Chapter 6: Turning Point to Serendipity

Written by: Kaleb (KrazyKaleb)

Here is where my mind was blown away with what was next said. After what Cameron said here this day. Changed my entire out look on life forever. This is where I would have to say Curiosity killed the cat. The cat being me...

Very monotonously Cameron stated this in her quick mechanical manner, “David McFly. Born March 1, 1987. He was a middle to low class man with a natural knack in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Dimension Optics, Chronography and temporal displacement. David had a special ability with coming up with ideas on the go and made many theoretical inventions. One in which was fully constructed many times and improved over time.

"Skynet sent back in time a terminator to capture David at an unknown amount of months/years before judgment day. Where they locked David in a factory bunker for the next 20 years. He was held captive in a work camp set up by the terminators. Thereafter in 2027, he was forced to create a device which would aid Skynet in the battle against the Resistance. The Time Displacement chamber. This was his only invention.

"After the final construction of the machine. He was saved by John Connor along with his Tech-com unit the day the Resistance destroyed Skynet's main science complex. John Connor was then forced to send Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor from a Skynet attack. Thus, being one of the reasons why Derek has such a hate for David McFly. In theory if it wasn't for David, Kyle wouldn't have had to go back in time.

"David McFly was very remorseful over the machine that he created for Skynet. So he worked for the resistance with us in the future. Where John Connor was aided by David McFly in creating the time displacement chamber again but now for the Resistance to stop Skynet. McFly's suggested a plan to John Connor as a secondary optional objective. To undo what David McFly himself had done in the past. Which can be considered the present day currently for us.

"Currently, I have three optional objectives that were programed by John Connor himself. Just in case we occurred upon David in the past.

"Objective one is to protect David. Since we altered the future and caused David to meet us early. We need to have him make a time machine now in the present and directly send him to the future. Where he will automatically help future John Connor work on the creation of his time machine. Thus, delaying Skynet in the creation of its own time machine. Forcing Skynet to make the time displacement machine on it's own, if it can. As of right now we have not yet prevented Skynet so this is the possible result.

"Mission Optional Objective two: If we prevent Skynet by destroying the Turk. We send him to the future where he will be able to live in the peaceful future that we created with out Skynet. Either way, he must be sent to the future now.

"But if all else fails my last optional objective is to have him terminated if absolutely needed. So that he can't aid Skynet in the creation of the time machine ever. As of right now. I have been programed by John to provide the blue-prints and schematics to the creation of David's time displacement device. We must get to work on it now. Since we have limited time. We only can make a device that will travel one person through time. So after the machine is used. It will be useless and most-likely implode on itself like many of the other proto-types. Or, like what happened in the bank vault.” said Cameron.

Now after hearing all this I thought to myself that. I couldn't believe what was happening in front of my eyes. This robot from the future knew everything about me. My life, meaning, intentions and ideas for The Time Machine I was currently designing. It all connected and life made sense now.

All that upbringing by my parents payed off. There encouragement to pursue my dreams about technology, to pursue religion of God before everything else in my life and finding meaning and happiness in what I do. By helping people and preaching to people. My new design: The time travel device. Which was the invention I was planning to patent. God willing, it was the dream device I planned to use to help humanity. To help undo the wickedness in the world. To save humanity from some evil.

But then, I immediately realized the fact of it all. My invention was both a blessing and a curse. I helped aid Skynet; a computer system that takes over the world in 4 years; in sending machines back in time to kill people. Innocent people! While at the same time I helped John Connor in the future to prevent this reality I'm living right now. By helping John send back Protectors and Redeemers to help prevent the future war. It seems that I was a utter paradox within myself.

I had done wrong even before I had ever committed it. Or did I? May I be able to change it? Did it ever really happen yet? Can people really learn from there mistakes? Especially if they happen before you even have a chance to do them? I don't know but I will try to learn from it. I must.

So now I knew I must prevent myself from hurting so many people with my invention of the Time Displacement Device. I might not be able to stop this Skynet as they called it. From creating a time machine. But, I sure will hope to delay it or prevent it as much as possible. If I do this my parents will be proud whether or not they know what happened to me. I must take a measure to prevent this!

Laying there tied up I saw all of them walk to a corner and talk about what they were going to do to me. I made my honest petition to them as out loud and clear as I could, “Hey you guys. Untie me please! I want to help. I need to make this right. I don't even need the blue prints. I can make it right here, right now from my head. I just need a few things and we can get it working now. Don't just tie me up here and expect me not to act because I need to what's right. For to long I've wondered who I am and why I'm here and now this is my chance to make it right before it all goes wrong!”

Sarah Baum looked at me tenderly as she saw the honesty in my eyes. The tears, fear and sorrow of what was just happening in from of my eyes. She knew my world just turned upside down and I wasn't just some nice guy next door anymore. I was a man who wanted to do what's right for others and not myself. I wasn't even a leader. I was John's worker his technical advisor. Once I made eye contact like that with Sarah Baum. She knew with a mothers intuition that I was telling the truth.

“Cameron untie him... He's not going to go anywhere. David knows what's needed of him. Let him loose.” said Sarah after looking eye to eye with me as any mother would do.

Cameron approached me with wide brown eyes wielding a knife in hand very unemotionally and cut me loose. I sat up slowly and looked at the bandage that was on my right shoulder.

“Don't mess with it or you will get an infection. You shouldn't feel much pain now that I gave you anesthetic.” said Cameron as she casually touched me on my neck and smiled in approval like she was glad about somthing.

“So your going to fix your mess David? Huh?” asked Derek as he looked at me suspiciously.

“I'm sure he will do what's right Derek. Cameron knows he will, or she's going to kill him remember?” said Sarah Connor looking at me then at Derek in confidence.

“His vitals say he is willing to cooperate. I just checked.” replied Cameron.

She must have the ability to analyze my vitals with brief touch of the skin. I thought.

I then stood up slowly and announced bravely, “If this is the last thing I do. This will be it... lets get to work. Now. ”

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