Chapter 6: Stand And Fight

After a long drive we finally got to the football stadium and entered the underground car park. By sheer luck either that or Skynet's forces were pre occupied, we didn't have one engagement on the way here.

Here we were split into three groups - Alpha, Bravo & Charlie, Alpha led by McKenzie and Charlie led by one of the seals was to guard the flanks while Bravo led by Gen Connor was to smash through the main gate and free as many people as possible.

After half an hour moving through the sewers we were all in position and ready to start on the road to victory. I was with charlie group on the right flank and as we took up position I could see Bravo group was raining hell down on the main gate and making good ground.

Within seconds we had numerous air and ground HK'S along with Endos attacking our position, Skynet's forces were hell bent on trying to flank us but we were kicking some serious ass. I glanced across at Bravo groups position to see that the main gate was down and were already inside, I could read Gen Connors lips - Women and Children head for the sewers, any man strong enough STAND AND FIGHT -.

The mission was a success, all up we only lost ten men.
Freed Eighty Women and Fifty Children and an extra sixty Men joined our band of brothers not to mention the weapons we gained.

Over the next month we went from camp to camp with a similar result as the first.

We dug in and fought Skynet every where we could with General Connor leading the way.

Many years have past (it seems that long) and victory is at hand.

With General Connor we Stand at the base of the Mountain where Skynet's stronghold is. Every HK, Endo and production factory lay behind us smashed and burning.

Gen Connor leads the march up the entrance, two sentry towers with plasma cannons open fire on us, we return fire destroying both in massive fire balls.
A loud cheer from the men goes up.

(Gen Connor) Save it for when the mission is complete.

We head into the complex and start the descent to Skynets mainframe.

After reaching the central terminal General Connor steps forward.

(Gen Connor face to face with Skynet through a surveillance camera) You tried to kill my mother so I would never existed - YOU FAILED -
You tried to kill me - YOU FAILED -
And you tried to wipe out the human race - YOU FAILED -
So you must be feeling pretty miserable right now, oh! that's right you don't you cannot feel emotions your a computer.

(Every laughs and the Gen Connor continues)
Me and my men have brought you something that you overlooked and we found.

Its a small (but very effective) 20 megaton battle field nuke.
Well as the saying goes - YOU LIVE BY THE SWORD YOU DIE BY THE SWORD -
Ive set the timer at thirty minutes, so I'm sure you will have enough time to search your files as to where you went wrong and then realize you cannot do a damn thing about it because a nuke is about to turn you to ash.

Gen Connor ordered us to head up to the surface as he armed the nuke and hit the timer.

I stopped and turned to see General Connor raise his right arm a smirk came upon his face and gave Skynet the bird and said - On behalf of the six billion people that you slaughtered " UP YOURS ".

He turned to me and said lets get out of here, when we made it to the surface the demolition teams had just finished setting the explosives in the tunnel.

The order was giving to clear the area.

In a last desperate effort Skynet tried to communicate with one of its production facility's, but got nothing but silence as they all lay smashed and burning.

(Soldier)General Connor Sir! you have the honour of detonating the charges.

(Gen Connor) Thank you but I have set my timer you and your team have done a fine job now finish it.

With the command given a multitude of explosions followed, a massive cloud of dust spewed out and upwards from the tunnel and the side of the mountain poured in.

Skynets fate was sealed

Moments later deep in the mountain Skynet's entire mainframe was enveloped by a white light and in less than one millionth of a second a searing white heat followed.
The ground shook knocking men of their feet, but there was a roar of cheers and laughter for they knew the war was over and the human race had prevailed.

General John Connor had full filled his destiny.

He gathered the men for a final speech.

(Gen Connor) I see you men as one giant brave Phoenix, many years have passed since Judgement Day.
You rose from the ashes stood tall and fought bravely, we have lost many good men and women on the road to victory and let us never forget their sacrifice nor shall we forget the six billion lives lost on Judgement Day.
By defeating Skynet we have been given a second chance, lets make it right.

- Heads bow for a minutes silence -

In the weeks that followed teams were sent out in all directions with two standing orders.

Firstly to assist any survivors they came upon.

Secondly anything moving that wasn't human was to be sent to hell.

The teams only found pockets of survivors.

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