Chapter 2: The Fight Has Only Began

As I forced myself through the gap my sense of smell picked up what smelt like burnt toast'
I knew it was electrical wiring and burning timber, after what seemed like an eternity of squeezing and pulling I was through the gap.

When I stood up I should of found myself facing my front door but there was nothing.
An entire three storey block of units gone turned to rubble, I turned full circle to scan the surrounding area from atop the hill where I was standing.
All I could see was a blackened smouldering landscape void of any buildings, trees or life.

What had happened to cause such massive devastation, maybe a meteor or comet had hit, but surly NASA would of spotted it and warned the population.
And then a cold shiver ran down my spine as the next thought popped into my head, my god have I just survived WWIII.
I turned towards where the city once stood and collapsed to my knees and let out a scream of agony for I knew that my children were dead.

Just then a National Guard Humvee grinded to a stop and a voice yelled at me get in, get in quick, I got to my feet and jumped in the back as the humvee took off.
The young private manning the mounted machine gun pulled the trigger and hot spent shells rained down on me, as I moved to one side I looked up to see what the the private was shooting at and I couldn't believe my own eyes.

I found myself staring at a metallic flying machine with long thin wings, with what looked like turbo fans in the wing tips. From under the wings it fired air to ground missiles and under the nose it had a laser cannon.

Without realizing it I must have have started to think out loud because another soldier turned to me and laughed, we wish it was an alien invasion.
What you are looking at is a product of Skynet - Sky who? what? I replied.
Skynet was a defensive grid built to protect us from hostile attacks.
Something went went wrong when it was brought online, it launched every nuke we had at Russia and China and they retaliated with every thing they had.

But why I asked in a nervous and hesitant voice not really sure if I wanted to hear the answer, but it came thick and fast.
Skynet controlled every thing missile silos, subs, ships, planes it was all controlled by a damn computer and it seen mankind as a threat. Where are we heading I asked the soldier.

There is a reinforced under ground bunker 10 miles east of here and its a designated rally point for any military and /or civilian survivors.
A couple of high ranking officers are there trying to organize a fight back against Skynet. And then it all came flooding back to me, if me and my team had won the defense contract we would have been the ones building Skynet.

I grabbed the soldier by the arm and said you must get me there as quick as possible, I need to speak with who ever is in charge. I think I might be able to put an end to Skynet.
Just then the soldier slumped into a heap a direct hit in the chest had taken his life.

I picked up the M16 and took aim at the flying metallic monster and emptied what was left in the magazine. Reloaded with a full one, the three years service I done in my early 20's had finally come in handy.
Just as I took aim the young private on the machine gun ( I now recognized as a 50cal) found the mark.
We watched as the right wing exploded and the metallic monster crashed to earth in a huge fireball.

We arrived at the bunker entrance sometime later and were met by four soldiers carrying M203's, one of them said follow me the General is waiting to speak with you.
We headed down a large wide corridor and came to a large steel door which was manually slid back, on the other side was a set of concrete stairs and we started our descent.

After what seemed like an eternity we finally reached the bottom, we entered a large room full of military personnel.
The soldier who escorted us down walked up to a tall man with wide shoulders and said General McGuire SIR! the men you wish to speak with are here.

As the General turned around he looked straight at me and said you look familiar have we met before, yes we have the General continued after a short pause. You where the team leader for the COM-TEC team trying to win the defense contract.
I smirked and replied "the General has a great memory but is not good at picking the right people for the job.
I suppose I deserve that came the reply, we had nothing but delays and trouble with the company that won the contract and look at the mess we are in now.

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