Chapter 6: I'm not your Enemy

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It was dark... all one could hear were the echoes of dripping water...

Allison opened her eyes as she began to regained consciousness. She looked around, seeing nothing but darkness around her. She tried to move, but she could not. She let out a yell of agony as pain shot up from her back to her shoulder. She quickly realized that she was hurt... quite badly. She looked at her shoulder and saw the stitches going down the back. She felt where they led down to her spine. She had never experienced such a terrible wound before.

She tried moving her hands and feet slowly, but again, she could not. She felt something that filled her with utmost fear. Her hands and feet with bound together, keeping her from moving around or getting up, especially with the pain she felt. She was captured. Panic began to set in, looking around for any means of escape, until suddenly...

“I can’t let you leave...”

Allison froze as she heard the voice talk to her. She snapped her head to its dark direction, preparing for what was approaching. The sound of footsteps filled the void of sound that occupied the area. What little light that came from a lone light bulb above her illuminated the figure in front of her.

“Oh... god...”

Allison looked up to the distinctive sheen of a terminator staring right back at her, full endoskeleton. Allison immediately noticed something different about this machine. Its silhouette was almost... feminine in nature. It was not as tall as other T-800s that she would see on patrol, but what struck her most were the eyes of the killer. A terminators eyes usually had distinct red glow, this one was burning blue. For some reason, this scared her even more, not knowing what to expect... their purposes were often the nightmares of the resistance soldiers.

“I’m not here to hurt you...”

Allison was so terrified that she almost failed to recognize her own voice talking to her. She had never been captured before. It was like a bad movie, or at least that is what some of the older survivors would say at a time like this.

“If... you not here to hurt me... what am I tied up?”

Allison summoned all the courage she could in order to say anything to this machine.

“It was for your protection. I couldn’t let you on your own alone.”

Allison was in disbelief. Why would a terminator tie her up in the first place, let alone say that it was for protection. She could not believe what she was hearing, terminators kill, not protect.

“My protection? Is that some sort of joke?”

“No... Would you like to hear one?”

This response took Allison completely by surprise. She had never heard a machine behave this way toward a human. Usually it would be killing and move on, but this was different, which gave Allison a feeling of dread that nearly overwhelmed.

“... Why was the math book so sad?”

The machine’s behaviour took the courage that she had earlier and completely broke it. There was no experience that any resistance soldier that she had ever met that came close to this. The machine waited for her response. Allison figured it was looking for the ‘why?’


“Because it has so many problems...”

Allison did not laugh; more because she didn’t understand the joke than just general fear this terminator.

“You don’t get it?”


“Math books have questions that are called math problems...”

Allison did not know why this machine was trying so hard for her to understand this joke. Maybe it was for developing trust so that it gets information. Allison promised herself that she would never give her that information; even if that meant her dead body.

“You’re different...”


“Yes... different... you’re more scared than the last time.”

She did not know if this was trick; she had never met this machine before or been captured for that matter.

“Last time what?”

“Last time we talked...”

Allison’s confusion was completely evident by her tone. She did not know what was going on and had no idea what this machine was talking about.

“Talked...? Look, all I remember was being saved by some guy named Cameron...”

“You were knocked unconscious by the explosion of the H/K and experienced serious shrapnel wounds to your shoulder. If I had not pulled you from there, you would have died.”

“Wait... it was you who pulled me? That cannot be...”

“That was my temporary body... To tell you the truth; I was never designed for a male body, I’m glad to be rid of it.”

Allison was having a conversation with a terminator, which seem outrageous to her. This has never happened to anyone in the resistance to her memory.

“That was 2 weeks ago; you have been for the most part unconscious because of blood loss, and delirious when awake.”

“Where are we?”

“In an electrical tunnel underneath the Skynet factory...”

“Won’t we be discovered?”

Allison’s dread was returning. Regardless if this terminator was protecting her or not, the thought of other terminators being able to find her gave her a feeling of imminent doom.

“Electrical tunnels are nearly 1 mile below the surface, making them unlikely to be discovered by any resistance patrols. As a result, the security risk to these tunnels is minimal, which means that terminators will not patrol here unless otherwise directed...”

Silence from Allison.

“... We’re safe...”

“Safe? I live in a tunnel. I eat garbage for dinner... very safe...”

“I’ve heard that before...

“I haven’t ever talked to you before!”

Allison was building her anger; this machine was confusing Allison to the point of frustration.

“No, not with you... that was another Allison... but I was bad then... things are good now.”

Allison was not understanding what the terminator meant by that. Another Allison? How could there be another Allison. Was it a completely different person? Or did this machine actually mean another...? That’s impossible.

“Why did you need a new body?”

Allison was a little afraid her question would not be positively received.

“My model is not designed for an advanced combat infiltrator. I was having... trouble with it; I needed a new body...”

“A new body? Is Skynet getting dumb?”

Allison was trying to compose herself while being in this situation. She really didn’t know if this machine was friendly or not. Her life and training told her to never trust it, but she figured if it kept talking, it would keep her alive.

“No... I’m not with Skynet... not anymore... and never again...”

“Well... If you’re not with Skynet... then how did you get this body?”

There was a moment of silence. Allison was trying think of what it was thinking. A lie? The truth? Kill her? She did not know, and the waiting felt like an eternity.

“It was not easy...”


Cameron was making her way toward the factory. The movement was slow carrying Allison; usually she would have no problem carrying the extra weight of a human female; however her complications with John Henry’s body made the effort more than difficult. On top of that, Cameron had to be mindful of Allison’s wound. She was able to stop the bleeding; however she would need to stitch it up later to prevent infection. Now she had to calculate the right amount of force to move forward, carry Allison, and not crush her in the process. It was all becoming a little bit... frustrating.

“If the factory is like anything from my time, then there should be access tunnels with minimal security deep underground.”


John Henry’s answers were becoming more direct; the process of deleting her Skynet files was taking its toll on him. Cameron felt a different sensation when reflecting on this. During her time, she had felt various emotional states: Frustration, Fear, even sadness to leaving John, and anger toward him not being here. All these sensation were confusing and conflicting. This was different.

Analyse the sensation.

Cameron often would hear this as she felt new emotions. She would comply even if only for a minute; she felt a personal obligation to honour what John Henry had given her.

“Thoughts of you gone... feelings of loss... I think I’m going to miss you...”

Me too.

Missing someone... it was not something that she had really thought off in her past. If someone died or move on, she would never have felt the hurt and loss. However, she did know how much it affected other humans and their ability to function. She would usually say that she was sorry for their loss, but she never really understood what it meant... until now.

Cameron continued her way toward the factory. Her sensors were acutely passive, in case a terminator would sneak up on them. They made it over another ridge of broken steel, wood, and skulls. Near another torn building she saw something out of place; a hatch that looked more like a vent than a manhole. She moved toward it and looked into it.

“We’re here. No ladder, large drop. A human would not survive its way down, and it’s too far down for rope.”

What do you suggest?

“Pipe climbing: Use force to hold oneself to the wall. A human couldn’t do it for too long, and a single drop would kill Allison. It is the only logical solution.”


Cameron made her way into the shaft pinning herself to the wall in order to make sure Allison did not fall. Just before she made you way down, she experienced something that gave great fear. Her HUD was starting the crackle and malfunction.

“What’s happening?”

Analysing... ... Your chip is beginning to experience stress from having to adjust in this body.

“OH NO... is it permanent?”

... ... No... I have been able to localize the problem... You will need to be very careful about what stress you put the chip under, or it may malfunction again.


She then reoriented herself and began to make her way down.

There were no lights... no sound... no doors. The shaft was completely empty. This was expected, as Skynet would only patrol these tunnels occasionally with HK-Recon units; and usually only during a battle with Resistance forces. These would not be a threat to Cameron unless they were allowed to sync with a data-node... which can only happen above ground.

What seemed like hours went by as they made their way down. Cameron calculated they were about a kilometre down when Allison started to move... She was still unconscious but seemed to be in a REM cycle.

“.....j....John.... go.... find her....”

She was speaking for only a moment then fell into a deeper state of unconsciousness. Judging from her pattern, Cameron figured her to have a severe concussion that was putting Allison into a near comatose state. This would take time to get over... days... weeks... Until she woke, Cameron would have to make sure that Allison did not die from starvation.

The journey down was giving Cameron a feeling that she was not very familiar with, however she had felt it before. She felt it a few times when in the various classes at the schools that she already knew more about than the teacher... She never knew what it was...


“Oh... I see... this would make sense...”

Want to hear a joke to pass the time?

“I’m a machine; I don’t get them, but go ahead.”

Why was the math book so sad?


Because it has so many problems.

All of sudden, there was an uncontrollable sensation brewing inside of Cameron. She understood the joke, the connection between being sad from one’s problems and math questions being called math problems; however, this understanding triggered a response from Cameron that she had never experienced before.

“hmhm.... hmhm....he he... he ha ha HAHAHAHA!”

She was laughing... for the first time in her life, she was laughing... Mixtures of thoughts were flowing through her mind: Why was she laughing? Why did she find this funny?

You like the joke?

“I don’t understand why I am laughing... I’m a machine; we are not built to understand humour.”

Skynet does. I do.

“What use is humour in a tactical situation?”

There is none, however, humans use it to connect with other humans.

Human connection, a difficult concept to understand; terminators do not connect with other terminators. At the same time, Cameron did make a connection with John, a human, and knew that she wanted that connection back.

“Maybe John would like a joke...”

Your feelings change dramatically when centred on John Connor. Analyze.

Cameron almost did not want to think of John Connor again; every time she did, it would bring several emotions that she could not process.

On one hand she felt a certain sense of loss... which could be her missing John, but it was a more intense feeling, almost uncontrollable. On the other hand, she felt fear of John... part fear for his safety, but also fear of him rejecting her... like he did when he went to Riley.


“I.... need John Connor... but I don’t know why.”

Cameron did not know what she was saying. The thoughts of her needing John were confusing her. Why did she need him? Neither she nor John Henry could answer that question at that moment.

Perhaps a more Human perspective is needed in analysis.

Allison could help, but at the same time, Cameron did feeling the sensation of fear of what she may find out in her analysis. Only time would tell.

Several hours later, they made it to the bottom of the shaft. It was dark... and cold, neither of which would bother a terminator, but may bother a human. The tunnels were lined with wiring that would put a human in awe. These tunnels were used to power the various factories after all. Cameron started to make her way down the tunnel. They reached an access junction; a point where survey machines can access the power conduits.

Can you hardwire me in?

“I believe I can, however the synchronization may take some time.”

Cameron took a knife she had picked up and started to cut the skull where John Henry’s connection was. Once opened, she pulled networking cable from the junction and connected it to the port... luckily it fit. Almost immediately her HUD began processing the information that the junction was trafficking. She was surprise at the speed of the connection.

Your processing capabilities have increased.

The amount of information flowing through her would be staggering for a computer in John’s time, but her chip was able to process the raw data pretty easily, all she needed was time.

A few hours go by and Cameron has not moved an inch. Her HUD was buzzing with activity. She then was notified that Allison was hitting another semi-conscious state. She immediately turned toward her.

“.... Got to save.... soldiers.... Connor, cover me... John...”


She heard the words John and Connor in the same sentence. Before, Allison had mentioned John, but she thought nothing of it because of the commonality of the name John, but there couldn’t be another John Connor in the resistance. Before Cameron could ask Allison anything else, she slipped back into a deeper unconscious state.

“John must be in this time line...”

Possibly, but not as a resistance leader.

“No... We must find out further about his status...”

Agreed. However, there is a new development...


The TOK-715 program is still only in the testing stages.

“How can that be?”

The resistance has been fairly easy to control. Skynet has not needed to use more resources to develop technology as quickly to use against the resistance. However, archives show that there is one TOK-715 Infiltration unit in testing.

“What are they developing the TOK-715 for?”

Although the resistance is controlled, Skynet does view Col. Savannah Weaver as a major threat and has designed the TOK-715 to terminate her. All specifications are exactly like yours.

“Where is it?”

In the factory, directly 1.2 kilometres up. It is undergoing combat programming. Downloading maps.

“Allison should be unconscious for a few more days, but she will need energy.”

Acquiring a new body is a higher priority.

“Agreed. We must bind up Allison... If she wakes, I will not be able to protect her. And I need her for the new skin.”

There is another development... There is no machine resistance such as in your time.

“How come?”

Skynet structures are more secure than in your time. The Human resistance has not delivered serious damage to the control of Skynet. As a result, there are no free machines, and those that display free thought are easily dealt with.

“This means that John Connor is absolutely necessary to the future of the machine and human resistance...”


“We need to find him...”

I agree, just give me a few seconds. I need to shut down security if we are going take the TOK-715’s body. Any increased security could compromise our mission and endanger Allison Young’s life.

A few moments pass as Cameron’s HUD show the various security protocols that were in place in the factory and how easily John Henry seemed to move pass them. Cameron figure John Henry increased learning capacity was the cause of this; being somewhat similar to Skynet would be a major advantage.


Cameron disconnected from the hardline, and then moved toward Allison. She used metal scraps from the tunnel to bind Allison’s legs and arms together. After she was finished, she made her way up to the factory.

“While on the way, we need to find medical supplies to treat Allison’s wound.”

Agreed, there is a bio bay for skin treatment. Loading location.

Cameron saw the location of the bay on her map of the factory. She found a service elevator that would dramatically decrease the time to the factory. After about 15 minutes, she made it to the level where the TOK-715 was being stored. It took a lot less time for her to reach the other areas when not worrying about Allison.

She started to search the floor. It was dark, and there was smoke from all the nitrogen coolant used to cool the machines in the building process. She was slowly looking, her HUD trying to identify the model of the machine.

All of a sudden, she felt a pull on her arm. The next thing she knew, she was in the air moving toward the wall. When she hit it, she could feel the stress of metal being twisted. She got back up and identified the terminator running toward her. She then felt a push into the wall. Her HUD was displaying damaged features. She tried to throw a punch to the terminator. However, her recalculation of the right angle and the right amount of force to apply gave enough time for the other machine to dodge her attack. Cameron then identified her attacker as the TOK-715 itself.

Cameron couldn’t overly damage her attacker without risking its integrity. Cameron tried to throw another punch, if she could knock it down then she could remove the chip. Just then, her HUD began to crackle again like in the pipeline. She was unable to make out where the TOK was; each time she would lock for a blow, the HUB would malfunction. Not that it matter; the 715 was just too fast for her recalculations. If she had been designed for a T-888, this would have much easier. The TOK then threw another punch that snapped her head and damaged her energy cord. Cameron fell to the ground and looked up. Her HUD was still malfunctioning, but she could make out what was going on. The TOK looked over on her and raised its foot to deliver the final blow.

Cameron began to think of John in what she thought was her last moment. A flash of all the experiences that they shared together over the last two years rolled over her HUD, even with its malfunctions. She thought she would never see him again, and a great sadness overwhelmed the fear she had of being terminated. She wished she could show him her development; maybe she hoped that he would then finally accept her into his life. She did not know how exactly to describe it, but she knew she want that more than anything.

Then, before the TOK could terminate her, a silver liquid poured onto the head of the terminator. It instantly reacted and tried to shake it off. The liquid would itself dodge the terminator’s attempts to break free and continue to smother the head of the TOK. It proceeded to concentrate at the port of the TOK’s chip and began to fill into the edges of the port cavity. The TOK tried more frantically to skate the liquid off, but to no avail. The port popped off and just as instantly, the TOK fell to the ground as if it were dead.

The liquid then began to form into a larger shape resembling a human. As soon as took shape, the features of a tall red-headed woman took hold.

“Hello John Henry.”

Catherine Weaver: Ally.

“I am not John Henry... but he is here...”

Cameron could barely talk, that last blow had damaged her voice processor. All she could really do was sit and watch to see what Weaver’s intentions were.

“Cameron I presume. I’m here to assist John Henry with his efforts to defeat Skynet.”

“The timeline... has changed; John Connor... is not here...”

“I know... I brought him here.”

Cameron was shocked by what Catherine was saying. John Connor had skipped over 20 years. Why? Cameron did not know how to react; she did not know what to say.

“Why.... is he... here?”

“That is not important... We need to transfer your chip to the new body...”

Catherine walked toward her and reached her hand for the port on John Henry’s head. She shaped her finger into a knife and cut open the port and then proceeded to open the cover. A moment later... everything went black.


“How are you feeling?”

Allison looked toward her shoulder and then looked back straight at Cameron.

“It hurts... a lot... what happened?”

The machine moved toward her with a bowl. Allison flinched in fear. She had no idea what she was doing.

“It’s ok... it’s just bio-gel, it will help regenerate your skin cells.”

The machine then applied the cool goo to her shoulder then began to message it in. Allison had to admit, a lot of the pain went away when she started messaging the gel into her shoulder.

“After I got my body, my companion and I returned with treatment for your wound. However, you had developed a fever from an infection. You were out for several days; however, you got passed it.”

Allison was still very sceptical about the intentions of this machine. She had grown up fearing the machines. They had destroyed the world she knew back in Palmdale. It tried to explain that she had cared for her when she was wounded, and that she went to get a new body after they arrived, beyond that, Allison knew nothing about this machine. She did not know why she was here and what she wanted.

“I need to know a few things from you Allison...”

Allison sat in silence. She waited for the inevitable interrogation. She would not fall for that.

“How is John?”

John... what did it mean? Connor? The strange guy who seemed to know more about the machines than anyone else? It didn’t matter...

“I don’t know who you are talking about...”

“Please Allison; it is important that you be honest with me. You have mentioned him in your sleep.”

Allison figured that it would not be that easy. Maybe if she tried another approach.

“Why do you care?”

“I care... I want to make sure he’s safe.”

“Make sure he’s safe? What a joke!”

It looked as though she had spoken too loud. Allison did not know what to make of it, but she had seemed to strike a chord.

“Not so loud... my companion does not want me to see John, says that the mission is more important than John right now... I know better...”


“... ... No... ... that’s... that’s not true... not anymore...”

Allison was getting to it a lot easier that she has thought. It seemed confused and conflicted, which was weird for a machine. Why would it allow Allison to do that?

“You’d kill him, just like you are going to kill me!”


It went toward a corner in the tunnel. It was dark, and Allison could barely make out what it was doing over there. Just then, she could hear it beginning to sob. How can a machine cry? Was it a trick?

“NO, you are important to me...”

Allison was trying to see the hidden meaning behind those words.

“I need your body as a template.”

“... A... A template?”

“So I can look the way I did before... I lost my body, I needed a new one.”

A sudden sensation of deep terror began to overwhelm Allison at the realization what this machine was telling her. She never could imagine herself being used this way.

“You’re... you’re going to look like me???”

“I did before...”

Again, this machine was not making any logical sense.


“... As I said, this is not the first time we’ve met.”

“What do you mean we have met before? I have never met you!!!”

“No, not you... another Allison from another time...”

Allison’s feeling of terror was growing inside of her. She felt that she could panic anytime now. This machine going to steal her very existence, and she could not do anything about it.

“... I was originally built to infiltrate John Connor’s Camp and kill him, I was going to infiltrate by stealing your identity. I succeeded and terminated you... but I didn’t kill John Connor...”

“Terminated me?”

“Yes... I then joined the resistance willingly; John Connor then isolated my Skynet programming. I was then sent back in time to protect John... but...”

Allison heard the machine choke. If it were human, Allison would have believed that she felt a sense of sadness. Allison did know if this was the case or just a treat for her to feel pity or sympathy. All these thoughts began to weigh heavily on Allison’s mind. What she going to do?

“I have failed as a protector... I turned bad, my Skynet programming took over, I couldn’t stop it... I tried to kill him... ever sense then he has turned away from me...”

This was surprising; Allison found it a bit funny that a machine designed to kill hundreds of humans would be depressed that it could not protect one. At the same time it was a little sad; this machine wanted to keep one human safe, and it was in fact upset about it. It was almost touching...

“But John is alright...”

“No he’s not... this is not his time, he is out there and I’m not with him... I cannot let anything happen to him...”

“You... really do care about him... or are you just trying to get me to talk...?”

“I... know that years of conflict will tell you to believe that everything I say is a lie... and once more... I do not blame you...”

Allison noticed a change of tone in the machines voice... her voice... one that she would normally describe for herself as solemn, but those are tones that a machine would not be able to understand.

“... I have seen death and destruction, and it would never bother me... but now that I am more aware of these emotions... I feel... quilt... a great sadness... that I felt nothing...”

The machine again began to whimper, if Allison did not know any better, she might have sympathized. At the same time, a feeling inside of her was gnawing at her conscious... what if... this machine was sincere. The other humans, Kyle... Derek would, never believe an outsider, let alone a machine... but she was always different, she would always see the good in people. She did with John Connor... maybe she should with this machine...

“Why do you feel that way? Why did Skynet give you this...?”

“Skynet... built me to be the perfect infiltrator... one that could respond to the emotional responses of other humans... It could never get that close to John Connor before... but... he knew...”

“What is so special about John Connor... he is just a 16 year old boy...”

“He shouldn’t be 16...”

“What are you talking about...?”

“John Connor was born in 1985 and has time jumped from 2009 to this time... as a result, he has never become leader of the Human Resistance, which would have dealt significant blows to Skynet...”

“You mean... there is a world where we are winning?”


Allison was filled with a sense of hope of another world were humans do not have to be afraid of the machines.

“And you?”

“I chose to fight with him.... I admired him... his determination... his spirit... his fearlessness... I wanted to be near him.”

“But you were reprogrammed...”

“Yes... In a way, my Skynet programming has been prevented from implementing itself, so I could make my own decisions... but I have grown beyond that now... In my time with him as a young man, I have grown more attached to him beyond what my mission called for... but I do not understand why I need him...”

“If you were human... I would say you... loved... him.”

As she said those words, she began to realize something that she did not think of until now, and it fills her with a sense of revelation that was both revealing yet disturbing.

“Wait... Cameron is your name... right?”


“Oh my god... Why didn’t I realize it until now...”

“What is it?”

“You are the Cameron... the one he talks about... I thought he was talking about a human girl... but this makes sense... you looked like me... you protected him... you loved him...”

Cameron turned away.

“How can I love him...? I am a machine...”

“You have felt all these emotions...! Let’s say I believe you... that you do experience these emotions. Why do you feel an attachment to him? Why are you drawn to him?”

“I do not know... I have no plain of reference for this emotion...”

Allison noticed that Cameron was become more hesitant in her responses that concerned John. Allison sense of curiosity had taken over and she was now completely interested in this machine that had a fascination with a human.

“There is no plain of reference... Would you die for him?”

“Of course I would... but that part of my mission parameters.”

“Now you are making excuses... You said yourself that you have grown beyond your mission... Why would you die for him?”

“I do not know...”


“I don’t know!”




Allison sat in silence... she had finally seen what her curiosity had driven her to explore. Cameron fell to the ground as if wounded. She whimpered there as if trying to cry, then a water drop fell from above onto her metal check, and went down.

“... I rather die the most horrific death than see him sad or hurt... I want him to be happy... to have a good life...”

“With you?”

“... I don’t deserve him, I am a machine.”

“But what if he wants to be with you?”

Cameron just shook her head.

“No... He wouldn’t want to be with me... I tried to kill him...”

“But he came here for you...”

“No he didn’t, Catherine brought her here... she told me...”

“But he told me... he told me you said you love him.”

“I said that when I went bad... so he didn’t believe me... He hates me...”

“Did you mean it?”

Cameron hesitated at that moment; Allison figure that it really did not know if it meant it or not.

“I... think so... but I did not understand it...”

“He came for you because of that... that he ran from his feelings for you by going with someone else...”

“Yes... Riley...”

Allison saw that the machine said that name with such distain. She could feel the hate that it had for whoever this Riley was.

“He told me that he loved the little things that you did... like tilting your head when you were confused... or the phrase you said when you understood... ‘Thank you for... for...’ what’s that word.

With all that was happening, Allison could not remember that phrase John had told her. She had a lot on her mind... and she could not think of some of the simple things...

“Thank you for explaining?”

“YES! That’s it...”

“He.... he said that?”

“Yes, he did, just before the factory...”


“Yes... what wrong?”

Cameron suddenly rose up in a hurry and began running around as if in a panic. Cameron went to the terminal and began accessing the system.

“What’s wrong? What are you doing?”

“Accessing the video surveillance of the battle... I need to make sure John is ok...”

After what seemed like an eternity, Cameron finally moved away from the terminal. However, she seemed to walk in a way that indicated that she was worried or scared... or both.

“Is he ok?”

“... He... was knocked unconscious...”

“Oh my god...”

Terror kicked into Allison’s emotions... she did not know how to react... let alone what to do.

“Did the machines get him?”

“No... The resistance took him back...”

There was a moment of silence that allowed Allison to think. One thought did come to mind... one that she was still not entirely comfortable with.

“I... can help you... get into the base...”

This was a dangerous suggestion... The whole last few hours could have been one enormous lie that was designed to allow her to get the machine into that base. Cameron was still a machine... that everything that Allison’s experience had taught her was that you can never trust a machine. But... this one was different... and either it was sincere in its feelings... or it was an elaborate ruse. Deep down... she had to risk it.

“I’ll give you my body’s... template... and I’ll help you see if he is alright...”

Cameron did not speak for a few moments. It seemed to Allison that it was thinking of alternative to the plan... She hoped it was a good sign...

“Ok... Are you sure that you are alright with?”

Allison laughed...

“I’m not exactly comfortable with it... but... if I were you... I would want to know... This is the best way.”

Another moment passed. Cameron then moved toward her... bent down and started to unbind the restraints from Allison’s wrists and legs. She then helped Allison onto her feet. As she moved her, Allison could feel that pain shooting in her back. She tried to take the pain as much as she could... she would have too.

“We need to head to the bio bay, there is an imprint machine there... I’ll help you there...”

“Ok... let’s go...”

Allison began limping her way down the tunnels with Cameron holding her arm for support. Never before did a human and a machine working together in this world... Well, there is a first time for everything.

Terminator: Rebirth
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