Chapter 4: His last Words May Save Us

I sat on a crate cleaning my M203, hey Fitzy how long have Finnlay and McCormack been gone , I asked my first lieutenat.
About six hours Sir!
Dammit they should have been back by now, well either they are dead or they have been captured, either way they are dead.
Give them a little while longer Sir, came Fitzys reply.

Private Thompson approached and handed me a plate full of steaming hot food, for a grunt he was a damm good cook.
Here you go Sir get that into ya!
I raised an eyebrow as I looked up at him and took the plate.
Thankyou Private and may i enquire as to what Im about to eat because if it taste's half as good as it smells your in for a promotion.
A sharp grin appeard on Thompson's face.
Its Australian Beer flavoured beef stew Sir!
now I was grinning like a chesier cat, well it beats the hell out of rat and cat stew dont you agree Private.
It sure does Sir! he turned and handed out plates of food to the rest of the squad.
There was complete silence as every one ate thier meal, the silence was only broken when a loud belch errupted from someone finnishing thier meal which was followed by some laughter.
This was good the moral within the group was at a high.

The great meal was interuppted by Private Hunt who came running down the tunnel from his watch screaming they're back they're back.
We all jumped to our feet, grabbed our weapons headed out through the south entrance and down the hill to where the vehicle had stopped.
As I opened the drivers side door the open wound on Finnlays torso caught my eye, he looked at me and coughed up some blood.

Finnlay weezed and winced as he spoke.
Sir you have'nt got much time, you and the squad need to pack what you can and get out of here.
That son of a bitch McCormack sold us out.

I orderd the rest of the squad to get packing.
Well McCormack better hope the tinheads kill him before I get my hands on him.

Finnlay coughed! no need Sir! on my escape I caught him red handed and snapped his neck. Sir there is nothing you can do for me Im already dead, leave me here with a drum of fule and a grenade and I will give the tinheads a surprise welcome.
I gave a nod and Fitzy and I carried him into the cave, we rigged explosives at both entrances and hande the detonator to Finnlay.
He gave me a nod and a devilish grin.
I took a step back and saluted the man, turned and headed out the southern entrance, Fitzy and the rest of the squad were waiting for me in the vehicles with engines running and ready to go.

Fitzy looked at me, where are we heading Sir.
For the service station Finnlay told me about, we will stage the main attack from there.
It was rough going across country but the road was not an option, the tinheads would move in force towards the cave using it.
So we went bush under the cover of of darkness and the trees.

I looked towards the south east and told Fitzy to stop the vehicle and kill the engine as well as signaling the other vehicle to do the same.
We climbed out and from the cover of the trees we watched the two HK's and two tuck loads of about forty tinheads head for the caves.
The trucks pulled up at both entrances and the tinheads poured into the caves, both HK's manouvered into a hover about ten feet above the entrances. A second later there was a massive explosion and flying chunks of rock slammed into the HK's causing them to crash and explode, a moment later there was a huge rumbling sound and the top half of the mountain imploded.

Everyone cheered, I smiled , Finnlay you crazy bastard you always have to have the final say.
He had effectively cut the enemy strenght in half and went out with a bang.
You were a damm good soldier and did a damm fine job.

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