Chapter 4: Inside the Car

Written by: Kaleb (KrazyKaleb)

My senses were very intense. I knew for a fact that my adrenaline was pumping into my blood stream from the intense feeling I was getting. I was just thrown into a car and found myself delusional. Surrounded by what I think I saw was John Baum and his mother, another guy with a five-O' clock-shadow and the now stapled faced Cameron. It was hard to be sure because it was so dark.

The car started moving and I heard the tires squeal underneath my body as the engine revved off. Feeling a pulsating throbbing in my forehead from being hit. My face was starting to swell.

The other guy in the back seat with the five-o'-clock shadow said something like, “That's him!!! I swear that's him. He is guy who made it! He is the one that John Connor in the future was talking about! David something... David McFly!”

Did he just say John Connor in the FUTURE? What was he talking about? How could he know somebody from the future and how does he know me? I asked myself while half listening in the pain that I was going through in my face.

Cut Faced Cameron said, “Affirmative, he must not be killed! He is one part of our secondary optional mission.”

I heard a click of metal of what sounded like a gun in a persons hand. “I'll do it. I kill that son of a- Right now! He is the reason why my brother's dead!” I heard a mans voice say. I tried to look as I saw he had a nasty shadow along where his beard should be.

What was he talking about? What have I done? This is the End for me. I said to myself. I'm going to die and not know why and I kind of figured one day this would happen.

“NO! NO! Not this time. I said I'm not going to let another person die because of Skynet. Not anymore. No, not again like Andy Good!” Said the woman Driving. Sounded like Baum but I could be wrong.

What in the world was Skynet? And what did she have to do with Andy Good? Did she know him too? I said to myself and moaned out loud, “Ah, Please God. Somebody help me.”

More rubbling was going on in the car. Sounded like there was some sort of fight going on in the car between the man with the aftershave and Cut Face. The car was swerving a little bit. I was fading in and out of conscientiousness as the rocking of the car was getting me woozy.

“But he is the main designer that makes the system.” replied Cut Faced, “He needs to live. He is most-likely not the one who planted the bomb. We need him. He can help in the future.”

Man with the aftershave says, “What are you talking about? Crud! If you guys won't kill him. I will!”

“NO! Stop!” yelled John.

Thrashing was going on in the car again and a few guns shots went of in the Car. Then I heard a smash of metal and a window shatter. The car swerved to the right from a change of weight inside the car. Most likely because of the weight of the robot shifting in the car. I felt my shoulder was warm and wet. I started to pass out. I figured I was shot and was going to die.

Sarah Baum cursed aloud and said, “You shot him!”

I cried inside myself asking God and Jesus about who am I really? Why did this happen? Then I kept on repeating to myself that I was a goner...

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