts continued in a jumbled chaos...

“Beta team hold your position. Wait for the suspect to move into position and wait until I give the signal.” said the mans deep, gritty, echoing whisper in my dreams. I could hear a caulking of a gun being loaded and a mans foot step quietly tapping the stairs as he got closer.

What is all this? What did it all mean? Is it the future? Who's voice is that? Do I know him? I dreamed in thought.

Hearing somebody moving around in my dream again, I woke-up flinching with my heart racing expecting something bad as I suddenly sat up. But, I saw nothing of the sort. It was quiet and it seemed peaceful. Taking a few deep breaths trying to calm down I got out of bed , yawned and stood up. What a weird nightmare. I said to myself as I was reminded of the terrible night I just had. Feeling my chest again reminded me that I hadn't changed my clothes through-out the time I was so quote, 'kidnapped by a robot from the future.' But crud, it hasn't been the first time I haven't washed my clothes and it won't be the last.

That's Interesting. I thought to myself. My cot's been moved to the corner of the room behind these boxes. As I looked around. Ah, Cameron must have moved me to the corner while I was sleeping. Explains the weird nightmare I had. I got the chills again thinking that she could have killed me last night while I was sleeping. Ah, she must have done it so that nothing would be near the Time Displacement device when we activate it this afternoon. Those robots sure were thorough. I half-smiled in denial to myself. It must be around 11 AM.

Walking around the corner of where my bed was moved to, I started to approach the time displacement device. I saw Derek standing in front of it so I called out to him. “Hey Derek! I guess it's finally about time I get out of your hair huh? And it looks like I'm not going to betray you guys like you said I would.” I said to him trying to convince him of what my intention were. But, he didn't move from where he was standing in front of the machine. “Hey Derek! You still not talking to me again? Common?” I said as he turned around, I realized that it wasn't Derek at all.

As a matter of fact. I was looking at myself in a mirror suspiciously. What The?--Was I still dreaming? I thought to myself as I noticed that there was a bullet hole in my forehead and chest... Have I been shot?...

“What the he--” was all I was able to say as the terminator infiltrator made in the likeness of me grabbed a hold of my neck. Lifting me right off the floor. Oh God help me! The face of the Terminator was exactly as mine but, it had a bullet hole in his forehead and chest. Blood was trickling down the side of its face.“Help! Somebody he--!” I yelp as loud as I could as the terminator squeezed harder on my neck cutting more of my breath ways.

Where is everyone? What is going on?... Huh...So this is how my life is going to end. I wonder if my parents would be proud of what has happened to me in my life.

My entire life flashed through my mind as I thought to myself in a panic as to how in the world did I get into this mess again? I recalled the first time I fixed the TV for my mother as a young kid. The day I had the idea for the time machine to help people prevent the terrible things happening in the world and how proud my parents were about me designing it. Then the day I met Cameron for the first time when they moved into their house and the awkwardness of our first conversation. I was reminded of the jeep explosion that was in front of my house again and how Cameron came out of the rubble with her face cut open and the blood I saw. Finally, the conversations I had with both Cameron and John the night beforehand and how we all kind of understood each others goals and intentions.

And now it had all come to this moment. The one of a kind terminator... my “T-twin” as I have termed to call it. The same one that Cameron talked about yesterday and the days before over and over again. The one I was supposed to become long lost brothers with. The one that Cameron said was watching me for a unknown amount of time in the past. The one that was made to look, talk like me and trick me.

“Your friends are not here David Mc-Fly.” it s said, emphasizing my last name in a sarcastic tone. “You just betrayed them by calling the federal government that there was a neutron bomb here... and there is nothing you will be able to do about it David. Isn't it interesting how Skynet can make me look and sound like you huh?” said T-twin in my voice smiling.

I tried to answer but the T-twin squeezed my neck tighter constricting more of my breath. I felt lost, hopeless and doomed as I looked around ready to accept my future now.

But just then, I noticed a shadowy figure peeking at the edge of the doorway entrance stealthy. Who is that?

“You are going to go to the future McFly... and your going to help Skynet make the time machine...” the T-twin smiled evilly as as the time displacement chamber started to power up. I cursed in my mind as I realized the Time Machine was initiating my preprogrammed instructions from yesterday to take me to the future.

I saw the face of shadowy figure appear around the corner he had bonde hair and gruff look on his face the man flashed what looked like a government badge at me but, I couldn't make out the initials on it. He's one the federal agents here to stop the bomb. They were here for real! My dream wasn't a dream. So in my sleep I heard what was really going on around me!?

“...In fact we are going to use your time machine right now to do this, McFly.” said the T-twin finishing his sentence as he cut into my quick thoughts.

“Oh, Yeah?...” I said trying to talk as I looked around now realizing what my future really was now. “...You forgot one thing.”

“What is that David?” the T-twin responded tilting it's head to the side trying to analyze what I was saying.

“CTU! Freeze!” said a blond haired man welding a gun pointed in my terminators direction as he just appeared from around the corner of the door entrance.

My T-twin turned its head and looked at the Federal Agent with a sadistic smile. “Agent Bauer! Good to see you. You really think you can kill me before I terminate you and all your men?” The Terminator said in a mechanically surprised and intimidating tone to the Federal Agent standing in front of us.

“How the hell do you know my name? Who are you?!” said Bauer as he readjusted his aim at my twin. “Agent Bauer... Skynet knows all it's enemies including you and your friends at C--” that was all my T-twin could say as Cameron burst through the wall to the side of my T-twin that was holding me. She grabbed the terminator's arms from my neck and threw the T-twin towards the wall.

“MOVE NOW!” said Agent Bauer queuing his ear piece while he ran towards me and fired his weapon at my T-twin while it hit through the drywall and fell to the floor.

A explosion resonated to the other side of the room at the same moment of time. My ears started to ring as I fell to the floor in what seemed like slow motion. More federal agents with the logo CTU written on their military uniform came running in from the hole they created with the explosive, discharging there weapons at the machine.

Dust, smoke and gun fire surrounded me. The CTU agents were firing at my T-twin. I hit the floor from my fall and coughed holding my neck... the blond haired Federal agent was getting closer to me in attempt to help me.

“You need to go now. Get going!” Cameron said calmly in her mechanical manner as I looked up trying to breath. Cameron started to walk away towards my T-twin.

Cameron was obviously able to identify my terminator look-alike early on because of her past pre-programing from John Connor in the future. So she only left to get the Connors and Derek out of harms way from potential government capture and my infiltrator look-alike. Then Cameron came back to help me from my T-twin just in time as the infiltrator was about to take me to Skynet's future.

Bullets were flying everywhere and my T-twin was killing government agents as it stood-up very stiffly. It was like a disturbing shooting game in Grand Theft Auto as I realized the horror of the violence I was seeing.

The main blond haired agent now was next to me and tried to get me up and said, “We need to get you out of here son!”

“No you don't understand! This is not a bomb. It's a time machine!” I said trying to reason with him quickly.

“Have you lost your mind kid? This is no time to talk sh--! This bomb is going to kill us all including half of Las Angeles if we don't get this building destroyed!” Agent Bauer said in return as he started pulling me off the floor.

Suddenly, the Agent was shot multiple times by my terminator twin. Bauer had a shocked look on his face as he looked at his chest and he fell to the floor! My terrorist twin now finished with killing Bauer became distracted by the incoming fire of other agents and continued his termination of the federal agents.

Cameron quickly picked up a AK-47 aquired from a downed federal agent and fired at my T-twin. She looked to her side and saw agent Bauer get shoot multiple times in the chest! She turned around and ran up to Agent Bauer, kneeling down to check his pulse. I knew he was dead though.

The agent flinched opened his eyes took in a quick deep breath of air and looking up he said, “I'm fine. He hit my vest.”

“Good. The future world still needs you Jack Bauer. You need to get your men out of here and destroy this building. You must accomplish your mission but, this young man here stays with me. He must go to the future and that's an order Agent Bauer.” said Cameron. Her brown eyes flashed blue and agent Agent Bauer looked at her strangely. What was that in her eyes? Jack must have thought.

Realizing the situation must be compromised, Jack Bauer got up quickly with Cameron's help and yelled to his men, “Fall back! Fall back!” then he cued-up his ear piece and said, “This was a set-up by Agent Kester! Tell FBI Agent Ellison that the Domestic Terrorist, Sarah Connor, is not here! You copy? Sarah Connor is not here!” he then got behind some cover and waited for a response as he reloaded his gun.

Cameron approached my infiltrator twin who was killing all the agents and started to fight hand to hand, colliding into the walls and ceiling denting them and crashing through them like card board. They we holding each other by the shoulders as they tried throwing each other around like two Sumo-Wrestlers.

Cameron hit the terminator in the chest. Causing the terminator to only kneel backwards at a 45 degree angle and rise up and hit her in the face with it's forehead. Cameron then grab the terminator by the shoulder and neck before she stumbled back from the blow. Swung the infiltrator around and took the gun from out of his left hand. She then kicked the terminator's back. Using it's heavy momentum against itself and the terminator fell flat on it's stomach sliding 15 feet to a wall. She fired a single shot at a natural gas tank that was next to him and it exploded into the infiltrator.

Agent Bauer activated his ear piece as he covered his face from the explosion. He then fired at my twins head from a distance again. Not completely noticing it's exposed metal skull as it was fighting the teenage girl. He said, “This is Bauer! The weapon is here! Have Bucannon order the Thermite missile strike now!” he paused and comprehended what he heard on his ear piece. Bauer realized his gun fire still wasn't having any effect on the man that was fighting the girl as he emptied his clip on the man. Bauer reloaded his gun.

Jack looked puzzled for a moment and then his facial expression changed to a shocked: Oh my god... He noticed the red eye's that were now exposed on my T-twin's face from the explosion. He mouthed, Son-of-a---They're machines. He then yelled, “We got 30 seconds to get the hell out of here before this place gets incinerated! Beta-Team move, move, move!”

Agent Bauer and his strike-team ran from the area returning fire in the direction of the terrorist robotic shooter who was fighting the teenage girl. Sh--! All three of them must be robots?! What the hell is going on here? Jack thought as I saw him leave the room running as fast as he could. But in reality, I was the only human between my T-twin, Cameron and me.

Focusing back on my task at hand I still needed to get out of here and my only ticket was the time machine. Everything seemed like it was happening in slow motion again. I saw the Time Machine was starting to make the sphere for me to jump through. It was also getting very loud and the static the machine created made my hair stand on end.

At the same time Cameron and the terminator were still fighting. Throwing each other across the room that was now littered with dead federal agents. The two of them fought like superhuman people duking it out similar to that of Super-Man and Brainiac.

I could hear helicopters approaching outside the abandoned building we were in. They must have been ready to fire the Thermite missiles into the building. This was a good thing too, because when the Time Displacement Device implodes on itself. It will only look like the missile strike caused the destruction.

My T-twin suddenly got knocked down as Cameron hit it across its metal face with the gun. I heard a deep loud metal crash as the terminator hit the floor. Cameron pinned the terminator with her left arm and knee. She then point her other arm with a gun at me and smiled seductively like she had done the night before. She was enacting her fail-safe program which was to terminate me if things didn't work out as planed.

At the same time as I was about to jump into the time hole. She shot a bullet in my direction as my now faceless Terminator twin tried to shake loose. Causing Cameron to miss the shot. I could feel the bullet pass by the side of my head, grazing my hair.

Cameron then could be briefly seen smashing her hand into the terminators metal skull ripping out it's chip as my surroundings began to fade. She stood up, smiled and winked as she quickly ran out the window with a piercing crash. I heard the high pitched whistling sound of the Thermite missiles approaching the building...

Hope that my T-twin didn't mess-up the time Displacement Device. I thought to myself as I entered the sphere. Maybe that's why she wanted to shoot me... I could be going to the wrong future! I could be going to help SKYNET!

...Now everything around me went completely white and orange as I heard a explosion around me. My clothes vaporized and my body was forced into a kneeling position. The feeling was that of being born again out of my mother's womb if one could remember such a thing. I felt cold, now that I was naked. The world started to fade in all the while, I was praying to my God that I was going to the right time and place...

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