Chapter 5: Farewell To A Warrior

We climbed back into the vehicles and continued towards the service station, after some time we had made it and parked the vehicles around the back.
We climbed out and entered the building, I kicked open the door leading to the work shop area. It was clear of any vehicles and had a large open area perfect to set up base, and with all the burnt out vehicles out back the chances of the tinheads coming here was remote.

I called everyone into the work shop for a squad meeting.

Right the way I see it and hoping the tinheads still at the base would have seen the explosion on the horizon at our former base and figure we are all terminated, so there is a good chance they wont be expecting any attacks.

Private Thompson I want you and Private Slater to rig up as many demo charges that you can, you have an hour.
Fitzy put those welding skills to work I want the fifty cal mounted on one of the vehicles, the rest of you are on weapons detail clean em!, load em! and check em!.

I walked out side and to the top of the hill over looking the tinheads base, I crouched down and took a closer look through my night vision goggles.
Perfect just the two gaurds at the gate and the rest are busy watching the prisoners we have the element of surprise.
I headed back down the hill to the service station, everyone was busy doing what I had orderd, I walked up to Thompson and Slater! jesus christ I have been gone twenty minutes and you have a dozen charges ready to go, keep that up and you will smash the Rees's brothers record.
Both men smiled Yes Sir we intend to Sir.
I laughed, just a pity they are not here to see it.
The rest of the squad was halfway through weapons detail, I approached Fitzy hey do you need a hand.
Yeah pass me the spanner and those nuts and bolts please came the reply, we lifted the fifty onto its mount and bolted down the makeshift turrent.
How full are those two accetalyene tanks I asked Fitzy nodding in thier direction.
Three quaters full Sir , came the reply.
Good I just came up with an idea, we will load them and the fortyfour drum of fule into the back of the other vehicle along with a demo charge, and use it to knock on skynets door.
A wide grin came upon Fitzy's face, with all due respect Sir you are one mad son of a bitch.
I laughed, I know what do you think has kept me alive I replied.
The rest of the squad eruppted into laughter.

After a few minutes of mayhem and still slightly laughing I said ok funtime is over lets load up and go shut that tinhead base down.

Private Thompson brought the second vehicle around the front, we loaded the accetalyene and fule drum into the back, loaded all the weapons into the other vehicle, climbed in and headed up the road.
We stopped short of the crest of the hill, climbed out and rigged the charge and jammed the steering wheel so it would only go straight.

i took one more look at the base, right the tinheads are placing the prisoners in the holding cells so they should be protected from the explosion.
Private Thompson extended his hand towards me, here is the detonater Sir.
I shook my head, no Private Thompson actually let me refrase that.
The honour is yours Corporal Thompson, he smiled and saluted me.
As you wish Sir!.
We pushed the vehicle over the crest of the hill and sent it hurtling towards the main gate, we jumped in the other vehicle and watched the tinhead gaurds watching the vehicle coming at them, they did'nt fire at it,
just as the vehicle reached the main gate Thompson hit the switch.
The vehicle eruppted into a massive fireball and the ensuing explosion buckled the sentry towers and the collasped in a cloud of dust and giding metal.

by this time we were roaring down the hill in the other vehicle with Fitzy on the fifty cal blasting tinheads left right and center while screaming DEATH TO SKYNET VEGENCE IS MINE. The vehicle came to a halt just inside the base, Thompson and Slater grabbed the RPG's and fired two rounds at the partially constructed HK's the ensuing explosion ruptured tow gas tanks clos by and when they exploded it smashed about twenty tinheads into pieces.

I grabbed the M203 and launched grenades into the tinheads attemping to flank us on the right, and Fitzy hammered them with the fifty cal, pieces of tinhead went flying in all directions.

Through all the noise I could hear the prisoners cheering and yelling praise at us, jesus this is great we have our own cheer squad I thought.
I reached out and grabbed the three plasma rifles that had landed near me, I handed one each to Thompson and Slater, aim for the heads and three rapid shots I told them.
Headless endo's started dropping like flys as we started to make ground deeper into the base, we were working our way towards freeing the prisoners.
Fitzy ran out of ammo on the fifty cal, jumped down grabbed another plasma rifle and ran towards us.
As Fitzy crouched beside me I was about to tell him something when I heard Thopson scream YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING SHITTING ME!!!.
I turned to see the massive shape of a HK Tank rolling out from one of the hangers, as it started to turn I yelled out aim for the plasma cannon take it out before it takes us out.
Everyone fired and the cannon exploded, now aim for the center just above the tracks thats where the fuel cell is.
Again everyone fired and we hit the deck as the tank exploded.

We started to get up and I tapped Fitzy on the shoulder, he rolled over and said Im getting slow in my old age it was then that I seen the piece of metal rod protruding from his right side.
Ah! what the hell Fitzy, you know no one dies unless I say so.
He looked at me and smiled, help me to my feet Sir.
I helped him up and he leaned against some crates, I turned and gave Thopmson and Slater the order to free the prisoners.

Moments later Slater came running back.
Sir the prisoners are free and all tinheads are terminated but we may have another problem.
I looked up at Slater, and what the fuck would that be Private.
My emotions were in overdrive, I was about to loose my best friend and the best soldier I have and probably will ever fight along side and there was'nt a damm thing I could do about it.

One of the prisoners told us there is something massive in the hanger where the tank came from came Slater's reply.

Well we better go and check it out, help me carry Fitzy.

We entered the hanger and in the center was a massive hole, I laid Fitzy on a bench and approached the edge of the hole and peered over and down.
My eyes lit up with shock at what I found myself looking at, I walked back over to the squad.
Thompson looked at me what is it Sir whats down there, go take a look and see for yourselves.
In less than a minute I heard the reaction I was expecting.
Fitzy grabbed my hand, well dont keep me in suspense what is it.
Its a second Skynet core and the rumours about the T - one million are true.
Well lets blow it to hell Fitzy replied.
I scratched my head, and how the hell are we going to do that the explosives we have wont even put a dint in the damm thing.

I turned to the rest of the squad and told them to search the other hangers for any bombs and explosives, after all this was an airforce base, ten minutes later the squad returned with two trolleys with six clusters bombs on each being towed behind a fuel truck and a lagre crate with some markings on it.
A wide grin grew on my face, whats in the crate I asked.
Thopson stepped out of the truck, that there is a fuel bomb , better know as a haidees bomb or cherry cutter when this thing goes off it reaches the same temp as a tacticle nuke without the radiation normally dropped from a plane but I can rewire it with a timer.

Slater go tell the civillians to get in that army truck and wait for us at the top of the hill and and briing back what demo charges we have left.
Within two minutes he returned.
Fitzy grabbed my arm, Sir I know what your thinking and none of you will get clear before that thing goes off.
I looked down at him, so what would you suggest then First Lieutenant, I knew what was coming but part of me did'nt want to hear it.
Im going to die Major nothing can change that, so let me have the last laugh and I will blow this thing to hell and besides I always wanted to be cremated.

And you call me a crazy son of a bitch Fitzy, I took a step back and saluted my First Lieutenant the rest of the squad fell in behind me and saluted as well.
Thompson rewired the haidees bomb and the cluster bombs, Slater riggeed the demo charges to the side of the fuel truck and I helped Fitzy into the driver's seat and buckled him in, handed him the detonator shock hands and closed the door.
I turned to the rest of the squad, right lets get out of here as I climbed into our vehicle I heard the fuel truck start up and Fitzy yelling DEATH TO SKYNET VENGENCE IS MINE.

I smiled as we headed out of the base and too a safe distance at the top of the hill.

Fitzy slammed the truck into first gear and just about put the accelerator through the floor and drove the truck over the edge and sent it plummiting towards the skynet core and the T - one million, just as the truck was about to slam into the massive mechanicle spider Fitzy flipped it off and flicked the switch.

From atop the hill we shielded our eyes from the flash and the hanger and section of the base was enveloped in a massive explosion.
We all bowed our heads for a minute then climbed back into the vehicles and drove off.

An uncertain future lay ahead of us and the words No Fate But What We Make ran through my head.

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