Chapter 5: Valley of the Shadow of Death

A/N: I am sorry for the long wait, but I hope this will be well worth that wait. This is by far a very long chapter! It nearly doubles this story. There are a couple of different perspectives, I needed them to explain this chapter better, so just keep that in mind; there will be markers. Again, thanks to Blazar and TheCrusadingKnight! CHAPTER 6 COMING SOON!


The sun made its way down the horizon, steadily disappearing from site.

In the distance, toward the night... flashes peppered the mountains, looking like flashes or lightning in a thunder storm. They were heading toward the storm... except it was not a storm. The sight looked almost majestic until you realized that those flashes were the systematic extermination of an entire race.

Thinking of this, John remembered the battles that he had seen, the horrors that he had witnessed as he listened to Cameron next to him. He thought back to all those experiences, all the good men and women lost...

“You were there... at the factory...”

Silence was his only response... John felt that it was an acknowledgment. He looked at Cameron... she had her head down; he knew that she knew what point she was talking about.


“I... I had no choice...”


His silence seemed to overwhelm Cameron; she looked down. John was not sure whether this was another trick or something else. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“She didn’t have a choice, she had a mission...”

Catherine was forceful in her interruption, understanding that Cameron could not speak. It looked like she wanted to, but could not find the words. Catherine answered for her...

‘She had a mission’... that’s what they all say...

“I knew it was you... “

“John, you don’t know... you have no idea how hard it was for me...”

“Hard for you?”

John was getting emotional... he could hardly contain himself...

“You think it was hard for you? Do you know how alone I was? What I had to see?”

“John... please... understand... please... you had to be there...”

Are you... pleading?

Cameron was looking at John with one of the saddest faces he had ever seen in his life... it reminded him of those stray dogs that he would see in the wreckage at night... limping, searching, pleading... dying... Cameron told him once that they weren’t designed to be cruel... so much for that...

John could not think of what to say... he was angry, sad, and confused all at once. It made thinking difficult to do. All he could do was lean back and put his hands through his dirty, sweaty hair. He looked through his window over at the distant mountains that were making their way by on the horizon. He could see the last rays of the sun slowly crawl their way up the mountain.

... Well, that’s all over now...

"I was interrogated for monthsby the very people I cared about... Theydidn'ttrust me."

"Just like youdidn't trust me... after..."

She looked down again, realizing the weight of those words on her. John knew she would be upset over his behaviour toward her, but he never realized how much it affected her... Regardless, she was not there...

"It's not the same... They decided to ‘test’ me."


The door unlocks. The loud noise of steel turning and twisting in all its rusty glory was deafening to John’s ears. Under the lone light in the room, he saw the door turn towards him, revealing a single figure making his way into the cell... It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light reflecting off the person’s clothing...

“Come with me...”

I know that voice... Derek...

His eyes then properly adjusted to the light and he could make out Derek’s eyes... they were different from what he remembered in 2009... Harsher, darker, empty; more so than his other self... Derek turned around and headed through the door, John hesitantly followed; Derek did not seem in the mood to take crap, and John wasn’t in the mood to stay in that room. When he exited the room, he followed Derek down the hall.

“Where are we going?

“It’s your big ticket out of here, so I wouldn’t be asking too many questions if I were you...”

They continued to walk down the various halls that mapped the base.

“Um... are you going to interrogate me again?”

“No... no interrogation... This is different; do you still want to find her?”

“I guess you believe me now?”

“That is not what I asked...”

John took a moment... he did not know what they were playing at. However, he was not getting anywhere being interrogated constantly. It had been a few months since they brought him here. Each day was another new interrogation. John was getting tiresome of the same questions being asked day in and day out. Derek was now asking the right question, and he figured that if he was going to find her, their assistance, or at the very least, their non-interference, was needed.

“Yes... I still want to find her... are you guys going to help me?”

“Not necessarily, but I will give you a choice...”

John braced himself for the proposal. Considering their attitude toward him since he arrived, he did not expect.

“We have determined that you are not a direct threat to us, regardless of where you came from...”

Tell me something I don’t know...

“... However, we don’t fully trust you. Here are your choices: you can leave now, and go find her by your own devices... however, you will not be allowed into a friendly resistance base. We don’t know what will follow you... so I think you’d understand...”

John did understand... considering from what he saw of the people living in this base, they were in constant fear. When they brought him in, they passed the ‘common’ area... for a minute he saw the conditions in which these people lived. They were all huddled together, the sick... the dying... the hungry... They all had the same look on their faces, fear, and the look of death. It was like they were counting down the seconds until they were taken away, either by starvation, or by... them. John knew that these people had all seen a terminator and knew what they could do; they feared them so much that to trust someone with their location would be suicide.

“What’s the second choice...?”

Derek hesitated for a moment... It was like he was expecting him to take that choice. He then continued...

“Or... you can take a training course... see what you got. If you pass, you can join the resistance and we’ll help you out if we can. If you don’t, we’ll kick you out. It will take a lot longer for you to find her, and we cannot guarantee that we will help...”

“I’ll do it.”

Derek looked shocked John’s rapid response. John knew that if he needed to join the resistance. He did not know exactly why he needed to, but he felt deep down that he needed to see what he would once lead; If that will help him get to Cameron... then so much the better. He knew that would be his choice before Derek had even finished.

“Okay... follow me...”

They walked for about five more minutes and through two blast doors to another door that had the words: Danger, Exit. Terminator’s Present. The door was hotwired with C4 all around the frame... John figured that this would not be some ordinary test. He looked at Derek.

“We will be watching, here is the test... outside we know that there are terminators roaming the area, this is what they do. We hide, and we run. That is how we survive. If you can get to the other bunker due west of here, you’ll be given a chance at fighting. All you get is this...”

Derek gave him a Glock 17 hand pistol and a compass.

Is this a joke?

“We cannot and will not spare heavy weapons for anyone, especially for a trainee that we don’t trust...”

It was like Derek was reading John’s mind at that very moment; either that or reading the expression of utter disbelief of his face. John knew that a Glock would be no match at slowing down a terminator, let alone stopping one. But, John needed to do this, he needed to get somewhere in this future, and if that meant facing terminators... that’s what it meant. He took the Glock and looked straight at Derek...

“Open it...”

Derek opened the door and let John through. John half expected Derek to say good luck, however, just as quick as John exited, Derek closed and locked the door.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this...


The door opened... Derek came through... Allison could do nothing but look right at Derek as he entered. She was not happy at all. She was equally disappointed in Kyle, who usually would try to find some way to avoid this sort of thing...

“I cannot believe you two... what did he do to deserve this?”

Kyle turned toward her with an emotionless face.

“We don’t trust him; better this than us being dead...”

Derek interrupted the conversation.

“He’s gone... just needs to head up the manhole, then he is on the surface. “

“I trust him... this is suicide that you are making him do, what do you expect to gain?”

Derek looked straight at the monitors, ignoring her statement. Kyle again obliged in answering...

“If he is a grey, then he will report to his terminator buddies, and if that is the case, we can move before they reach here...”

“And if not?”

Allison looked rather perturbed by the entire situation; they were deliberately trying to get rid of a person in one of the most unforgiving ways possible.

“Well, there is something about him, is there...? At least he will die with us knowing he was not a grey...”

With that, Allison turned in disbelief and left the room, she wasn’t going to be around for this...


John made his way down the empty dark hallway. All he could hear was the dripping from broken water pipes. At the end of the hallway was a rusted ladder, no doubt to the outside. He made his way up to a hatch that was locked by wheel crank. He started to open it and slowly made his way to the surface.

John looked around... seeing no one, he made his way out, and then quietly closed the hatch. He looked around again and then started to look at his compass. The little dial started to turn suddenly, and then stopped in a particular direction... He now knew where to go, and started to head west along the wreckage.

He first made his way up the hill overlooking the tunnel entrance. From that distance, he noticed that the entrance had nearly disappeared under all of the wreckage. He slowly made it to the crest of the hill, and looked in the distance. He instantly saw motion along the wrecked landscape. At first it just seemed like the wind, however, when looked deeper, he noticed the mechanical motion of battle terminators, moving along the horizon.

This is crazy... it’s a death sentence...

He turned on his back and started to panic. All the possibilities... most of which ended in him dead, flooded through his mind. His first instinct was to run; it was easy, and it was what he was trained to do by his mother. At the same, he needed to find out for himself what type of man he truly was... this was all very confusing and frightening...

“Well... no use crying about it, just need to think...”

He pulled himself up and forced himself to continue to look along the landscape; trying to find any possible way to make it across... he then saw his opportunity. About 100 metres off, there was a small pond, littered with wreckage. Right next to the pond was a sparking electrical line... If he could lure a terminator to there, he may be able to take him out and get a better weapon... at least there was that hope.

He then saw the movement of a T-800 near that pond... it was in what seemed as a standard search pattern. It moved off, but John knew it would be back. Once it was out of sight, John quickly ran toward the pond. One behind cover, he looked at his surroundings.

The sparking electrical line was about 3 feet from the water’s edge. He looked round for something to move it with; regardless if it would shut down the T-800, if he touched it, he would be toast. He looked around, and then he saw it, half of a car tire lay next to a wrecked car.

Perfect... rubber will protect me a bit, so at least I can take it out, but how to lure it without it shooting me...

He was thinking and thinking... looking at the tire and the wire... the wire was exposed in a 6 foot stretch of open land. The only way for his plan to work would be to have the terminator enter the pond looking in the opposite direction. But this presented a problem; he needed to lure it toward one place while being in another...

How to do that... I need some... wait, the Glock...

He quickly ran other to a location where it was in line of sight of where the terminator would most likely some from and the pond. To set it off, he got some wire and wrapped it around the trigger, and knotted it until it was almost firing, but not quite. He then left it hanging over a wrecked car hood. He found some string in the car there that would be perfect to pull the gun off the hood.

Once this baby drops... show time...

He laid the string to the cover where he was before, he was lucky that it was just long enough, any shorter and he would be exposed. He waited... and waited... it was nearly 15 minutes before any sign of the T-800 showed up. Once it did, John waited some more... it needed to be just in position for him to set off his little trap. It slowly walked, stopping every few feet to take a survey of the landscape before moving again... One it reach a certain spot, John pulled...


The pistol went off, and just suddenly, the T-800 started to fire its plasma rifle at the location where the pistol was.

Whoa... If I was there... I’d be a dead man...

The T-800 took a moment to survey what just happened... it then started to move toward the gun. It made its way to the edge of the edge of the pond...

Just a few more feet...

It stopped and looked down... John screamed in his mind...

COME ON!!! Keep going!! Just a few more feet...

It looked at the pond for a moment, and then looked back at it ‘target.’ After was seemed like an eternity to John, it continued, making one step into the pond and another. John wasted no time, he quickly, but quietly took the tire and reached the wire. From his vantage point he was behind the T-800. As he pushed the wire, the T-800 must have heard him as it stopped. It cocked its head to side and notice John. He knew that it was now or never, he dove and pushed the live wire all the way into the water, but not before the T-800 quickly turned around and got off one shot... and then fell to the ground.

“FUCK!!!!! DAMMIT!!!”

He was hit... luckily it was in the arm, and not a direct hit, just a scrape... but the pain was intense; however, he had no time to think about it. He quickly got back up and pulled the live wire out of the water with the tire. He has 120 seconds until the terminator rebooted; he needed to work fast. He quickly made his way back to the Glock and unfastened the wire.

100 seconds...

He counted in his head, running to the lifeless endoskeleton. The sweat was running down his face, but he had not time to think about it.

60 seconds...

The good thing was that the endoskeleton was exposed; he did not have to worry about any skin covering the port, but how to open it... He had to think quickly.

30 seconds...

He aimed the Glock right at the port cover... maybe the bullet hitting it will force it open... he then fired. There was a flash and he heard the bullet ricochet off the port cover. He jumped, hoping he did not get hit... the port was still closed...

15 seconds...

He then got on his hands and knees and began hitting the port with the butt of his pistol.

10 seconds...

He hit it repeatedly, the strength of the port still held up to his pistol.

5 seconds

He was beginning to panic...


He hit it harder and faster...


Suddenly it opened, and he quickly dropped the gun...


He grabbed the chip, and he suddenly could tell that the T-800 was powering back up. Without thinking, he pulled the chip just as the head was turning, and just as before, the terminator was lifeless...

That was too close for comfort...

He got up and walked around frantically... the adrenaline was pumping through his veins with such effect as to make more than a little “on edge.” He looked around and then saw there was a ton of metal junk that was small like a screwdriver that could be used to pry it open.

“Great John! You are the future leader of the resistance, but can’t think for shit!”

He then went back to the terminator and pried the plasma rifle out of his cold dead hands...

At least now I have a fighting chance to get through this.

He put the chip in the only available pocket. Maybe he could figure out more information on the current situation and get clues on where to find Cameron. Maybe he could reprogram the chip as well and come back to steal the body. He then picked up the Glock... it would never be effective against a terminator, but in a way, it did saved his life. He then put it in the back of his pants, making sure that the safety was on, and made his way west.

It took him about 6 hours, and 3 terminators that he shot dead; He was trained by his mother as a marksman, and once he got the plasma rifle, they were not too much trouble; he took them out before they even noticed him. The plasma rifle was an impressive weapon; really accurate, and good at long range, not to mention packing a powerful punch. He could not help but wonder, if he did not take the first terminator the way he did and get the plasma rifle, he would not have had a chance against the others...

Had they intended it that way?

John knew how to take out a terminator, but they did not know that. And a Glock was no match for a battle ready T-800, especially armed with a plasma rifle. He did not know, but he would find out.

He made his way west; he did not know exactly where the next bunker was, but when he saw an old parking building, he believed that was where he was supposed to go. It was really broken down; the concrete was old, brittle, barely holding together in some places, any earthquake may cause it to collapse, but there is was, standing amongst all the wreckage. From a tactical point of view, however, this building was an excellent defensive position; plenty of cover, low profile. One could have a party deep inside, and most likely no one would know... this had to be the place.

He made his way inside... to his surprise; there was no one on the perimeter, no one watching for terminators. He continued his search, but no one was in sight. He just began to give up hope until he heard a door open behind him. He turned to see Derek, Kyle, and Allison crawling out of a wrecked car that was in front of a metal door...

The entrance was nicely out of sight...

“Where are the guards?”

They all seemed confused by the question. Allison spoke up.

“We hide in plain sight; no guards, no patrols, no terminators.”

John thought this was silly; Skynet could raid whenever they wanted. Unguarded, this bunker would fall in matter of minutes.

“Why are you here?”

Allison seemed a little disappointed by his question. Maybe she expected John to be happy to see her, but he did not read too much into it.

“Where did you learn to disable a terminator like that?”

Kyle took over the conversation.

Maybe they did not expect me to pass... I wouldn’t be surprised... how did they see?

“How did you see?”

“We kept an eye on you...”

Derek pointed to John’s jacket. John instinctively touched all over the front of his jacket... he could not feel anything, until... there was a small hole, with a small camera in it. It was hidden and he never noticed it.

Clever... I would have never gotten far if I had escaped...

“A friend of mine told me...”


Allison asked, she seemed to believe him more than the others. He did not answer, but he knew that his reaction to hearing the name already answered her question. She just nodded and all three walked over toward him. Kyle spoke first...

“Ok, you can join; we’ll be placing you in Derek’s squad... I have operational control.”

Both Derek and Kyle headed back into the bunker, Allison stayed behind.

“I’m in the squad with you; I’ll be in charge of your orientation...”

Oh no... Not with her...

He had nothing against Allison, but she constantly reminded him of Cameron, and those thoughts were still hard for him... He had no idea where she was, and not heard anything about her. But he was focus on finding her, and he hoped that joining the resistance would help out with that.

“They set it all up for you... they didn’t believe you’d survive...”

Again... why am I not surprised...?

“A ‘test’ eh?”

“I thought you should know... I did not agree with it...”

John again was in silence. The people that he care most in life behind his mother all betrayed him... he was angry. He tried to calm that anger down; he couldn’t blame them; to them, he was just a random kid who they couldn’t trust. At the same time, however, were they that cruel... again, he thought of his conversation with Cameron...

I guess it is one for cybernetic organisms...

“Come on... follow me, we’ll get you some gear...”

She turned around... and suddenly a flood of thoughts of Cameron entered his mind. The way that Allison’s hair fell as she turned... all he saw was Cameron... He snapped out of his daze and followed Allison into the bunker.

They begin to pass people in the halls... he was stricken by how these people lived... even the children, who have never know the world before, were not even playing... they just kept to themselves.

“Where are we?”

“Another resistance camp... it’s like a way station for most of us, they are usually a friendly.”


“Wait... there are ‘unfriendly’ camps?”

Allison suddenly stopped and looked at John like he had three heads. He knew nothing of this world... but at the same time he did not want to give an outlandish impression to others.

“...Well... yes, there are... after Judgement Day, resources were scarce, so it turned into every one for themselves... Some camps work together, most don’t though.”

“That isn’t very effective with Skynet trying to kill every last human being...”

Almost everyone stopped and looked at John... He felt like he said something that one should never dare say... they all knew that Skynet was deadly, they all knew that death was outside those doors... Allison grabbed his arm and pulled him forward.

“...Keep it down will you... you don’t need to put that all in their face like that...”

“Okay, okay... who’s in charge of this camp?”

“A Weaver... Colonel Weaver...”


John was thinking that maybe Catherine had organized a camp, or maybe she posed as a resistance member...

“No... Savannah Weaver...”

That little girl...

By this time, Savannah would about 30 and mostly likely more knowledgeable about these machines than most people today.

“Any chance that we can meet her?”

Maybe if I can talk to her...

Allison again looked at John as if he had said the most stupid thing in the world.

“She almost never lets anyone meet her unless she has a mission for them... and we are not part of her camp anyway... so no, no chance.”

Hmmm... Maybe later...

“Here... full gear for you.”

He looked over the gear: Full body armour, gloves, knee and elbow pads (all black). It might be able to protect him from other humans, but not from a full plasma blast. He took it anyway, the pockets would come handy.

“Here is some food... it’s not much, just protein hardtack...”

John looked at the grey bar, took a bite... the taste was almost revolting. Allison laughed...

“You’ll get used to it...”

“What now?”

“We wait... Derek and Kyle are getting some intel for a mission, don’t know what we are doing.”


John then sat down on the wall and made sure all of his gear was properly secure. John had spent much time in guerrilla camps as a kid; he knew how to make sure everything was working in perfect order. Allison took a seat right next to him.

“How did you learn to shoot like that?”

“... You mean back there? My mother taught me as a kid...”

“Your mom? Was she in the resistance?”

Hmm, how to answer...

“In a manner of speaking... she taught me how to turn those metal motherfuckers into junk...”

“What about this Cameron? Ever since our little talk, you’ve been very silent about her...”

John looked down on the ground, again feeling the pain of her absence.

“She protected me from them, no matter what I said to her or did; she was always there for me...”

“Sounds like she loved you...”

John laughed.

“Nah... She didn’t, it was just her job... her mission...”

...or... did she?

“How are you so sure?”

“I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have those feelings.”

“Oh come on... Why else would she stick around for you?”

Maybe because she’s a terminator?

“Why do you need to find her?”

“Because I need her... I don’t know why, but I need her...”

“Sounds like you like her.”

“Wait, what? NO!”

Allison giggled and took another bite of her hardtack.

“Seriously, it’s cute; you looking all determined when you talk about finding her! SEXY!”

“I... I don’t know what you are talking about.”

John looked the other way; he tried to hide his smile. It had been a long time sense he did, he almost forgot how to smile.

“You Looooooove her!”


I cannot love a machine...I can’t love her...

“Why did you come here? You said you came here to find her, why?”

“I told you, I need her...”

“Did you really, or is that just an excuse?”

John hesitated; he did not know how to answer... Allison jumped!

“Oh my god, you DO love her...”

“Why do you care?”

John tried to change the subject off him. Allison put her head down... there was a silence between the two of them. She looked like

“Because... You come off like you cannot love... Everyone needs love... especially in these dark times...”

John thought over these words... Could he not love? He thought maybe Riley would be that escape... he knew all along, and he knew he didn’t...

“You need to realize what you feel about her if you ever think you will find her...”

John did not know what to say. It was like Allison stole his voice right out of his mouth by saying those words.

How would she know...?

“I told you before... I’m very good at reading people... And you look like you need love in your life... and if love is not a good reason to live... I don’t know what is...”

John tried to snap out of his dazed and began to clean his new rifle, believing it would get his mind off of this subject. He then heard a little commotion coming down the hallway.

“So I says ‘Colonel Weaver’ and then it asks, ‘Savannah Weaver?’ I was like: NO SHIT!”

“Whoa! What did it do next?”

“Yea, that’s the best part! I says, ‘how did you know that?’ and he’s like ‘give her a message for me” eh! And guess what the message was?”

“What, tell us!”

“He says, ‘John Henry says hi’ HAHAHA...”

John jumped up from his spot, even Allison was surprised. He ran over to the man laughing and took him by the shoulders, silencing everyone.

“Where did you see him? Tell me WHERE?”

“Hey, hey, lay off kid! Who do you think you are?”

Allison walked over.

“John, better keep out of trouble, or else Derek and Kyle will get upset.”

John let go of the man shoulders and look straight in a way that commanded authority.

“Where did you see him?”

“Hey kid, what gives?”

Voices in the crowd were getting restless.

“Who are you kid?”

John looked straight at the man telling the story...

“My name is John Connor, where did you see him?

The man looked in shock, like he had just seen a ghost. It took him a few moments to collect himself; John was still waiting for an answer.

“They... they were a few miles back... heading toward the Factory...”

John quickly turned around to Allison.

“Where is this factory? I need to go.”

“John, that factory is a death trap, if your Cameron is in there, she is most likely dead...”

“Where is it?”

“... Its 6 miles west of here...”

Suddenly Derek joined the group.

“New orders, we are heading out, there is a whole company of fighters locked in a battle east of here, we’re going to bail them out...”

“DEREK, I NEED to get to the Skynet factory west of here...”

Derek looked straight at John.

“Well, aren’t you the lucky famous guy... that’s where we are heading...”

Allison and John looked straight at each other, grab bed their gear, and followed Derek out of the base. There they met up with other fighters; Allison said these were other members of Derek’s squad. A few of them he recognized from when he was picked up in the tunnel.

“Ok guys, our whole company is making this six mile hike over tough terrain, so this will take about 6 hours or so... there might be metal, so don’t make too much noise. We got a new member, that John Connor kid we picked up... don’t kill him...”

A few of the members laughed...

Great... a real comedian...

“... Palmdale Company, a friendly, was trying to make a path around the factory to the west... they hit a snag, and are now under attack by metal. We’re going to bail them out... let’s move...”

All started to make their way east... In the distance, john could see small flashes of light. John believe it to be weapons fire... this is going to be a tough challenge, even for John.

“Hey John...”

Allison caught up next to him.


“This will most likely be a red mission...”


“Means high likelihood of casualties...”

“What are the other colours?”


“What are...”

“I heard you... I just don’t remember...”

John then suddenly thought of why that is; with the metal all around, every mission was a high likelihood of casualties. This future did not have any soft corners.

“What will be our pattern of attack?”

This question seemed to take Allison off guard...

“What do you mean?”

Wait a minute...

“Don’t you have any military leaders... you know, who would have trained you all?”

Allison again looked down in embarrassment...

“We did, for a little while, but they were almost all terminated before we could setup an effective resistance... they were Generals, they all had files before the war; Skynet knew everything about them... No one knew what Skynet was and how it operated... so now we all have had to make do...”

John believed her... Skynet was nothing if not methodical about its purpose. It made sense to go after military leadership, and without anyone who knew how Skynet worked, they would be easily terminated... without me... John kept silent for the next mile.

“So what was this Cameron like?”

Now it was John who was taken off guard...

“Why do want to know?”

“Well... you said that I looked a lot like her... that’s interesting... I’d like to know more about her...”

John was quiet for a few moments... It was hard to describe Cameron without first saying that she was a machine, but if he did, they would almost instantly turn of him.

“Well... she is a very strong person; doesn’t let emotions get in the way...”

“That’s nice... it’s easy to let all of this get to you, especially when you think back to before... I had a home once...”

“... In Palmdale...”

Allison stopped instantly and looked right at John.

“How did you know that?”

John panicked a bit; he thought that he blew it. He tried to think of something to say...

“ of the guards mentioned it during the interrogations...”


That was a close one...

Allison continued walking with the rest of the group. There was more silence for a few minutes, and again Allison broke what ice was left.

“Tell me more about her...”

Stop it! I don’t want to think of her... the pain...

John had that sinking feeling every time Allison brought up Cameron. He felt he could easily make a mistake and say ‘you are’ rather than ‘she is.’

“Um... she did little things that made you smile...”

“Like what?”

“Well... she tilts in her head when she is confused about something that just makes you want to go ‘awwww.’”

Allison giggled a little...

“What else?”

“Well... once you’ve explained whatever confused her, she says the same thing each and every time.”

“What does she say?”

“’Thank you for explaining.’ And she says it in a way that makes you feel like the most important person in the world...”

John was not thinking about the words he was saying, he was just saying them. Once he realized this, his thought again centred on Cameron...

Do I.... Do I love her?

“What are you thinking?”

John must have given off the expression of thought; he snapped out of it and looked forward. He tried not to answer, but it was like Cameron was in the back of his head, forcing him to answer.

“I don’t know... I don’t know how I feel about her... I feel a bit conflicted...”


“She’s.... different...”

“That can be a good thing...”

“I don’t know if this is one of those things... She did tell me she loved me once...”

“SEE! There you go...”

“Yeah... but I didn’t believe her... and I started to treat her differently because of it... I started to see someone else...”

Allison was silent... She was probably trying to think of something to say... John went first...

“But I felt nothing with her...”

“... Maybe you were trying to run away from it...”

Was I? Was I running...?

“... Maybe you were trying to fight your feelings for her... I can only imagine what she felt...”


“...If she meant it... you turned your back on her... how would you feel?”

But can she feel?

“Why did you go after her?”

“... I don’t know... everything was telling me stay behind... even my mother... but something... made me go... I needed her... in my life...”

Allison stopped and looked straight at John.

“Then why deny those feeling for her?”

Allison then turned a continued on... John’s thoughts were going wild... Could he, a human, love a machine? At the same time, he knew he did... and that he needed her more than anything. He wanted her to know and more than anything... he wanted her to love him back...

“Squad... move your way up the ridge...”

Derek’s voice caused his mind to snap from all of those thoughts. Suddenly he could hear the gun fire more than anything else around. They move up on the ridge, and just over the crest... he could see hell unleashed and behind... a massive building... the factory. His radio was constantly one with chatter... screams...

“Squad... Open fire... I’ll make it down there to get people out.”

Every member started firing their weapons. John could see the lights of plasma fire going off into the distance. But there was no order... no direction, they weren’t actually helping. John saw a group of T-800s making their way toward a group of humans about 100 metres away. If they were supposed to save these human, might as well do it in a way that would actually help them. He started firing at the T-800s. The accuracy of the rifle was amazing; he started picking them off, one by one.

“Great Job!”

He heard Allison next to him as he was firing. Again, it reminded him of Cameron telling him how far he had come to learning what he needed to learn. In short order he took all of them out. Derek was nearly there calling to the stranded soldiers to make their way back. The group of humans near him started to run toward John’s position. John saw what looked like a walking tank, except it was rolling, making its way toward them. It was firing on their positions.

“Hey, give me the rocket launcher!”

Allison gave John the squad’s rocket launcher. There appeared to be only one for the group. He took aim at the tank and fired. It was making its way to the tank, and then suddenly, it turned!

“What the f...”

The rocket hit, but only the arm; it didn’t take it out as he had hoped. However, it could only fire with one arm; John guessed that is better than nothing.

“Oh god, look, those guys won’t make it where they are.”

Allison suddenly stood up and began running toward a group of humans that were almost surrounded by T-800s.

“Allison, wait! YOU’LL KILL YOURSELF!”

Allison didn’t stop running. John couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Well, at least he could cover her...

He started to pick off T-800s that were close to her... She was firing as well, taking out 1 or 2 terminators. She got to the group and started firing more at the terminators. The group got up and ran back toward his position. John tried to give the best cover he could, but inevitably there were a few people killed on the way.


John tried to call for her... once all the people made it out, Allison turned to make her way back. All of a sudden an H/K aerial unit descended on her position. He saw her take cover but the H/K started firing with such ferocity.


John tried to get up to go for her, but he then suddenly felt a pull on him.

“Don’t be the hero... she’s gone.”

It was Derek; he began pulling him out of sight... He tossed and fought to get out of his capture until...


Everyone turned to see a giant explosion behind the ridge...


“She’s dead John...”

John fought one last time... he broke free and ran back to the ridge. Once there he looked... all he could see was wreckage and fire.... no life.... Then he saw something... a figure... he focused as quickly as possible. It was man with someone over his shoulder... He turned...

It’s him... John Henry...

He could see the face of Cromartie as clear as the day he killed him. The anger was filling his body, he was about to go after him... until... he felt a hit on his head... and everything went dark...


Allison ran all the way to the across the landscape. Plasma fire all around her... She got to cover and started firing...


The people around her did not need to be told twice... they started running. She continued to fire; she hit a couple of terminators in the chest... it slowed them down, but did not completely take them out. She then saw a couple go down with shots to the head. She quickly look and saw John covering her as best he could.

“Thanks John!”


She turned back to run back to her squad. She ran a few feet, and then... a huge gust of wind pushed her back. She looked up and saw a blinding light and knew exactly what it was... an H/K. She tried to take cover... The H/K started firing... Its power was awesome; each hit on the ground would shake the ground around her.


Another hit took out her cover; she looked up and seemed to resign to her fate... then...


She opened her eyes and saw the H/K suddenly crash into the ground... The force blew her off her feet. She could barely stand... She looked at the ridge... but no one was there. She looked up and suddenly saw a figure over her with a large weapon.


“Allison Young?”

Allison coughed; the crash really took the wind out of her...

“... You... Metal?”

“Come with me if you want to live...”

Allison reached up with her hand, barely being able to move it.

The figure took her and lifted her up over its shoulder. Allison coughed again...

“Who... who are you?”

“Save your strength, you will soon be unconsciousness.”

“... I... I need... to know...”

“I am Cameron...”

Allison then closed her eyes and blacked out...

Terminator: Rebirth

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