Chapter 5: The Resistance Is Born

While all the men were busy Connor, Brewster, McKenzie and myself were planning an attack on the facility where General Brewster had been posted.

Connor figured if we were going to fight Skynet and win it would be a good idea to get our hands on some intel and high tech weaponry that was being developed there.

Two teams of six were selected for the mission, there was a mixture of National Guard, Marines, S.W.A.T and even two Navy Seals.
The two seals were given command of the teams and told they had only hours to get the teams ready.

A report from the forward scouts came in that a single airborne HK was searching the area, the return command was - Stay low and do not fire unless fired upon.

That made sense I thought, if it cannot find us why give away our position.

(As some one once said there is a time to fight and a time to hide, but when ready to fight - bring hell to your foe's doorstep).

A second report came in ten minutes later that the HK had left the area and was now heading east at high speed.

(McKenzie) Well something got his attention, maybe a small group of civilian's may god have mercy on them.

(Connor) Actually that's our next mission.
(McKenzie) What do you mean.

Connor started to explain about the extermination camps and how (even as they spoke) every survivor was being rounded up and disposed of in massive furnaces and how he knew the location of the camps.

(McKenzie) Damn it !!!!! we have to move our asses then.

It was time for the team to head out on the recon mission so we all headed down to meet with them and wish them good luck. Each and every man made an oath that if they were captured they would die before giving the bases position and any knowledge of Connor.

Five hours had past and the sun was just peeking over the horizon when the two teams returned well eight of the original twelve had made it.

(Seal reports to McKenzie) Connor was spot on sir we got good intel and one of the humvees has eight crates of the weirdest looking assault rifles that I have ever seen.

(McKenzie approaches and opens a crate) His eyes lit up like a child's on Christmas morning.
(McKenzie) I don't believe it, but I'm looking at it.

(Connor) At what, what exactly are they.

(McKenzie) I only read about and viewed pictures of these things in top secret documents, these are plasma rifles and from what I have read they would penetrate through two and a half feet of solid steel.

(Seal) Sir! the facility was not guarded, Skynet must of figured who ever knew about the place died on Judgement Day, the four men we lost were checking out a crashed C4 Galaxy transport we found when it blew up, must have had munitions inside because it went off like a bunker buster bomb.

(McKenzie) Thank you, get the men to unload these crates and get some rest.

Connor, Brewster, McKenzie and myself looked over the intel the teams had retrieved. We couldn't believe what we had, the full read on all HK's and Terminators and most importantly their weak points. But the one thing that stunned McKenzie and myself was the detailed file on Connor.

(McKenzie) Man Skynet really hates you.

(Connor) YA!! Think!!!!

(McKenzie) Well Connor you know the locations of these extermination camps, when do we hit the first one and free the captives.

(Connor) Tonight the closest one is five hours drive from here and the cover of darkness will give us a better chance of success. We go in force to the city outskirts and park the vehicles under the remains of the football stadium and proceed on foot.

(McKenzie) We need to bring the men up to speed on the new weapons and the plan of attack General Connor SIR!!!

Connor looked at McKenzie and said do I have Stars on me that I cannot see.

(McKenzie) Well as you told me you are the one who ultimately leads whats left of the human race to victory, so I'm making you a General and that makes you the Commanding Officer.

(Gen Connor) Right then lets make it happen.

A couple of hours was spent on the men getting familiar with the new weapons and the plan of attack.

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