Chapter 5: Feeling Death

Written by: Kaleb (KrazyKaleb)

Thought never seemed that complicating after I totally lost all my senses in that motor vehicle. So this is what it feels like to die. Huh... Kind of like sleep, I thought to myself. I started to feel the pleasantness of where I was when I was a child. Being held by my mother the comfort she brought me. The bliss...

My mother was rocking me back and forth. Her smile and peaceful hum comforting me. I looked into my mother's eyes expecting to receive that comfort and security you get from a mother. But her eyes suddenly changed! They became bright brown gleaming eyes and her smile was replaced by unemotional face with a huge cut down her face held together with staples.

I screamed and tried to get up only to realize that I was tied to a table. I couldn't Move. Staple face then stuck a needle into my shoulder very quickly as I felt a stinging warm feeling hit my arm. I screamed again while trying to shake loose, “What are you doing to me?! What are you doing to me?!”

“Calm down or you will reopen your wound. I just gave you something for the pain.” Cameron said.

“Ah!... God Help me! Please don't kill me! Please don't.” I cried once again breathing really fast not knowing where I was or what they were going to do with me or, to me.

I looked around and saw that I was surrounded by Sarah Blum, John Connor, the cut faced Cameron who now had staples to hold her skin together along the right side of her face and the man with the five-o'-clock shadow stood nearby.

The Aftershave (Five-o'-clock shadow) guy started talking to Ms. Blum, “We need to hurry this up, or the cops are going to catch-up with us. We need to either kill this guy or take him with us but, he's only going to slow us down. So I choose plan “A”.” aftershave guy grabbed another gun again.

I started to scream again as he approached me with the gun.

“Shut-Up! Stop whining David! You didn't have to screw us all over in the future you know! You could have been just a good jack-ass and died like you were supposed to!” said five-o-clock shadow in a menacing tone of voice. His expression showing that of anger and hate along with that tone.

I yelled moaning, “What do you guys want? I'm just your neighbor! I was trying to get help! What in the world in going on?”

“Yeah right. You were going to get help.” he said in half joking manner, “Shut-up before I put another bullet in you. The first one was a accident anyway. I'll make sure the second one counts.” he said pointing the gun at me while I was laying motion-less on the table half looking at him and half mad/scared. I could see that Sarah and John Blum was shocked by what was happening in front of there eyes.

“No, you can not touch him. This is not part of the optional mission yet.” Replied cut faced Cameron. “He is the one who could help fix the future for us. He is John's asset in the future. One of his many friends. Without him John's plan will not work as smoothly or safely.”

“Spill it Derek. What's going on here?” said Sarah Baum looking at the aftershave guy who's name was Derek.

Derek? His name was Derek. I don't know any Derek. What's up with this guy? Why does he want me dead? I thought to myself.

"Yeah, what do you mean? How do you know him you two?” asked John Baum.

Derek quickly says, “He's the reason my men are dead in the safe house Sarah! He and those mother-” he paused, “Ah let the metalloid Bit&$ explain. I'm sure she can do it better job than me. She knows the jack-ass.”

“Alright. Let's hear it Cameron. I want all the details. NOW!” said Sarah Blum.

Here is where my mind was blown away with what was next said. After what Cameron said here this day. Changed my entire out look on life forever. This is where I would have to say Curiosity killed the cat. The cat being me...

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