Chapter 2****


There was something about Alison that John trusted. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but for some reason he trusted her more than others. The first time he met her was just after the conflict at Topanga Canyon. John had just sent Kyle Reese his father back in time and it was thought that the war was over due to the fact that Skynet’s defense mainframe had been destroyed. Little did anyone know that Skynet had hacked a US Defense satellite in orbit and downloaded a backup file of itself onto the hard drive. The second that Skynet went offline the satellite powered up and began a download of itself to every functioning AI left on the planet. Now Skynet exists primarily as software not hardware. ____________________________________________________________________________________

John remembered walking down the dimly lit corridors in somewhat of a daze. Everyone that saw him was congratulating him on a successful mission. No one knew what had really just happened to him. John managed to keep up the pretense that he was happy until he reached Alison. She was walking in the opposite direction as John down the corridor. As she reached him she smiled and then stopped dead in her tracks with a look of concern on her face and asked him,

“General, are you okay?” The question caught John completely off guard and he didn’t know how to answer it. In fact he didn’t even know how to react to it. It was all John could do to keep from crying. Alison saw John’s eyes well up with tears. As this happened she reached out her hand and touched John on the arm. Without thinking she asked,

“What happened?”. Alison cringed after she asked the question because she thought that there was no way that the leader of the human resistance would ever want to confide in some young girl that just so happened to be walking down a dark corridor. But after a lifetime of hiding who his father was John couldn’t take it anymore. Before he could think of an appropriate response or lie he blurted out,

“I just sent my father back in time to die…” Alison looked at him with shock and confusion.

“You did what?” She asked. Alison was the first person John had ever spoken a word of this to in his entire life. John cleared his throat as he fought back the tears.

“Well there’s no denying it anymore…Kyle Reese was my father.” Alison was extremely confused by his statement she had met Kyle Reese before but just in passing.

“How is that possible?” Alison asked. John understood her confusion, after all no one but John and a handful of his soldiers including Kyle had made it into the inner core of the Skynet facility located at Topanga Canyon. Only then to witness a Terminator being sent back in time to kill his mother. John thought that he would disappear instantly since Skynet had managed to send a Terminator back before Kyle was sent back to protect him but apparently that wasn’t the case. One of the Tech Com scientists explained to him that even though the Terminator had been sent back in time before Kyle was John didn’t cease to exist due to the fact that the time displacement equipment was still running. It was temporarily protecting John from the Changes in the past. However, as soon as the TDE was powered down the temporal bubble that it was creating would collapse and John would disappear from history. There wasn’t much time to react and before John could tell Kyle to go he volunteered. That was the last time John thought he would ever see his father. John realized that Alison was still standing there in confusion so he responded,

“What I’m about to tell you can never be told to anyone else.” Alison nodded her head in agreement. “When we invaded Topanga Canyon we found that Skynet had created a time machine.” Alison looked at John in shock. Common sense told him he shouldn’t be telling Alison any of this but his instincts told him that he could trust her. After keeping everything in for such a long time he felt as though he had to trust someone and it might as well be Alison. “Only a handful of us had made it to Skynet’s core where the time displacement equipment was located. Before we could shut it down Skynet was able to send back a Terminator.”

“Send back a Terminator?” Alison asked with some confusion.

“Yes send one back in time…To kill my mother before I was born.” Alison’s astonishment grew as he explained the situation. “The only thing we could do was send one of our soldiers back to stop it.” “That soldier was Kyle…My father.” Somewhat to John’s surprise Alison was able to put the pieces of the time travel puzzle together.

“So in order for you to be born you had to send Kyle back in time.”

“Yes.” John replied.

“And he was killed defending your mother?” Alison asked.

“Yes.” Alison looked at John with sympathy.

“General I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’ve lived with that my whole life. You’re the first person I’ve spoken to about it.” Alison was confused.

“Why would the leader of the human resistance confide such an important secret to her?” she thought to herself. However, “Why?” was the only word Alison could get out.

“Why did I tell you?” John asked.

“Yes.” She replied. John paused for a moment.

“I guess I felt I could trust you. I’ve been keeping it a secret for so long I almost couldn’t stand it.” “When you asked me what happened I couldn’t help but tell you.” “Hopefully I haven’t made a mistake.”

“You haven’t…Promise...” John smiled slightly somewhat relieved both at Alison’s “promise” remark and the fact that he had been able to get this matter off his chest that had been bothering him for song long.

“I should go, they’re probably looking for me in the war room.” John stated.

“Of course General.” John turned to walk off then paused and turned back around.

“Call me John.” Alison smiled. ____________________________________________________________________________________

“John…John” John awoke in his bed to the sound of Cameron’s voice.

“It was a dream.” He thought to himself.

“John” Cameron continued, “They need us in the War Room.”

“Yes of course.” John sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes for a moment. He grabbed the closest shirt to him camouflage of course and put it on. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“Colonel Alexander informed me that our air base at Point Mugu is under attack.”

“Point Mugu? That’s only about 100 miles from here”

“Yes, I know that is why I woke you.” John quickly put on his boots and ran out of his room with Cameron.

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