Chapter 2: No Plan Is Foolproof

I turned to Corporal Braeden Finnlay.
You and Private Stevenson set up a model of the base we are going to attack, Im going up to the entrance to check out the surrounding area. Come get me when the model is finnished and then we will fine tune the battle plan.

Finnlay and Stevenson replied with a snap salute and a firm YES SIR.

I grabbed a pair of night vision goggles and a M203 along with an extra magazine and headed up towards the entrance of the cave.
As I did Fitzy approached me.
Would you like some company Sir!
No I replied you stay her and do a weapons check.
He gave me a salute and headed off to carry out my order.

As I came to the entrance of the cave I crouched behind a large boulder and scanned the horizion, from atop the mountain I had a pretty good view of the surrounding area.
To the east I could see a glow coming up from the horizion and I knew that the city of Brisbane' Australia along with hundreds of other cities world wide no longer exsisted, a roaring noise from the south brought me back to my sensess.
I turned to see what was making the noise and I could not believe my eyes.
I stood up and watched an Australian F-111 engage in a dog fight with three airbourne HK's.
I wispered the words get'em man get'em trying to cheer this brave pilot to victory. He managed to turn one HK into razor blades but as he did the other two HK's hammered his plane with cannon fire and the F-111 erupted into a massive fireball.
I bowed my head for a second turned and quickly ran down the tunel to where the rest of my squad was.

I nearly collided with Corporal Finnlay and he looked at me slightly stunned.
Sorry Sir I was coming to get you we have completed the model and first Lieutenant Fitzy has come up with a plan of attack.

I gathered everyone around the model.
Ok fitzy lets hear it, lets hear this great plan you have.
I stood there and listened to a brilliant plan even General Connor would be impressed and that was'nt an easy thing to achieve.
I looked at Fitzy and tilted my head.
Thats a well thought out plan one of your best Fitzy but as you know no plan is foolproof.
Fitzy raised an eyebrow.
When did you did you last check the collasped mine where i buried the trailer full of coltan.
The day before I met you in the bar Finnlay said.
Ok did you do a visual confimation.
Yes Sir I did.
Well either the tin heads found it or there was a second trailer that we missed.
What do you mean Sir came the reply from Fitzy.

When I was up top I watched an Australian F-111 engage three HK's, he managed to scrap one before going down in a blaze of glory. So even though your plan is excellent Fitzy we still have to contend with two HK's that we know off and possibly alot more tinheads than we first thought.

No one spoke and a deathly silence fell over the squad.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence Fitzy spoke up.
Well its simple we have to do another recon of the tin head base.
I stood there scratching my head trying to think and decide which two squad members to send on the recon mission. Little did I know my choice of members would spell disaster for the rest of us.

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