Chapter 4: " The Saviour "

After two days of hard traveling and small sporadic engagements with Skynet patrols, our convoy now consisted of of six trucks and five humvees.
But we had finally made arrived at the entrance to the Crystal Peak Bunker.

Four soldiers cautiously entered the hollow in the side of the mountain which led to the massive reinforced blast door, two humvees with 50cals sat ready at the edge of the hollow.
It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Without warning the massive blast door shuddered to life and began to raise upward ( I felt like C3P0 in Return Of the Jedi outside Jabba's Palace), which sent the four soldiers diving for cover behind what looked like a crashed Navy SeaKing Helicopter.

The blast door now really grinding and groaning, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who thought their ear drums were about to burst from the echo.

Then it stopped and two figures appeared from around the corner, they were hit with powerful spot lights atop the humvees told to halt and identify themselves. Both figures now using their hands to shield their eyes stopped and one of them spoke.

My name is John Connor and this is Kate Brewster, who the hell are you??.

The soldier standing beside me stepped forward and spoke.

(Soldier)I'm Lieutenant McKenzie, Mam!! are you the Daughter of General Brewster??.

Yes I am came the sobbing tear filled reply.

(Connor)The General was killed by a TX Terminator just hours before Skynet launched the missiles.
(McKenzie) Dammit!! he was killed by what did you say???

Connor Proceeded to tell the Lieutenant his whole life's story, the look on the Lieutenant's face said it all.
All of us were frozen in stunned silence, the agony, self sacrifice, despair this young man had gone through was chilling.
(Connor) And if you still don't believe me, look under the twisted metal at the front of the helicopter.

Another soldier stepped forward and extended his hand towards Connor.
(Soldier) Its an honour to meet the son of Sarah Connor, your mother done one hell of a job on the Cyber Dyne building.

(McKenzie)John this is Private Billings and as long as I have know him, he has sworn if ever giving the chance he would buy your mother a round of drinks you see Billings is a demolitions man.

(Connor)I'm sure she would of accepted your offer but sadly she lost her fight with leukemia a few years back.

(Billings)I'm real sorry to hear that.

(Connor)Thank you.

(Connor) Lieutenant McKenzie we can stand around chatting all day or we can sort this place out, set up defences and start planing on how to bring about Skynets downfall.

(McKenzie)The latter sounds like a good plan, (McKenzie barks out an order)right you lot split into teams and lets turn this place into a base MOVE!!!MOVE!!!MOVE!!!.

Within a short time the whole place was transformed into a major operational base with a strong defensive perimeter and two forward scouts as an early warning system.

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