Chapter 2: Running for Help!

Written by: Kaleb (KrazyKaleb)

Running non-stop in a panic. I kept recalling the scene of what I just saw. The figure that resembled my neighbor Cameron but not her some kind of futuristic robot covered with human skin. She was coming out of the wreckage with curious eyes and half her skin torn on her face exposing a dense looking shiny metal inside her right cheek. She started to walk away like the Tin-Man in the Wizard of Oz.

I saw a man in a black T-shirt with a interesting hair-do. Kind of like those sleek goofy comb-overs. As I approached him and called out to him in attempt to get help.

“Sir... Sir can you help me? Did you see what happened down the street!?” I asked.

He was obviously ignoring me. And he was getting into his car fairly quickly. I was about 3 feet away to the car that he just entered. Suddenly I was greeted with a gun from the driver-side window. I raised my hands and mumbled a curse.

“Back off kid and get lost.” he said in a very unemotional tone. He had an slight deep Armenian accent.

“Whoa! No problem Sir... I just wanted to ask for some help.” I replied very nervously and scared.

“Well your going to need a lot of help if you don't get lost.” The black shirted man said.

“Hey man. I'm gone!” I said with my hand in the air slowly backing away.

The man in the car then pealed out off the curb. I tried to look for a license plate number. To only find that the car had none. I cursed. Pulled out my cell phone and called 911. And started to run after the car to see where it was going to go. What in the world is going on I said to myself.

“911. What is your emergency?” Said the person on the phone as I was cutting through my other neighbor's yard to catch up with the guy around the next corner.

“I've just witnessed a domestic terrorist attack. The suspect just possibly set a explosive on my neighbor's Jeep. The man is in at black shirt and has a slight Armenian accent...” I continued on giving the street address and the best possible description of what happened. I saw the car go past the neighborhood park at a fast speed. I ran as fast as I could reciting some action music in my head I heard from the movie Mission Impossible: III. My adrenaline rushed and I felt a sense of excitement as I hung up the phone while running as fast as I could.

Flying through the bushes of another neighbor's yard I ran. The neighbor who lived there yelled about how us stupid kids keep on running through his yard all the time as a short cut to the park. I ignored him quickly jumping his fence into the next yard and out to the sidewalk right across the street from the park.

I looked around and there was no sight of the guys automobile anywhere. I cursed again. As I continued to look around the park and saw a young man and his little brother finishing playing catch with each other. The taller boy was wearing a baseball jersey the back of it spelled. "Reese." Huh, that's funny, I thought to myself starting to smile. His name was like Reese's Pieces. But my smile faded as I noticed they were already leaving because it was getting late already.

I was scared, tired and mostly confused. Apparently I wasn't thinking so well. The events of what just happened didn't make meaning to me. It all happened so fast and now the day was getting dark and I sat on a bench. Looking around Time stood still. Everything seemed like it wasn't happening for what felt like a half an hour. Nobody seemed to be around. I was alone now in the park.

Hearing sirens in the distance I thought that it might be a ambulance going to the explosion site in front of my house. I just couldn't imagine what it would be like for the authorities when other neighbor's will confess to seeing a deranged girl with a metal face walking outside of the car. Or maybe I was just seeing things and it was all a dream.

Feeling relived now I started to relax. I couldn't take what just happened to me. I started to think about what just happened again moments earlier... I was inside my house working on my computer. I heard a loud boom outside. I initially thought it was maybe a accident outside or some guy playing with fire works again. I remember looking outside. I saw a Jeep in front of my house on fire. I swore out loud and approached the wreckage. The flaming jeep door moved on the driver side! I jumped back in a somewhat shocked manner and out stepped my neighbor girl... I think. But, half her face was cut open and metal was shown under her right cheek and she had this inexpressible look on face. I also recalled the faint smell of burned skin and clothes. Chills went up my spine as I recalled the image. I just couldn't fathom what I saw and that's is what scared me the most.

Was she some kind of robot or did I just imagine all this? I continued trying to relax on the bench. I was breathing very hard. And I was very nervous about what I should do next and a attempt to sleep was the first idea I had in mind.

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