Chapter 3: In Full Retreat

Well whats done is done the General continued, now we have to figure out how to get into Skynet's stronghold and shut the damn! thing down.
That's where you come in as the General points at me.

Why not send in a large group of heavily armed men and blow the damn! thing to hell I replied.
(General) Because Skynet's mainframe takes up the area of three football fields and there is not enough C-4 to do the job, unless you know where we could get our hands on a nuke came the long sarcastic reply.

Just then a very young private came running into the room.
(Private) General we have to evacuate Skynet's forces a over running the defensive positions.

(General) Right everyone grab as much weapons and ammo as you can and head up to the motor pool.
We all grabbed what we could and headed up the stairs as quickly as our legs would carry us.
I climbed into one of the numerous trucks along with the General and other personnel.
The trucks headed up a steep ramp turned right and headed south.

The convoy consisted of eight trucks, four of which were filled with weapons, ammo and food, the remaining trucks filled with mostly military with a few civilians here and there..
Bringing up the rear was twelve humvees four of which had mounted 50cal machine guns, the remaining vehicles were packed with men fighting for every breath they took.

The blackened sky was swarming with (what was to be known later as Airborne Hunter Killers or AHK's for short).
On the ground where these massive vehicles on tracks that towered over the charred landscape.
Arms extended to either side one packing a laser cannon that had bone chilling accuracy and the other carrying a search/sensor light to seek out its next target.

In what seemed like a mere milli second we had lost four humvees - two of which had mounted 50cals.

Every thing just seemed to go into slow motion and our situation was getting more desperate with every passing second.

Out of the corner of my left eye I caught a flash, I watched in terror as the Generals body slumped to the floor....the terror deepened as I realized the Generals head was completely blown off.
Dammit!!another soldier yelled Skynet has really done its home work.
I look at the soldier oddly with a raised eyebrow.
(Soldier) Besides General Brewster believed to be KIA, General McGuire was the only man who knew the codes to bypass Skynet's multitude of firewalls.

Didn't he have them printed on a document I replied.
(Soldier) He memorized the entire page of codes and shredded the document and you know how good his memory was.
A whole lot of good thats going to do us now I thought to myself ended with a nod and a faint sigh!!.

Just then someone yelled out - Look they are pulling back, Skynets forces are pulling back.
Just as I stood up to take a look I felt a hand on my shoulder.
It was the same soldier I was just speaking with a moment ago.

(Soldier)It figures this was an assassination hit, Skynet has obviously seen Pirates Of The Caribbean.
(me) Hugh!! what???
(Soldier)Dead Men Tell No Tales.
(me)So any idea where we are heading.
(Soldier)A place called Crystal Peak, just before we bugged out the signal guys picked up something on a old ham radio frequency thats was coming from there.
(me)How do we know its not a trap being set by Skynet????.
(Soldier) Because the computer equipment at Crystal Peak is way too old, at least twenty years pre internet and the last time someone was in that bunker was during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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