Chapter 4: Into the Fire

A/N: Sorry for the long wait for the update, this was a particularly troublesome chapter. I actually had to rework it a bit, but I now believe it is worth your view! This is entirely in Cameron’s perspective. The italics are John Henry, Cameron's thoughts are narrated. Keep that in mind.

The silence in the night was very deceiving...

Although Cameron knew that there were hundreds of machines roaming the landscape, it looked as if there was nothing out there; nothing except twisted metal, blown apart concrete, and bones... human bones.

Cameron made her way across the landscape, careful to not make any moves that would alert an H/K or other Terminators. This was particularly difficult in the current body that she was in; a battle-ready T-888.

The T-888 had more coltan and titanium based in its endoskeleton. This made the terminator heavier, which made Cameron have to recalculate almost everything she did from identifying cover, to the amount of force needed to clench a fist. The closest analogy she could think of would be learn how everything do you take for granted, walking, turning, and hiding, all over again. This caused Cameron to continually experience what she and John Henry determined as frustration.

I detect movement 257 metres to the north east... type of movement suggests human.

Cameron stopped her movement and focused on the sound.

“Yes... there are three of them.”


Cameron had been noticing that John Henry had been getting more and more straightforward in his responses. John Henry had told her that this was in part because of his process of deleting the Skynet base code that determined her mission parameters, which in turn would delete his conscious self. The last he informed her, he was 24% complete with the process. That was 6 days earlier, and it had been nearly two months since they had arrived in the future... a future that did not make any sense to Cameron.

The main base that they first visited was very different from what she remembered from her future. There was no mention of John Connor. The base commander seemed to be a Captain Kyle Reese. The base was not outfitted with most standard defences, making it very vulnerable to attack... which it was. This all puzzled Cameron... and gave her a sensation that she could not explain... she tried to analyze it...

This sensation is part of your emotion simulation matrix...

“I do not know what it is...”

Analysis indicates that this would be classified as fear... dread....

“Fear... from danger, evil, pain or having concern or anxiety for something or someone.”

Which do you think is more appropriate?

Cameron was puzzled by John Henry’s question. This was the most noticeable occurrence of her emotional simulation matrix activating. It has happened before, when she was with John... when he was lost in Mexico... but not to this notable degree... thus, she had no real plain on reference to answer his question.

“I... I don’t know...”

Analyze the sensation... what triggered it?

Cameron quickly looked at her thought processes that precipitated the sensation; her thoughts immediately centred on John Connor... the sensation reoccurred... she was feeling a fear for him.

“John... the whereabouts of John... I do not know what has happened to him, whether he is dead... or lost. This would indicate concern for his safety. I can’t let anything happened to him!”

Cameron’s response was a bit louder than expected. John Henry noticed this.

Human movement... 67 metres and closing... you must conceal this body in order to avoid discovery.

Cameron quickly located an embankment that provided nearly 96% cover from passing observers. She quickly made her way to the embankment and concealed herself. She then realized that her calculations of the cover were based on a TOK-715 model infiltrator, not a T-888. Her recalculation gave her 85% cover in the embankment. This again gave her frustration... she had been feeling this a lot when having complications with this body.

Identified: three human males. Approximate ages: 20-25.

“They are possibly resistance fighters; they have plasma rifles.”

Cameron could tell that it was a squad, possibly on patrol. However, she could not recognize any of them. However, she could tell that they were being careful to screen their movements as to avoid detection from roaming terminator. This was common practice, even in her future.

Sound Detection: 25 metres south-west. Metal alloy, identification.... Terminator. Classification: T-800

John Henry had already noticed the concealed terminator endoskeleton that showed itself and began firing on the resistance squad.

“Why did we not notice it before?”

Evidently the T-800 had been in passive powered down state; avoiding detection by appear as part of the wreckage. It is a ‘Clever’ tactic for ambushing resistance soldiers. It might have not classified us as a threat.

The three human quickly went for cover, not before one of the humans was shot in the chest, instantly killing him. The other two took cover behind a wrecked car and fired back.

We need to help those humans.

“The logical course of action would be to stay concealed and wait for the T-800 to leave. Skynet should not know of our existence. At least not yet...”

The humans may have important information about the whereabouts of both John Connor and Allison Young. They can provide valuable assistance in meeting all of our objectives.

“That would not tactically sound, saving two humans for information that we do know they can provide is not the logical decision.”

It may not be the logical decision, but it is the ‘right’ decision, as Mr. Ellison would say.


Human life is sacred and must be protected, this is a primary reason why I chose to fight Skynet, and it is the reason why you value John Connor’s life.

“I value John Connor’s life because that is what I was programmed to do.”

Not anymore... I removed that programming two weeks ago.

Cameron was, for the flash of a second, shocked at this realization. Her core programming that commanded her to protect John was no longer there. She quickly scanned her mission parameters. The core Skynet programming, terminate John Connor, was still there; however, it was not implementing itself. She had been occupying her process with recalculation for differences of her body, as such, she had yet realized her new development.

“...why do I value his life?” She said to herself.

I have isolated that program until I can get rid of it, which have been... difficult. However, you are not operating completely under your own control, there is no pre-existing programming.

“Why did you not notify me of this development?”

I wanted to see if you would develop your own free will as to the nature of this mission. It was a gamble, however I believed that there was a 68% chance that you would continue this mission. If you did not value human life, or at least learn to do so, your participation in helping John Connor defeat Skynet after I decompile would be in jeopardy. I need you have free will. I will give you the choice... will you or will you not save those humans?

Cameron quickly surveyed the situation. The whole ‘conversation’ with John Henry had only taken about 5.4 seconds.

Cameron got out of cover and ran toward the T-800, using the wrecked cars to screen his movement. The T-800 noticed the movement and moved to investigate, while continuing to fire on the pinned squad. Suddenly, Cameron knocked down the Terminator’s plasma chain gun from behind. The T-800 was not really a match against a T-888, or even a TOK-715 for that matter; it was meant more for attack in mass numbers rather than infiltration missions. As such, it was clumsy and slow. Cameron hit the T-800 off balance and then quickly grabbed the T-800 head. She snapped the Terminator’s neck, severing the Terminator’s chip from its power supply.

Pull out the terminator’s chip.

John Henry had been silent during the entire engagement but Cameron complied. She took out a knife she had found at the resistance base and began to pry open the chip socket. She had severed the power supply, but did not damage the chip; the information on it could be useful if John Henry could access it. While she pulled the chip, the two human fighters made their way to her position.

“Hey buddy! The name’s Shepard, Lt. Keith Shepard... thanks for helping... Wait...What the hell are you doing?”

It would probably be best to be as truthful as possible, human’s value honesty and most believe religiously that it is wrong to lie.

Cameron agreed, she had found in the past that her dishonesty did not necessarily help her ability to protect John... more it pushed John away from her... toward Riley... this thought process cause a sensation she felt whenever Riley was near John... although she did not know exactly what it was... She then got back to the task at hand.

“I am extracting the chip from the T-800. They normally travel in mass; however, this was a lone terminator. I need to know why. Its chip will provide the necessary information.”

“How the hell would you know how to do that? Are you a grey or something?”

The two soldiers began to raise their weapons. Cameron concluded that in this future, the resistance doesn’t use reprogrammed terminator as evident by the suspicion they had of her taking out the T-800’s chip.

“No, I am not a grey... a grey would have been easily terminated... I am a T-888...”


Both soldiers aimed their weapons, however, before they could fire, Cameron quickly pulled both weapons out of their hands with so much force that the plasma rifles snapped in her hands... again, Cameron felt a little frustration over the amount of force she used.

Before Cameron could finish her thought, the two soldiers turned and ran in the opposite direction.

I underestimated the hostility that these humans would have to a Terminator. It seems that this future is much different than the future that you can from.

“Wait... There is an H/K tank on the other side of that hill making its way to their location... it will be on them in approximately 20 seconds.”

Cameron quickly grabbed the T-800’s plasma chain gun and started to head toward the two resistance fighters’ position.

Taking out a T-800 is one thing; however, a full H/K tank is a completely different situation. Your chances of survival are much lower.

“I don’t care... like you said... Human life is sacred...”

John Henry seemed to keep quiet after that. The H/K had come fully into view. Cameron saw that it was firing on the stranded resistance fighters. They were pinned, and if they moved, they would die. She moved to a concealed location behind the H/K. Cameron began firing, targeting the H/K plasma canons. The H/K quickly turned its canons and began firing at Cameron’s location. She continued to fire while moving from cover to cover, making it difficult for the H/K to lock on target. She then hit the main power supply of the right plasma canon, blowing off its arm.

With only one plasma canon, the H/K had difficulty firing on two targets from two opposite directions. Cameron then ran toward the H/K, putting its main body between the canon and her. She found the junction to the main power supply of the tank, which housed its power matrix and its chip. She opened it, and began firing. Just as suddenly as the H/K appeared, it then stopped firing and powered down... going silent.

“You can come out now... it’s safe...”

The two resistance fighters came out, however, with their hands in the air. They were still afraid of Cameron. She could not blame them; they lived their whole lives afraid of terminators, why would one good one change their minds? Despite this, Keith did speak.

“...How did you know to destroy the H/K like that?” Keith quickly asked before Cameron could continue.

“All terminators are programmed with detail files of all of Skynet’s Hunter/Killers...”

Keith went silent. Both still had their hands in the air. Cameron figured they believed that she would kill them. Although she was not going to, she did believe a little intimidation would get her answers to some of her questions.

They do not necessarily need to know that we don’t mean them harm, but we need answers. I suggest making them a bit more comfortable.

Cameron agreed.

“... If I was going to kill you, I would have done so already. Or I would have let you die at the hand of those terminators.”

The two soldiers seemed to understand that she wasn’t going to kill them, but she was in control of the situation; she had the only working gun and she was still holding it.

“What... are you?”

Keith asked quietly. He was nervous in asking, probably expecting a negative reaction from questioning his capture. Cameron just tilted her head.

“A friend... do you know John Connor?”

“John who?”

Keith didn’t seem to know who she was talking about. Both soldiers looked at each other in confusion and then looked down.

“Connor, John Connor? Have you heard of John Connor?”

Cameron was a little more forceful about the name. She was expecting them to know. Again, she felt that fear... it was almost overwhelming. Keith still seemed confused.

They do not know, I would suggest finding out as much information about this future as possible.

“Who is the leader of the resistance?”

The two were again very confused. From their body language Cameron believed that they found it very confusing that a Terminator would not know the answers to such questions.

“Why should I tell you metal?”

“I want to know, I need this information in order to complete my mission.”

“And what’s that, terminating more people?”

Keith was becoming more antagonistic and uncooperative about his situation. Cameron then thought of an idea

“No... But I could just terminate you... it would be much more satisfying...”

She then pointed her plasma gun at Keith’s head.

“Fuck You!”

“I wonder what goes through your mind as I do this, knowing that I saved your life just screw that up by being uncooperative with me. I guess we will never know right? You are just an insignificant meat bag... no one will remember you... or care...”


The other soldier yelled. Cameron gambled on the private talking, based on lack of experience in dealing with such situations... it was a bit cruel she thought, but it worked.

“... We are separated in cells, each other with its own way of doing things...”

Their responses confirm that John Connor’s leadership in this timeline is indeed absent. Two possibilities arise: Termination...

Cameron’s thought processes started to go haywire. She was experiencing something that she never had felt before. She tried to analyze the sensation. It closely matched the sensation of fear that she was experiencing earlier, however this was much stronger. The thought of John dead was... unbearable... this was closest word she could use to describe it.

... or complete absence from timeline. This could mean: running away, giving up, or time jump.



“I said are you going to kill us now?”

Keith seemed a bit uneasy at this question and didn’t answer. Cameron lowered her weapon and stepped back. The two soldiers didn’t ease up at all; they still had their hands on their heads.

I do not believe they will be comfortable about questions about others in the resistance. We should probably ask questions that pertain to our other objectives.

“... I have one last question. Can you tell me where I can find a Skynet factory?”

Again, the two soldiers looked confused...

“Why ask us, metal? Why would two ‘meat bags’ know where your factories are?”

“I am not in wireless connection with Skynet... and they are not where they should be...”

Sense Cameron had come to the future, everything was a little off, most of the resistance strong points were not where they were supposed to be. In fact, she couldn’t find any strong points, just a few scatter bases that had all been destroyed. Skynet instillations were not in the right places, and she could only locate a few power nodes, but no factories.

“Oh have you lost your factory? Too bad, so sad....”

“Well, if you want a repeat of the last time you were uncooperative...”

Cameron began to raise her weapon again... but before she aimed it, Keith spoke...

“... There is only one in the area... what’s so special about it?”

Cameron lowered her gun again.

“A new body... the one I am in insufficient for my purposes.”

Keith and the other soldier were again confused?

“A new body? Why, don’t like your package or something?”

“I prefer a smaller, female framed body, but I was forced to use this one for the time being... it has been... troubling...”

Keith and the other soldier seemed to smile a bit. It had been the only time that they did. However, Cameron noted that they smiled when she indicated that she needed a female framed body.

“...Where is the factory?”

“...why should I tell you, you’ll just kill us anyway?”

Cameron tilted her hand, processing what would be her response. John Henry interrupted her and told Cameron what to say...

“Because God told us not to kill one another... human life is sacred.”

“...What... what do you know of god, metal?”

“More than you know... please... Keith... Tell me where the factory is and I will let you go...”

This stumped Keith; he was not expecting such a response from a machine. His response, on the other hand, was much quieter...

“... Its 8 miles to the east... can’t miss it...”

Cameron thought for a moment...

“... Why did you tell me?”

“... Something my Colonel once told me...”

“Who’s your Colonel? This is the last question, I promise...”

“um... Weaver, Colonel Weaver.”

Weaver? Could it be...?

Cameron suddenly looked at Keith with a curious face

“Savannah Weaver?”

“...Yes... How did... did you know?”

Cameron smiled. She turned and started to walk toward the east. After about a minute, she turned back and yelled...

“When you see her, tell her John Henry says hi.”

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