Chapter 6: Knowing Cameron

Chapter 6 “Knowing Cameron”

The road home was smooth, trouble-free; there was no traffic. John drives steadily as Sarah sat in the passenger seat quietly reflecting. She noticed that they were going a little too fast.
“John slow down.” Said Sarah.
John seemed to ignore her. Sarah heard a police siren. She looked at the rear view mirror and saw that it was a police riding a motorcycle. But instead of staying behind them, the police man sped up beside the car. To John and Sarah’s horror, it was the police man they thought they’d never see again. It was the T-1000 that was sent to kill John ten years ago when Sarah broke out of Pescadero. The machine pulled a 9mm and pointed it to John. Upon seeing it, John shouted at Sarah.
“Mom get down!” As the machine fired at them, John shielded Sarah by pulling her down, tucking her head. The window shattered as the bullets pierced through it. John was hit at his left shoulder and at his lower back. They swerved through the road as he struggled to regain control of the wheel. The T-1000 was reloading his gun as he stayed close to the car. John turned the wheel with force all the way to the left and rammed the motorcycle off to the railing. As a result of the impact, the car swerved off the side of the road and smashed into the light post. Sarah was bleeding from her forehead, she looked at John who was unconscious, bleeding next to her.
“John?” As she turned John’s head to face her. She caught a glimpse of the T-1000 on the side mirror walking towards them. Sarah grabbed the shotgun at the backseat. The T-1000 seized John by his jacket, Sarah shot him twice and left two big silver holes on his face that quickly disappeared. The machine stared at her then pulled John through the window and threw him in the middle of the road.
“John!” Screamed Sarah as she hastens to step out of the car. The T-1000 stood over John’s body and pointed the gun at him.
“No!” Sarah screamed helplessly and tried to run towards John but her feet felt a ton heavier. A deafening sound of a gunshot whirled through her ears. She reached John’s lifeless body and kneeled beside it. Sarah cradled her son’s head on her arms and cried calling his name. As she looked up at the T-1000, she felt its hand around her neck. The machine looked into her eyes without any remorse. Sarah felt numb and didn’t have the will to fight back.
“It’s no use.” She said to herself, “It’s all over.”

“Mom.” She heard a voice said. Sarah jolted awake from her sleep.
“A machine. There’s a mach-“ She babbled in confusion.
“Mom it’s okay.” Said the voice.
“You fell asleep. We’re home.” As Sarah regained clarity, she saw that it was John and the car was already parked in the garage.
“Bad dream?” Asked John.
“I’m fine.” She said holding her head.
“You should get some rest.” John said to her. Sarah nodded and they both stepped out of the car.

Cameron was standing guard, looking through the kitchen window. The younger John was sitting on the living room sofa.
“They’re here.” Cameron said. John stood up and went towards the door. Sarah and the other John entered.
“How did it go?” John asked them.
“We weren’t able to talk to him.” It was the older John who answered him. Sarah went directly to her room without saying a word. John looked at the older John questioningly.
“She’s just tired.” He said to him.
Sarah sat down on the edge of her bed trying to hold back the tears. The pressure of stopping Skynet has mounted to another level. As her fears keeps haunting her in her dreams. The image of John, lifeless, is unbearable for her as a mother.

John parks the black Mustang in the driveway, steps out and goes inside the house. Sarah was in her room looking at a photograph. It was a photo of John when he was five. She stares at it with deep yearning.
“Mom?” Sarah heard someone call from the living room. She found John rummaging through the fridge and straightened up holding a glass of orange juice.
“Hey.” Sarah said. John turned to face her, placed the glass of juice on the table and embraced her.
“I’m sorry I haven’t been here lately.” He said softly over her shoulder. As John let go, Sarah holds his face with both hands and said,
“I’m glad that you’re here.” John smiled at her then takes the glass of juice and drinks it.
“I left you a couple of messages about the dinner with Mr. Clarke. Why aren’t you answering your phone?” Asked Sarah.
“A couple? More like seven messages.” He said smiling, Sarah smiled back.
“The important thing is I’m here, right? How’s Uncle Ben?” John said.
“He misses you.” She told John. He stares at Sarah for a moment.
“I miss the old man too.” He said. Sarah looks at her watch and said,
“We need to go. We can’t be late.”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t want to tick him off. He’s scary when he’s mad.” Said John grinning.

The two Johns were sitting at the dining table having breakfast. They were both laughing at something that they were talking about, when the younger John asked the other John.
“What does it mean?”
“Huh?” Said the older John.
“The tattoo on your wrist, what does it mean?” The younger John said. The older John looked at his wrist then said,
“It’s Hebrew. It means-“
“It means ‘Sarah’.” It was Cameron who spoke after emerging from the living room. The two Johns stared at her.
“What else do you know about it?” The older John asked.
“You got that tattoo, December 7, 2005. Along with that big angel wings on your back with the words ‘Ángel de la guardia’ tattooed below it.” Cameron was saying when the older John interrupted her.
“Okay. You know everything about it.” Realizing that it was a mistake to ask her. The younger John was looking at him in awe.
“Can I see it?” He asked.
“You should go, you’ll be late for school.” The older John said to him. The younger John was grinning as he stands and grabs his bag from the kitchen counter. Cameron shouldered hers and went outside.
“John! Don’t get a tattoo just yet.” The older John said to him.
“I knew you would say that.” Said the younger john then left.

Amidst the group of people mourning the loss of a friend, a family, a comrade; Agent Ellison stood strongly looking at Agent Simpson’s coffin being lowered into the grave. As people left, Agent Ellison saw a tall man standing from a far. It was an indistinct figure but he was sure of it, it was Kester. He closed his eyes as if trying to make sure he wasn’t dreaming it. When he looked again, the man was gone.

Sarah walked in the kitchen sluggishly, and saw John washing the dishes.
“Hey.” She said to him. John looked over his shoulder.
“Good morning. You alright?” Said John.
“I’m good.” Sarah answered; she walked past him and seated herself in the dining chair.
“Coffee or juice?” Offered John. Sarah smiled and said,
“Coffee please. Thanks.” John poured some coffee on a mug and carefully handed it to her.
“So do you have anything planned for today?” He asked Sarah.
“I don’t usually plan.” She said after taking a sip of coffee. John didn’t say anything as he leaned back on the kitchen sink.
“Why? Do you have a plan?” Asked Sarah.
“Why don’t we go for a walk? Let’s go to the park.” John said. Sarah smiled and said,
“You don’t have to cheer me up John. I told you I’m fine.”
“When you say ‘I’m fine’, it can mean a lot of things like ‘I’m worried but I don’t want you to know it’ or ‘I’m sad but I don’t want to show it’ or ‘I’m scared but I don’t want anyone to see it.” John said casually. Sarah stared at her son.
“Okay, let’s go for a walk.” She said. John smiled at her.

John and Sarah walks through the grass enjoying the view around.
“You haven’t changed.” Said Sarah while looking at her son.
“What d’you mean?” Asked John.
“Your eyes. They always light up when you’re at the park especially when I take you to the playground.” Sarah said reminiscent of the past.
“I don’t know. I guess they make me feel safe.” John said as he walked ahead and sat on the park bench. Sarah stood still for a moment then followed to sit beside him. They sat in silence, as Sarah looked at some kids running around the park.
“Mom.” Said John who was looking at her.
“Yes?” She turned to face him. John hesitated and seemed lost for words.
“Nothing.” He said. Sarah knew that he wanted to say something but can’t find the courage to say it.
“You said you were gonna tell me about Cameron.” Deciding to change the topic.
“John told me that you always make fun of Cameron.” John said as they both smiled.
“Not always. Just every time that she say or does inhumane things.” Said Sarah.
“You’re trying to make her human.” He said.
“No, I’m just trying to teach her to value human life.” She said seriously.
“It’s funny because technically you don’t know Cameron but you’ve always liked her.” John told Sarah. She listened intently.
“After you and Miles Dyson blew up Cyberdyne, we went into hiding. Lived in different places every month, just to be sure. I can’t even remember how many addresses we had.” He said then laughed. Sarah couldn’t resist to smile.
“Then finally you decided to stay in one place. In Spring Valley, Nevada. You got a job at a diner.” John was saying.
“Why am I not surprised.” Said Sarah. John was in high spirits as he told Sarah about how he knew Cameron.
“The owner, an old man, he liked you. He told me that you were like a daughter to him. I loved that old man. Everyone calls him Uncle Ben. His wife, Elizabeth, died of Leukemia in 1997. Then his only daughter died in a car accident back in ’88, her husband died as well. But their daughter, Uncle Ben’s granddaughter survived. He raised her on his own.” He said.
“Cameron.” Uttered Sarah.

It was an elegant façade of a house and a door with a brass knocker. Sarah and John stood in front of it, waiting for someone to answer them. John was holding a bottle of wine while Sarah looked at him smiling as he tried to fix his hair and his shirt. He finally noticed Sarah.
“What?” John asked.
“You look fine.” Said Sarah.
“I’m just fixing – never mind.” He said, his face turned a little shade of red. The door opened and revealed a tall, burly old man who was overjoyed when he saw his guests.
“John!” He said with open arms then gave John a bear hug.
“Uncle Ben!” John said with difficulty in breathing. Then he let go of John and said, “Come in, come in.” As he welcomed Sarah, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“Thanks for having us.” Said Sarah.
“I’m so glad that you and John can join us.” Said the old man as Sarah stepped inside.
“We got you something.” John said handing Uncle Ben the bottle of wine.
“Wow, you shouldn’t have.” Ben said.
“It’s not that expensive.” John said smiling.
“The price doesn’t matter to me.” The old man smiled back.
“Grandpa?” Called a woman’s voice from upstairs.
“Our guests are here.” Said Uncle Ben. A second later they heard someone coming down the stairs. John turned and saw a young woman he knew, someone he just met.
“Sarah, John I’d like you to meet my grand daughter, Cameron.” He said to them as the young woman cling onto his arms.
“Hi. I’ve heard so much about you.” Said Sarah and shakes Cameron’s hand.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for joining us.” Said a beaming Cameron, then she looked at John and said,
“Hi. Do you remember me?”
“Hey.” Said John looking dumbfounded.
“You’ve met before?” Asked Uncle Ben curiously.
“Yeah.” They both said.
“He gave me a ride to the diner when my cab broke down.” Cameron said looking at John. He stared at her, as Cameron looked away red-faced.

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