Chapter 3: A Deal With The Devil

I turned and looked at my squad.

Corporal Finnlay and Private Mc Cormack you two will do the recon, your primary mission is to gather intel on the base ' the number of tinheads and try to find out if there is more than two airbourne HK's.
You are not to engage the enemy unless fired upon.
I repeat donot engage unless fired upon.
Is that clear.
Yes Sir came the reply from both men.

Prepare what gear you need and do a proper check of it.
Stevenson you go and prepare one of the vehicles as best you can you have an hour.

I stood there for a while.

Fitzy grab a weapon and come with me Im heading up to the cave entrance and would like some company, as we headed up to the entrance my mind drifted back to the brief encounter I had with Fitzy and his family but for some reason I could not bring myself to tell him.
I was so deep in thought I did'nt realise that we were at the cave entrance, well that was untill Fitzy tackled me to the ground behind two large boulders.
I tried to speak but Fitzy puts his hand up and made a signal that chilled my spine, we had company and not the type we wanted.
I peered around the side of the boulders to see a single HK hovering fity feet off the ground and two hundred feet out from the cave entrance.

It was hovering over the area where both vehicles were hidden.
Fitzy tapped me on the shoulder.
Sir Stevnson is down there he was preparing one of the vehicles as you
Dammit! I grabbed the night vision goggles and scanned the area.
Son of a bitch there he is hiding under one of the vehicles the HK cannot see him and he's fine as long as no tinheads show up.
Just then the HK turned and headed towards its base at high speed, Fitzy and I got to our feet and made our way down to Stevenson.
He looked at both of us ' jesus that was close I thought I was a goner for sure.
I turned and looked up to see Finnlay and McCormack appear at the cave entrance, Finnlay spotted us through his night vision goggles and both men made thier way down to us.
I looked at Finnlay and McCormack, ok are you two ready to rock 'n' roll.
Both men replied ready as ever Sir!
Ok well you better get going, and no headlights use your night vision.
Both men climbed into the twin cab tray back, Fitzy and I wished them good luck and watched as they dissapeared into the darkness.
We turned and headed back up and into the cave.

Finnlay yelled at McCormack
Jesus christ where did you learn how to drive, at maniac's school.
Well I want to get this mission over and done with, I dont like having tinheads in my cross hairs and not being able to shoot.
Finnlay replied with a snarl well neither do I but we have our orders.
McCormack spotted a half destroyed service station a mile from the skynet base. We will hide the vehicle there and head in on foot.

Fitzy and I caught the other four squad members playing poker.
What the fuck do you lot think you are doing does this look like a weekend in Vegas. Get of your asses and start prepairing weapons and explosives for the main mission. Playing cards went flying and there was a mass of arms and legs moving in all directions.
It was hilarious and I bit my lip hard as not to burst into a fit of laughter.
Jesus christ Sir I think they might need a change of underware before they do any thing else came the words from Fitzy.
That comment done me and I went into a fit of laughter.
Fitzy just shook his head and barked and order C'MON YOU LOT GET A FUCKING MOVE ON!!.

McCormack parked the vehicle amoung'st some burnt out, smouldering cars and trucks at the rearof the servive station, the air was thick with smoke.

Both men climbed out and and continued on foot towards the skynet base.

Finnlay and McCormack climbed to the top of a hill and crouched behind some rocks and looked over the base counting atleast one hundred tinheads and the two airbourne HK's with four more in early stages of construction, they also spotted about fifty human prisioners being forced to do various jobs.
A large thunderstorm raged over head and the noise of the thunder drowned out the noise of four T-888's approaching behind them untill it was too late.
Finnlay heard the clanking noise and turned to find himself looking down the barrel of a plasma rifle.
He tapped McCormack on the shoulder and when he turned around his face went pale.

One of the T-888's spoke.

You are now prisoners of skynet.
You will be put to work and will be terminated when you are no longer usefull.
But first we have some questions for you.
Both men were picked up and had thier weapons removed and then dragged back to the skynet base.
Finnlay and McCormack were thrown into seperate rooms and subjected to hours of questioning and torture.
Finnlay refused to give in and kept repeating
McCormack was not nearly as stubborn and gave in after a while, and made a fatal mistake. He thought he had secured his life and gave the tinheads complete details of the operation he was involved in.
The T-888 had made him believe that it could be bargined with, he was so scared for his life he forgot the golden rule.

But one of the other T-888's was also about to make a fatal error - underestimating the will to live and fight of one Corporal Braeden Finnlay.

As the machine opened the door and stepped into the room where Finnlay was it recieved a massive surge of electricty and fell to the floor in a heap. Finnlay knew he had to move fast there was only a minute twenty before the triple eight rebooted. He grabbed the plasma rifle and fired three times at its head, a smirk appeard on his face your terminated scumbag.
Finnlay glanced up and down the corridore and headed out and to the right, he then turned left and through a window he could see McCormack talking with a triple eight and pointing at a map.
God Damm you McCormack you sold out to save your weak ass Finnlay thought.
He took aim through the window at the triple eights head and fired three times blowing its head apart and then jumped through the window.
McCormack jumped to his feet and turned.
Corporal Finnlay how the hell did you escape.

The rage inside Finnlay was at criticle mass, he stepped forward and grabbed McCormack around the throat and slammed him up against the wall.
How I escaped is my fucking buisness what matters now is that you are a traitor, you sold out to the machines.

McCormack gasped for air and tried to speak.

Finnlay did'nt want to hear it and applied some more pressure.

Private Peter McCormack I find you guilty of treason and in sever breach of the techcom code of conduct.

On both counts you have been found guilty and the sentence is death.

Finnlay squeezed harder on McCormacks neck and with a sharp twist snapped it like a twigg he let go and McCormacks lifeless body slumped to the floor.
As he reached dow to pick up the second plasma rifle he heard the noise of atleast two triple eight's coming down the corridor.

Finnlay took a deep breath! ah the games afoot time to play hard ball.

With that he jumped into the corridor and blasted the machines to hell and back. he headed for the outside ducking, weaving and blasting his way to freedom and headed for the hills and back towards where the vehicle was hidden.

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