Chapter 2: In the Spotlight

“Who are you?

“I told who I am, are you hard of hearing?”

Man this guys is dense...

“Yea, yea, you told me, you’re name is John Connor and you just magically appeared in the emergency tunnels as we were evacuating... you know what I think?

The man was being annoyingly sarcastic. John decided to be the same.

“Can’t wait...”

“I think you were a Grey scout... sent to find out where we all were for your metal buddies...”

The man seemed to be giving a conspiracy theory, with all the cloak and danger that went along with that. John could not believe what he was hearing. He knew about the Greys, from Derek. But this was just laughable.

Note to self: Don’t ever let this guy get beyond Private when in charge of Resistance...

“... and whole naked thing was just to throw us off... well I got news for you pal...”

The noise of rusted metal screeching filled the room as the large door opened. The door, however, opened towards John, so he didn’t see who was speaking.

“That’ll be all Sergeant...”

The voice was still unfamiliar to him but it sounded a lot like him.

“... Command wants you topside with Rodriguez.”

“Yes Sir!”

And with that, the man who had been giving John a headache for the last... he didn’t know exactly how long, he was still getting over time lag, was gone. His experience of going through the Time Displacement Equipment left him completely naked, not even his pocket watch came through... not that it matter to him, as that pocket watch was not really a watch anyways. He figured that about an hour had passed since the ‘interrogation’ had begun after they had taken him to a new base. Despite him not being a Terminator, they blindfolded him and put handcuffs on him so that he couldn’t get far. At first he thought it was merely precaution, but as soon as they arrived at base; that thought quickly left his mind... they just didn’t trust him...

Why would they trust me? If I were in their place I probably would have acted very much the same way.

As he sat there contemplating this, John did not notice that a man had entered the room and sat down across from John. It was not until he dropped a folder right in front of him did he snap out of his trance.


“So the Sergeant seems to think you are a Grey, is that true?”

He noticed that Derek, his uncle, was in the corner looking at a cigar... cleaning it off. Right behind Kyle was the girl that looked perfectly like Cameron. It was obvious that Cameron was made to look like this girl in order to better infiltrate the resistance. He had understood that may be the case from when he first met Cameron, but never really asked who it was. He then thought of one particular name that it could be.

“Are you Allison?”

She seemed to flinch at the name. Almost as if she was utterly confused as to why a young man whom she has never met would know her name. Almost just quickly as John asked the question, his father shot back right at him.

“HEY! I asked you a question; don’t play games by asking questions to the people around me...”

“I’m sorry... what was your question?”

Kyle looked visibly annoyed with John apparent lack of focus on him. He was the interrogator and John was the prisoner. At the moment John realize that he had essentially been making a mockery of the previous interrogator, which would have made Kyle very annoyed indeed.

“I said... Are you a Grey?”

Not with this again... I was hoping my dad would a little bit better at this than the other guy... Oh give him more credit to him... he did save your mother’s life and is your father...

“No. I am not a Grey.”

“Then what were you doing in the escape tunnels? Those tunnels are use for quick transportation from our base in case of attack. It leads only to here, and we blew the entrance, how did you get in?”

Like they would believe me if I told them...

He scrambled to think of something... He knew that if he took too long to think of an answer, they might believe he is lying. But it needed to be believable, something that he could say and then never be ask about it again. Just as he thought he may have taken too long, another voice spoke.

“Kyle... let me try; I don’t think he is a danger to us...”

Allison spoke so much like Cameron; it nearly startled him when she spoke. Kyle, still annoyed with John, stood up and went to the other corner opposite from Derek, who was still there smoking his cigar... Where they found cigars in the future is a mystery, John assumed that all the shops would be obliterated. Just then, Derek took out another cigar and tossed it over to Kyle, who caught it and pulled out a lighter to light it. John couldn’t help but realize how close his father and uncle were, they were everything they had in this world. Derek had told him that he and his father always looked out for each other, and John now had the chance to see it. When this thought concluded, his eyes then focused on the person in front of him

Cameron... No... Allison? I don’t know...

“How did you know my name? I’ve never met you before.”

Quick, think...

“Somebody told me of a girl named Allison and what she looked like... you looked like her...”

“Right... I don’t think so... you asked me as if you needed confirmation that I wasn’t somebody else...”

What? Are you sure she’s not a terminator?

John was, for lack of a better word, shocked. It seemed as if Allison realized this and smiled back at John.

“I’m very good at reading people... why else would they let a ‘girl’ into these interrogations... some of them can be very unpleasant.”

The way she said girl, John can assume that she was implying that she wasn’t a girl, but a grown soldier; that she was not pleased when John mentioned ‘a girl named Allison.’ John had to admit, that is the reason why she asked if she was Allison, to make sure she wasn’t Cameron.

“So why is it that you get uncomfortable when you look at me?”

No use completely lying about it... but don’t give away too much...

“You remind me of someone I knew...”

“Really? Well I’m flattered... So why are you here?”

John was puzzled by the bluntness of the question. However, John understood why, he wasn’t stupid, and she knew that. She had asked the first questions to let him know that she could read him and it was better use of everyone’s time if he just told the truth... or at least, John thought, part of it.

“I don’t know why exactly...”

“Are you looking for her?”

“I do need to find her...”

“What is her name?”

John closed his eyes; he nearly shed a tear thinking of her. She had left him... Why? He didn’t know, all he knew was that he needed her back, again, why? Again, he didn’t know. He pulled himself together in order to answer the question.

“... Cameron...”

“Yes, John?”


He opened his eyes... he was staring at her, but the sun was behind her... it was as if he had seen angel...

He pulled himself together and looked around. He was on the hot and dirty pavement... in the desert. He quickly realized where he was and what had happened... he had passed out. But there she was, Cameron, right beside him, as if she was at the side of his bed making sure he was alright. Two years it had been since he had last been with Cameron and even though many things had happened... terrible things... he never lost focus off her... well, until recently.

“Is it really you?”

She tilted her head to the side... He had forgotten how much he missed that. It was something unique to her that always reassured him.

“Yes John, it is me... its Cameron... no one else...”

She said it as if to reassure him that there weren’t any others like her. No other terminators that look like Cameron... or Humans.

“Do you know how long I’ve been looking for you?”

His voice was almost a whisper, the strength in him was all but gone from seeing her again, but she heard him. He noticed that she lowered her head at him asking this, as if she knew exactly what he meant and it hurt her to hear it.

“You don’t know how many times I wanted to be there with you... protecting you, making sure you were okay...”

She raised her head, and he noticed a tear on her left cheek with her brown eyes watering.

“Are you okay?”

“Things have changed, John.”

He has heard those words before, and when he heard them again, they left him a sinking feeling that filled his body with fear as she spoke them.

No... Not this again...

”Please... Cameron...”

“You risked your life to find me. That was a very dangerous thing to do...”

Was this what he was most afraid of... hearing those words... that he won’t be trusted again. But it was strange, she was still crying while she said it. He was half expecting her to be the serious terminator that he believed... no, knew her to be. But he didn’t know what to believe anymore... all he knew what she was back in his life.

“Cameron... I...”

“But I know why you came... I’m different than I was, I’ve changed...”

He wasn’t expecting that...

“...But I need you to know that I am still the same Cameron.”

My Cameron...

And suddenly, he felt content. He sat there on the hot pavement in the sunlight looking at ‘the someone’ he had been searching for nearly two years.

“You’ll always be my Cameron to me...”

She smiled at him, just like the time he saw Cameron play foosball back in 2008, she looked like she was genuinely happy. It was weird; He saw that same happiness in her at that moment.

He sat there in silence until the saw that the sunlight was blocked. Cameron noticed this as well and looked up to see the other Terminator, Catherine Weaver as she called herself, looking down on them.

“Are you ready?”

Way to ruin the moment...

“Yes, we are...”

Cameron answered. This confused John; Cameron most likely knew this with what she said next.

“...We will talk on the way...”

They both got up. John was still weak and stumbled a bit, but Cameron was there to make sure he didn’t fall again. John noticed Catherine heading toward the truck... It made sense; his was possibly the only working vehicle for miles. But he couldn’t help but wonder what her connection was.


“Yes, John?”

Cameron turned to face him, with what seemed like anticipation in her eyes. It was like she was hanging on every word he spoke. She had changed... Not wanting to disappoint, he continued.

“What does she have to do with all of this?”

Cameron looked toward Weaver, then back to John and smiled.

“She is my mother..."

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