Chapter 7: "I Missed You"

A/N: This chapter and the next take place between the conclusion of "Today is the Day" and "To the Lighthouse". From this chapter on, I'll start deviating a little more from the actual story. But it will still go along with the episodes. This fanfic is more so stuff that could be happening that we're not seeing (plus, I'm integrating new characters into the current storylines.)


John had searched for Cameron downstairs, but couldn’t find her. He found a note from his mom saying she had gone to run a few errands and would be back in a few hours. He knew Derek probably wasn’t around after what had happened. He made his way upstairs, and checked the first room at the top of the stairs--hers. She normally wasn’t in “her” room, since she shared it with Mykah, and didn’t really need the room…she didn‘t sleep. It was just a place to keep her things and to keep up her cover of being John’s human sister. The door was closed, which was strange, since he knew Mykah wasn’t there. She had gone on some top-secret assignment or something and wouldn’t be back for a few days. There was no reason for Cameron to want privacy. Regardless, he knocked on the door.

He heard Cameron speak from inside the room. “Come in.”

He opened the door, and saw Cameron sitting on the edge of the bed, her feet on the ground. She seemed to be deep in thought, staring into the floor. It finally seemed to compute that he was standing there, and her eyes focused on him. She looked at him, expectantly.

He didn’t know where to begin. He closed the door behind him, then locked it. And just like Mykah had done a few days ago, he moved to the bathroom door and locked it as well.

Then he turned to Cameron. She was still sitting on the bed. He sat down next to her. “What’s wrong?”

She just stared back at the floor.

Okay, at least she isn’t lying to me. That’s something.

“Are you upset about something? Was it something I did or said?” John knew there were a lot of things he’d done lately that could upset Cameron.

“I can’t be hurt. I can’t be upset. I am confused. And no, you didn‘t do anything.”

Well, you can be hurt and upset, you just probably don’t know what you’re feeling. He moved past that to determine what the cause of whatever Cameron was feeling. It had to be mom.

“Okay, are you confused about something my mom said?”

He saw her blink. It wasn’t much. Barely noticeable. But it was something.

“What did she say?”

“She says a lot of things.”

“Yes, but what did she say that confused you?”

She answered, in Sarah’s voice. “But why are you here? Right now, with us. John sent you here from the future. He sent you away. Away from him. Maybe you should think about that. Maybe you should think about why he didn’t want you around anymore.”

John’s anger began to grow. His mother had no right to say that to her. She has no idea what she’s talking about. He had made that clear the other day. She’s probably reacting to that. A mother never wants to hear her son tell her she doesn’t know anything. She probably feels threatened. But this is not the way to deal with it.

John realized he hadn’t said anything to Cameron yet. She probably thought he agreed.

“She shouldn’t have said that.”

“That doesn’t mean she wasn’t right.”

“No, it does. She’s not thinking clearly. I didn’t send you away. I sent you to me. You were the only one I could trust. It broke my heart to do that.”

Cameron tilted her head to the side. God I love it when she does that. No. Focus, John. “How do you know?”

Oops, I had slipped up. I guess this is my opportunity….

John turned to look at Cameron. He lifted his right hand to turn her head to him. “I’m going to try something, and I need you to promise you‘ll let me.”

She was confused as to why he hadn‘t answered her question, but she trusted him. “I promise.”

She said it without hesitation. She trusts me.

That gave him confidence.

Slowly, he placed his left hand on her head, near where her chip is. He let his fingers caress the spot on her hair for a few moments, and leaned in carefully. Their faces were now only a few inches away from each other. Cameron stared at him, waiting, not knowing what to expect.

He inhaled slow and deep, his breath trembling. He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. He reached his right hand up to cup her face, while his left slowly made its way down to her shoulder, then down her back, to her hip. The kiss started out soft, timid, unsure; Cameron did little to help it along; but then, suddenly, she began kissing John back. The kiss became deeper, but John abruptly pulled away. He was shocked at the change in Cameron, and was hesitant about what it meant.

But Cameron gave him a reassuring smile, and cupped the side of his face with her hand.

“John,” she said musingly, “I missed you.”

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