Chapter 3: Sleeping in the Park

Written by: Kaleb (KrazyKaleb)

Sleep came gradually and was appeasing that late afternoon in the park. I didn't know why I decided to sleep in the park. But anywhere except near the car explosion was going to satisfy me right now for the moment.

My past was filled with great potential. But, for a man with a low paying part time job at a electronics repair shop. I was pretty pathetic to most people. Using things I found in junk yards along with leftover pieces from my workshop at work. I would fix them up for fun at my house. Scavenging through old HD televisions, DVD players, old computer mother boards and the like. Then afterward I would go to the public library and read about how to make my own computer and how to fix them along with TV's and DVD players. I eventually got to the point where I made my own computer and did my research on the Internet there. Passionate would be the word to describe how I love electronics. But in my mind these things were merely a tool for what I really wanted to do.

Being a volunteer I would do as nice favors for my friends and neighbors around the city. Like fixing there TV's and Palm Pilots, iphones and etc.

Electronics was part of my life and at the time I felt that computers would lead the world into a new peaceful and prosperous world someday. My love for electronics made me recently fall in love with the movie: Meet the Robinsons and Wall-e. It was yet another movie that inspired my ideas for the new and extraordinary things in life. My parents felt that I had a gift in world. Which was my great ability to improvise when I would make or fix something out of literally nothing. My mother loved it when I could fix the television using only a soldering gun and any piece of wire or metal to fix it. CD players, cars, DVD players, computers, TV's were very easy to grasp after a while of hands on learning. But unfortunately we never really had the money for me to pursue it in school. So I mostly thought of it as a fun hobby.

So to get ahead with my entrepreneur like personality I moved out of my parents house to a new neighborhood. There in a new environment I learned about mathematics and calculus on my own. Scientific theories were always a fun thing to solve and failure was an opening to new learning and discovery. With that in mind recently I think I had a breakthrough that nobody would believe possible. I was in fact getting ready to patent my initial proto-type design for the product I created too. But I had yet to put anything in writing.

I initially planned to share my findings with a friend of mine. He was really good with computers like me. Though unfortunately he was murdered after a chess competition he was in earlier in the year. I'll never forget that amazing computer he made. He called it a “turk” after some machine created in the 1700's that could play chess. That machine was so weird. Not only could that thing play chess and beat you. It would do it in a different way every time.

Then there was a series of unfortunate events that took place for Andy Good. That was my friends name. First his house burned down by some arsonist. Then after he rebuilt his amazing Turk computer that was destroyed in the fire. He was murdered and a investigation of his murder still continues. Will his death ever get justice? I never found out and probably never will.

As I finished recalling my life to myself I continued to lay on the bench.

I started to dream about old camping trips and fun adventures with my family long ago. The smell of fresh air along with the trees. Those were the days where I would be running with one of my old child hood friends playing Star Wars.

My relaxing thoughts were only to be suddenly stopped as I awakened to a sudden grab of my clothes! I was being dragged along the grass of the park in the night. I yelled for help to only be hit in the face, with what felt like a piece of metal. What the hell was going on? What did I do to deserve this? I looked around as I was being dragged to attempt to find a face of the person who was dragging me through the dark. The only thing I saw was a dark shadowy figure that was blurred and what seemed to be long hair down the girls face. Or at least, what I thought was a girl.

“Oh God! Help me!” I quickly prayed to god for help out of this situation. My face started to feel warm and swollen from being hit with the piece of metal. “Who are you?” I gasped in a teary eyed moan.

“A Scary Robot.” was the female's unemotional voice I heard in reply from the girls scared face as I was thrown into the automobile.

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