Chapter 11: Normality

Terminator: Dawn Of A New Hope

Chapter 11: Normality

<4 Days Later, 7:30am>

John awoke from his slumber, tossing and turning uncomfortably within the sleeping bag he’d chosen to condemn himself to. Though it didn’t matter to him, nothing did at this point... only Cameron’s wellbeing.
He slid out from within the sleeping bag and proceeded over to the bed where Cameron laid comfortably. A smile grew across his face as he began to run his fingers through her soft brown hair, his eyes staring deep into her face which was now fully healed, allowing her beauty to radiate throughout the room.
John lost himself in an imaginary mirage of beauty and tranquillity as he began softly rubbing the back of his hand across her cheek, the smile on his face growing more prominent.
John’s daydream was however short lived as he heard the faint hum from Cameron, indicating her primary sensors were now online.

“How are you feeling?” asked John taking a step back.

Cameron’s eyes slowly opened, she looked over at John for a few seconds before sitting up, the creakiness of the bed echoing throughout the small room.

“My initial diagnostic shows all primary functions are working at 100%” replied Cameron as she rose from the bed and made her way over to the three bags at the other side of the room.

John gave a quick smile and nod of approval in Cameron’s direction as he felt a huge weight being lifted from his shoulders. He remembered her state four days ago, the damage she induced... and the feelings rushing through his mind. He was scared; petrified that his protector, his friend... his companion was hurt beyond repair with each wound he bore witness to feeling like an intense whiplash to his own heart.
John felt a lump begin to form in his throat, his face redden and his palms become sweaty. He couldn’t deny his feelings any longer, no matter how unorthodox they may be to him. He kept telling himself those outbursts of love and affection were due to nerves, the situation... they weren’t real, but he knew deep down that they were. At that moment, that feeling deep within his heart after hearing that Cameron was healthy and well was all he needed to confirm it. John was in love with Cameron, in every sense of the word.
John quickly snapped back into reality at the sound of Cameron’s voice.

“John, are you ok?” said Cameron tilting her head in his direction.

“Err... yeah I’m fine,” replied John wiping his hands on the sides of his pants.

A smile grew across Cameron’s face that made the hairs on John’s back stand on ends as she approached him, she placed a small pile of clothes on the bed beside him.

“Thanks,” said John examining the clothes.

Cameron made her way back to the small pile of laundry in the corner of the room and began picking out an outfit for herself. She quickly removed her top revealing her newly healed and perfect skin, making John’s eyes widen and the lump in his throat become more prominent. He quickly turned towards his clothes, smacking his knee on the side of the bed as he noticed Cameron unclip her bra.

“Oww! Shi-“ said John as he began caressing his knee.

He felt a hand softly touch his shoulder, sending a shiver through his entire body.

“Do you need to me to check that?” asked Cameron sincerely.
“Err... its ok, it’ll be fine,” replied John nervously whilst resisting the urge to turn around.

Cameron retreated back to her corner to continue changing, whilst John began looking through his own clothes that Cameron had presented to him. The pile consisted of a plain black t-shirt, a pair of pale blue jeans and a standard pair of boxers and socks. She may not be modest, but she does know her way around clothes thankfully, John thought to himself as he began changing as well.

“Do the clothes fit ok?” asked John as he finished pulling his jeans up.

“Yes, thank you,” replied Cameron.

“I figured since there were no threats it would be ok to go out alone without protection,” explained John.

“Correct, no one in this time knows who you are,” said Cameron as she began examining the Photon Cannon laying beside the bags.

“So... what happens now?” asked John nervously.

“Nothing,” replied Cameron.

“Nothing? But what about Skynet?” asked John quizzically.

“When I set the co-ordinates for the Time Displacement Equipment, I set them three weeks before the planned date. This would allow me to recover, plus give you some time to experience a normal life, it is important you don’t forget what it is we are fighting for,” explained Cameron.

For a moment John thought his ears were playing tricks on him. He’d almost forgotten what a normal life was like, since he’d spent the last the last five years living as a fugitive, running from any potential threat no matter how small it may seem. The idea of spending even a day living normally with nothing to worry about sent a rush of happiness through John, like a natural drug.

“You... serious?” asked John.

“Yes, we have two weeks and two days remaining until we must act,” replied Cameron.

“Ok, so what can we do?” asked John.

“Anything you like,” replied Cameron smiling.

John felt his happiness grow even more intense, he was expected a catch of sorts as always; such as having all this free time on his hands, but being condemned to this one room. The thought that he could go and do anything as he pleased gave a positive feeling he’d almost forgotten about.

“Really! That’s great,” said John.

He approached Cameron and put his arms around her for a quick hug, he felt a tingling sensation as Cameron returned the gesture by slowly putting her arms around his waist. He looked up at her face and into her eyes, which were glistening in the morning light shining from the window beside them. He felt a smile creep across his face as he took his hand and began moving it closer to her cheek, but he quickly pulled it away and stepped back upon realising what he was doing.
He wanted to show his true feelings for her, he wanted to hold her forever, but he knew he couldn’t. Underneath all the sweetness and the beauty she was the same as the rest of them, the cold, emotionless machines that would kill him the first chance they got.
John let out a silent sigh as he pushed the opposing feelings from his mind, this was time for him to forget about all the hardships and appreciate a normal life, the life he wished he could lead.

“Well... the other day when I bought these clothes there was a mall close by. It looked pretty cool, we could check that out?” suggested John.

“Sure, that would be fine,” replied Cameron.

“Great, it’s only about a five minute walk from here too,” explained John as he made his way to the door.

Cameron began to follow but stopped as she saw a small ladies handbag lying on top of the laundry. She examined it quickly and started to fill it with a variety of travel sized cosmetics that were conveniently positioned on the coffee table beside her.

“You really think you’ll need all that?” asked John smirking.

His question was soon answered as Cameron dashed over to one of the large back bags and removed one of the loaded Berettas. She carefully concealed it amongst the cosmetics whilst turning her head into John’s direction, his smirk mimicked on her face.

“I shudda guessed. I spose you can never been too careful huh?” said John as Cameron made her way towards him.

“Correct,” she replied simply.

The two of them left the comfort of their room and headed out into the open street. They decided against using the car since the mall was only a 5 minute walk away, plus it seemed as if security and policing was much more intense in this time to what both John and Cameron were used to.

Literally a few minutes later the two of them reached the end of the open street where the large shopping mall was situated, just beyond the intersection in front of them. The building was shaped almost like a giant dome, made completely from glass panels aside from multiple sections of polished brick carefully positioned between the panels at the building base. Surrounding the building was a huge car lot, though practically empty at this time. It had a stone fountain placed in the middle of the lot parallel to the mall’s entrance doors and many different plants and greenery strategically positioned around the area giving a very warm and inviting sensation.

“Wow, this looks like something out of science fiction” said John, eyes widening at the sight before him.

He made his way to the intersection ready to cross, but stopped hastily as he noticed Cameron had not moved. Her head tilted with a confused look on her face.

“I’ve been here before,” she said as she slowly moved closer to John.

John looked at her quizzically; he raised his hand and began to scratch the side of his head.

“You realise how crazy that sounds?” he said.

Cameron’s face changed from confused to a look of genuine worry, a look that made John’s heart skip a beat.

“You ok?” asked John sincerely.

“Yes... but I don’t understand. I just scanned all stored files and previous missions and there’s nothing present in relation to both this building or this location. I just... feel like I’ve been here before,” explained Cameron.

“You feel like you’ve been here before?” asked John.

Cameron turned to him slowly and nodded, the look of worry still present on her face.

“How is that even possible?”

“I... don’t know,” said Cameron quietly.

She noticed that John was now sharing her worried expressions. She placed her hand on his shoulder and smiled at him.

“John, don’t worry. It’s highly probable that this is a glitch within my neural network,” explained Cameron, still smiling at him.

“You sure it’s as simple as that?” asked John.

“It’s very possible, I’ll run a system diagnostic when we leave to determine the cause,” said Cameron.

“Don’t worry John, it is nothing serious. I don’t want this to ruin you day,” she added sounding almost sincere.

“Ok, but if something shows up in your scan, you’ll tell me right?” asked John.

“I will,” replied Cameron as they both made their way across the intersection into the car lot.

They walked up to the automatic doors of the mall which opened inwards to reveal a mirage of glass, elegance and retail paradise. There were rows of stores running up both sides of the building with everything from eateries to electronics to furniture.
The polished marble flooring seemed to spread as far as the eye could see, making the mall appear much bigger once inside. At the centre of the building stood a large Starbucks coffee shop surrounded by tables and chairs where it seemed most of the early morning shoppers had decided to congregate.

“You think we could check out the electronics?” asked John.

“I can’t imagine what the computers are like in this time,” he added.

Cameron gave a quick nod as the two of them began making their way towards a large Sony centric store located on the left side of the shopping mall. As they emerged closer they were grounded to a halt as a small toddler came running towards them. The toddler appeared to be alone, with no sign of any parent close by.
The small child ran up to Cameron and clinged onto her leg, hugging it tightly. She knelt down to examine the child. It was a young girl, no more than one or two years old. She had thin wavy brown hair and was wearing a yellow one piece dress with a small ice cream stain running down her chest.
The young girl looked up at Cameron, her cute brown eyes shed a small tear as she reached her hand up to try and touch Cameron’s face. Cameron smiled at the young girl and started to softly stroke her soft brown hair.

“Cameron, what are you doing?” asked John who was standing in front of her with a quizzical look on his face.

“I think this girl might be lost, her parents don’t seem to be around,” replied Cameron.

John didn’t say anything for a moment. Instead he just stood in the same spot staring at Cameron, the look of confusion on his face growing with each passing second.

“John, what’s the matter?” asked Cameron calmly.

“Cameron..... there’s no one there.”

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