Chapter 3: The Nameless One

Chapter 3: The Nameless One

It was a fancy window display of an electronic shop, with 5 huge 42-inch plasma TVs, surrounded by a couple of shiny new DVD players. A couple of passers-by glance at it. Some bystanders were admiring it, wishing it was placed snugly on their living room. But there’s one person that stares at it more than anyone else.
A man wearing a black biker jacket over a gray hoodie, with the hood over his head. His green eyes fixed intensely on the screens not because of the beauty of the device, it’s because of the breaking news flashed on it. “3 people standing naked in the middle of the road. Witnesses say they appeared out of nowhere.” A video footage recorded with a cell phone shows a woman staring, her face exhibits fear and disorientation.
The look on the hooded man’s face is indescribable. He seemed distressed, heartened and euphoric all at the same time. He stood in front of the display for quite awhile, before he turned his back and walked away.

Agent Ellison sat at the Connor’s living room, clasping his hands while his arms rest on his lap; looking at the person sitting across the coffee table.
“Someone rigged your car with a bomb? Do you have any idea who did it?” asked Agent Ellison.
“No, I don’t.” Sarah answered, “Agent Ellison, I would really appreciate it if you can help us specifically with the police. We can’t be in the radar.” She said after a brief pause.
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll tell them it’s a gang related activity.” Said Agent Ellison. “Did anyone got hurt?” He added.
“No one.” Answered Sarah.
“And the car, where is it?” Asked Agent Ellison.
“Before I can answer that, I need to explain something to you.” Said Sarah on a serious note.
“Please do. ‘Cause I’ve been in one hell of a day and I can’t think of any explanation to what I’ve witness earlier, but the connection that I have with you.” Said Agent Ellison dejectedly.
“What happened?” Asked Sarah.
Ellison bowed down, trying to remember what happened and said, “We went to get this guy, Kester, I have him as a suspect for the murder of a plastic surgeon. Now, he was posing as an FBI agent investigating something or someone. We raided his apartment; it was 12 of us against him. Just him, and he picked them up and threw them one by one. He didn’t dodge any bullet that was fired on him. He killed them all, I was the only one left then he looked at me and pointed a gun but he didn’t pull the trigger. I thought I was going to die.” He told Sarah dimly.
Sarah looked at Agent Ellison with deep sympathy.
“I’m sorry.” She said quietly.
They both sat silently for a moment, and when Ellison regained his composure, he said to Sarah, “You were saying about the car?”
“Yes, I um-“Trying to think about what she was going to say.
When suddenly, John came out calling,”Mom! Cameron-“He stopped abruptly when he saw that there was someone else in the room. John looked warily at Agent Ellison, then to Sarah.
“It’s okay, he’s here to help.” Sarah said to John assuring him. Then continued, “Agent Ellison, this is my son John.” Agent Ellison stands up and shakes John’s hand.
“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. But I expected that you were older.” Said Agent Ellison.
“It’s complicated.” Replied john.
Agent Ellison smiled at him and said, “It always is.” Then looked at Sarah, “Well, I should go, we don’t have much time. Someone might have called the police.” Said Agent Ellison.
“I understand.” Said Sarah, “Thank you.” She added.
She held out a hand, Ellison took it and shake her hand.
“You’re welcome.” Said Agent Ellison.
He then walked towards the door followed by Sarah and john. He stopped by the door holding the knob and said, “The next time we meet, explain to me everything.” Sarah nodded and replied, “I will.”
Agent Ellison left, Sarah closed the door then turned to look at her son.
“Should we trust him?” asked John.
Sarah takes a moment to consider things then answered, “Yes. I think we should.”

An indistinct shadow lurks behind a tree, watching Agent Ellison step out of the Connor’s house. Ellison got in his car and drove away. He stared at the house then gazed at the pendant of one of the necklaces that he was wearing. It was a bullet-shaped pendant and the other was shaped like a tip of a spear. Then he disappeared.

Sarah and John are back inside Cameron’s room.
“Tell mom everything that you told me.” John told Cameron.
Cameron looked at Sarah.
“You sent me to buy a cake for John, When I got inside the Jeep I saw this man walking away. He looked at me, it was the guy from the internet café.” She informed Sarah.
“The one Derek shot at the alley?” asked Sarah.
“No, the one at the counter.” Said Cameron.
John left the room. Sarah said quickly, “Where are you going?”
“Mom, just a sec.” said John.
He came back holding a printed photo of a man.
“Is this the guy you saw?” questioned John.
Cameron looked at the photo.
“Yes.” She said.
John looked at Sarah apprehensively.
“Are you sure?” Sarah asked Cameron.
“Points on the facial structure is a match. It was him.” Said Cameron.
Sarah seemed worried.
“Give me your phone.” She told John.
“Why?” asked John.
“I need to call Derek.” Said Sarah reaching out her hand waiting for John’s phone.
John realized and said, “Where is he?”
“Just give me your phone, John.” Instructed Sarah.
He said nothing and searched for his phone in his pocket then handed it to Sarah. She walks out of the room leaving John confused.

Derek was walking in a dark alley when his phone rang.
“Yeah.” He said then listened to the person on the other line.
“What?! How did you find out?” Asked Derek.
“Cameron saw him before the explosion. His scanned passport was one of the files on the hard drive. I need you to find him. Keep an eye on him.” Said Sarah on the other line.
“Alright, I’ll find him.” Said Derek, “Just call if you guys need me.” He added then placed the phone back on his jacket pocket.

After hanging up, Sarah puts down the phone and leaned on the kitchen counter. She felt that the weight of the world on her shoulders came back twice as heavy as it was before. She said to herself that she needed to get John to a safe place as soon as possible. But she knew that John would not permit it. He doesn’t like to run anymore, he doesn’t want to be scared. He wants to fight. Sarah decided that if they’re going to fight, they need to act fast and be prepared. Cameron needs to be fixed immediately.
Sarah heads to her room, grabs the trunk of guns from under the bed, takes a couple of magazines for the 9mm that she has tucked behind her. Returns the trunk under, gets up and takes her leather jacket and heads to the living room where John was sitting. He stood up when he saw Sarah.
“Mom where are you going?” John asked.
“I’m going to get the ECMs for Cameron.” She said.
“We’re coming with you.” John said and dashed to his room.
“John!” Sarah called after him. But he’s already gone before she could stop him. She heard John called for Cameron. They both showed up in the living room.
“John I need you to stay here.” Said Sarah.
“But mom-“ John said impatiently.
“It’s too dangerous –“ Sarah was saying but was interrupted by John.
“Every where’s too dangerous mom. Do you think ‘here’ is safe? What if that man, Sarkissian, comes back?” He said almost raising his voice.
“I know. But he won’t come back just yet.” Sarah said calmly.
“How do you know?” He said in the same intense tone.
“Because if their watching us, they know that I called the FBI. And they would want to plan their next move.” Explained Sarah.
“She’s right. It’s safer to stay here than to go out. Cromartie’s still a threat.” Said Cameron who was watching both of them.
“Sarkissian is human. His men are humans.” Sarah said to her son then looked at Cameron, “They don’t know what they’re walking into, right?” She said to her.
“Right.” Replied Cameron.
John sat down at the sofa who look defeated.
“John, I’ll be back as soon as possible.” Said Sarah.
Cameron took out something from her pocket.
“Here take this. It’s the key card for the storage locker. And remember this numbers: 2011715.” She said handing over the key card to Sarah.
“2011715.” Repeated Sarah.
Watch him. Don’t get your eyes off him. Do you understand?” She said to Cameron.
“Yes.” Said Cameron.

Sarah stepped out of the porch straight towards the garage. She opened the wooden gate and went inside. A silver Mercedes Benz departs from it. Someone follows her, wearing a visor and a black leather jacket, riding a Ducati 749.

John was sitting in front of his laptop trying to finish decrypting Sarkissian’s hard drive. He didn’t notice Cameron who was standing at the door. He was startled when he looked up.
“Why the hell do you always do that?” asked John.
“Do what?” Replied Cameron.
John didn’t answer her, he just continued what he was doing.
“Sarah asked me to watch you.” She said mechanically.
John looked at her with a grin on his face.
“Not literally, you know. You can sit down or do something else.” Explained John.
“But she said, ‘Don’t get your eyes off him’.” Said Cameron imitating Sarah’s voice.
John looked slightly irritated, shakes his head and said, “Whatever. And please don’t do that imitating voice thing, it’s freaky.”
“I’m just kidding. I know what she meant.” Said Cameron.
“I’m surprised you didn’t say ‘I fooled you’.” Said John, “Now you’re just kidding.” He added.
“You’re worried about Sarah. I’m just trying to cheer you up.” She said.
John looked at Cameron and gave a feeble smile.

Sarah arrived at 7500 Whitsett Avenue. She parked the car, took the gun from her back and cocked it then tucks it behind her. She stepped out of the car, looked around while walking to the entrance. She was met by a Security guard who greeted her. “What can I do for you?”
“Hi. Locker 715?” Said Sarah, showing him the key card.
“It’s downstairs,” pointing to a stair way, “Just head straight then turn left at the end.” Instructed the guard.
“Thanks.” Said Sarah with a smile.
Sarah went down the stairs. She looked at the numbered doors while she walked by them. It was a well-lighted facility, with a little gust of cold air getting in. She walked towards the end of the room and turned left.

Back upstairs, the security guard was gaping at a man who just entered. He had wounds all over his face and arms. The man didn’t take notice of the stunned guard, he just walked past him. The guard called after him and put his hand over his gun. The man looked back and walked towards the guard instead.

Sarah found locker 715 and inserts the key card, pressed the numbers Cameron told her. The small red light turned green. She pushed open the door and went inside. It was dark but Sarah found a light switch and turned it on. The room was filled with metal trunks varying in sizes and 3 long, flat metal cases with heavy locks. There was a rack filled with different kinds of firearms and ammos. Some documents, CDs, a laptop and rolls of blueprints. Cameron forgot to mention one thing.
“Damn it Cameron which one?” she uttered to herself.
She looked around and found a shoebox-sized metal case at the far corner on top of a table. She opened it and found 13 metal flasks with 2 slots empty. Each flask has a red label bearing the letters ‘ECM’. She took 3 flasks and placed it in her jacket pocket. Sarah closed the case and took it with her.
She hurried to the door then it suddenly swung open. Sarah stopped abruptly in front of the person who opened it. She found herself face to face with a tall and heavily wounded man. And realized that it wasn’t human, it was Cromartie. She dropped the case and reached behind her back but before she can get hold of her gun, Cromartie picked her up by her jacket with both his hands and threw her out the room.
Sarah landed hard and slid across the floor. She struggled to stand up holding her right shoulder in pain. She staggered and fell to her knees. Behind her, Cromartie picked up the dropped metal casing containing the ECMs. Sarah was crouching in agony that she didn’t see a man in black leather jacket arrived holding a SPAS 12 shotgun.
Cromartie turned to leave; the man moved towards him and shot him 5 times in the torso which forced him back inside the storage locker. The mysterious man ran in the direction of Cromartie and shot him thrice until the cyborg fell on its back. He took out two hand grenades from inside his jacket, pulled the pins and throws it inside the room with Cromartie. He shuts the door close and ran back to Sarah just in time to shield her from the explosion. He carried Sarah back up the stairs and out to his waiting bike.
“Can you stand? He asked Sarah.
“Yes.” Replied Sarah and he gently put Sarah down. She looked at him trying to recognize his face. He hopped on his bike and looked at the stunned Sarah.
“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you have to come with me if you want to live.” He said seriously.
Sarah felt light-headed and can’t clearly see who she was talking to.
“Kyle?” She asked weakly.
“Now is not the right time.” He said. Sarah stood paralyzed still looking at him.
“Now!” He shouted at Sarah.
Sarah obeyed uncertainly, climbed on the bike behind the man.
“Hold on.” She heard him say. They drove off swiftly and disappeared. After a few seconds, Cromartie emerged from the building, looking for his targets. His face was badly damaged. The only skin left on his face was on his right eye. The rest exposed a terrifying skull-like endoskeleton.

Sarah and the mysterious man arrived at the Connor’s house. She got off first leaving the man still on the bike. Sarah was near the front door when he caught up with her.
“Wait!” The man said.
Sarah slowly faced the man and pointed her gun at his face. He stared at Sarah.
“Who are you? Tell me your name!” Demanded Sarah who flinched. The man opened his mouth but didn’t say anything.
“Last chance, I swear I’ll put a bullet through your head.” Warned Sarah still holding the gun at his face.
The man spoke calmly, “I can tell you that it’s not Kyle.”
He slowly showed his hands to Sarah assuring her that he doesn’t have any weapon. He reached behind his neck and pulled a necklace with a bullet-shaped pendant and said,
“Do you recognize this?”
Sarah looked at it, she recognized it. It was the same necklace that she was wearing.
“Same as yours.” The man said.
Sarah was speechless. Tears formed in the man’s eyes.
“Do you know who gave it to me? He waited for Sarah to respond but she couldn’t give any. Then the man spoke in a warm voice.
“You gave it to me, mom. Before you died.” He said and tears finally fell from his eyes.
Sarah slowly lowered the gun. She was completely stunned by this revelation.
The door opened behind Sarah. It was John followed by Cameron.
“Mom what’s going on?” asked John.
Sarah didn’t move or say anything. She was still looking at the man in front of her.
“Mom!” Called John and finally noticing the person she was talking to.
Cameron came into view, the man saw her and was visibly shocked by her appearance.
He said in a trembling voice, “Cameron?”
The man was squinting and looked nauseated. He tried to take a step back. He was still looking at Cameron then he blacked out.
Sarah, who recovered from her shock, ran to his side and lifted his head in her lap.
“John give me a hand!” She called for him.
John rushed to her; he raised the man’s arm over his shoulder. They both tried to carry him but Sarah was still in pain.
“Cameron take him inside!” John said to her then helped Sarah instead.
Cameron lifted the man over her shoulder and carried him inside the house. John and Sarah followed them.
Cameron lowered the unconscious man on the sofa. John helped Sarah sit on a chair.
“What happened to your shoulder?” Asked John. “Mom who is this guy?” He asked Sarah again.
“It's John Connor.” Cameron said.
John looked at Cameron and said, “What?!”
Then turned to face Sarah. She nodded. John looked back at the unconscious man on the couch. He stared blankly on himself, wandering away like he was dreaming.
He looked so different that he didn’t recognized himself. John always wondered what the future holds for him.
Will he become a leader like they always say he would? Will he even accept his fate?
Or will he just walk away from it all?

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