Chapter 7: Gospel of John

Chapter 7 “Gospel of John”

“Then a great and mysterious sight appeared in the sky. There was a woman, whose dress was the sun and who had the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was soon to give birth and the pains and suffering of child birth made her cry out. Another mysterious sight appeared in the sky. There was a huge red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and a crown on each of his heads. With his tail he dragged a third of the stars out of the sky and threw them down to the earth. He stood in front of the woman, in order to eat her child as soon as it was born. Then she gave birth to a son, who will rule over all nations with an iron rod..” Said Agent Ellison who was reading from a bible in his hands, seated in a circle of people listening intently. After finishing a couple of verses, he sat quietly in his seat as a woman from the group reads another verse. Reflecting on the verses that he just read, it felt surreal and made him realize something. He needed to help Sarah now more than ever.

Sarah steps on the porch followed by John.
“I need to see someone, you should stay here.” Sarah said to John.
“Who, Ellison?” He asked.
“No. Someone else. Just stay here and wait for John and Cameron.” She told him.
“I’m not good at babysitting.” John said with a grin on his face. Sarah smiled at him.
“It’s not that hard. Besides, you’ll get to see how stubborn you are.” She said to him. John smiled at her and said in a serious tone,
“Sure you don’t want me to go with you?”
“”Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Assured Sarah. John nodded and they went inside the house.

John was stuffing his books in his locker when Cameron approached him.
“Can I get one?” She said to him.
“What?” Asked John closing his locker.
“A tattoo. Can I get one?” Said Cameron. He looked at her in amazement.
“I don’t know, maybe.” John said as he walked to his next class, Cameron followed him.
“Why do you want to get a tattoo?” John asked smirking.
“It looks cool.” Cameron answered.
“I want a butterfly.” She added. John looked at her, grinning.
“A butterfly?” He asked Cameron.
“Yes. I saw it on a girl after gym class. It looks cool.” She said mechanically.
“I can’t wait for mom to hear you say that.” John said laughing, and then he saw Cheri standing by her locker. He walked towards her and left Cameron standing near the drinking fountain.
“Hey Cheri.” Said John. She looked at him trying to balance the things that she was carrying.
“John, hey.” Cheri said to him.
“Let me help you with that.” He said taking her things.
“Thanks.” She said and gave a weak smile.
“Off to your next class?” John asked as they walked.
“Yeah.” She answered.
“Um, Cheri-“ John was thinking of what he should say.
“I was wondering if you would like to go to the prom with me.” He finally gets to say it. She smiled at him but was evidently surprised and delighted at the same time.
“Sure. Yeah I’d love to.” Said Cheri. John smiled and felt relieved as he walked with her down the corridor.

Sarah was driving when her cell phone rang.
“Hello?” She answered. It was John on the other line.
“Mom, I’m just going out for a minute.” He said.
“Where are you going?” Sarah asked.
“I’m just gonna go for a walk. Breathe some fresh air. Don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it.” Said John.
“Okay, but be careful.” She told John.
“You be careful, wherever you’re going. Bye.” He said.
“Bye.” Sarah said then hangs up. She wondered where John was going. Sarah parked the car on the side of the road, and walked towards the food court beside the Valley Square mall. She approached a man seated in one of the tables with his back towards her. Sarah rushed to sit on the vacant seat from across him.
“This won’t take long, just give me a minute.” She said quickly.
“Sarah-“The man said.
“I need a favor. It’s for Cameron.” Sarah continued, ignoring him.
“Slow down. Wait, did you say Cameron? The machine in your house?” He asked.
“Yes.” Answered Sarah.
“I didn’t want to drag you into this, again. I swear this will be the last that you’ll hear from me.” She added.
“Sarah it’s okay. Tell me.” He said. Sarah took a deep breath before speaking.
“This is going to sound crazy but Cameron needs an eye.” Sarah said feeling a little awkward.
“What? An- I don’t know if I can help. But-“The man said, Sarah thinks for a second then said,
“You’re right. You can’t help. I don’t know what I was thinking, I’m sorry.” Sarah said then stands up to leave.
“Wait! Can you just tell me what’s going on? Did something happened?” The man asked.
“I’m sorry I called you. Forget all about this Charley.” She said without looking at him then walked away.

John entered the house followed by Cameron.
“Hey. Anybody home?” Called John and he heard a dog barking coming from the back of the house. John went to investigate as Cameron stayed close behind him. They reached the back porch, the bark grew louder. John opened the door and saw a large dog running towards him.
“Dorothy! No!” Yelled a man’s voice. The dog stopped in front of them still barking. John saw who it was; the other John was standing beside the swing.
“Heel!” He yelled and the dog runs back to him. John stepped down the stairs and onto the grass. Cameron stayed near the door watching them.
“She’s a great watch dog.” The younger John said as he scratched the dog’s chin.
“Is she yours?” He asked.
“Yeah. I got her two years ago.” Said the older John.
“And now I’m giving her to you.” He added. The younger John looked at him.
“But- why?” Aren’t you staying?” John asked.
“I’m not sure, we’ll see.” The older John said. The younger John stared at him sadly then looked at the large black and tan dog with pointed ears.
“Well you have to teach her not to bark at Cameron all the time.” The older John said smiling.
“Mom will get so annoyed from all the barking, she might have to throw her out.” The younger John said.
“Dorothy?” Asked the other John.
“No. Cameron.” Replied john and they both laughed.

The park was filled with people playing catch with their pets; some were jogging and riding their bike. And for some they just sat in the grass relaxing and enjoying the view. Like a couple who sat under a tall tree lounging in the shade it provided. John had his arms around a woman who was leaning back on his chest; she was holding a digital camera, taking pictures of them.
“Say cheese cake!” She said as she snapped another photo. Then she looked at the LCD and browsed through the pictures.
“Which ones do you like? The goofy one or this?” She asked showing John the images.
“I like both of them.” Said John.
“Yeah me too.” The woman said and she stared at the picture.
“John?” She said.
“Yes?” Replied John.
“I told you that that I’m going back to New York by next week, school starts in three weeks.” Said the woman, John didn’t say anything.
“Will you come and visit me?” She said.
“I’ve decided to move to New York. Find a job, so I can be with you.” John said seriously. She sat up and faced him.
“What about your mom?” She asked.
“She’ll understand.” He said to her.
“You haven’t told her?’ Asked the woman.
“Not yet. I’m still looking for the right time.” Said John.
“Maybe tonight’s the right time to tell her.” She said, John looked at her questioningly.
“Your mom invited me to dinner. Well me and grand pa.” She told John.
“Maybe I will.” He said to her. The woman embraced John tightly as he stared blankly, looking worried.

Sarah parked the car in the garage and went straight inside the house.
“John?” Called Sarah as she entered the living room. She heads to the back porch and saw Cameron blocking the door looking at someone outside.
“What’s going on?” Asked Sarah as she approached her.
“John’s teaching Dorothy not to bark at me.” Explained Cameron without looking at her.
“What? Dorothy?” She asked looking over Cameron’s shoulder to see who she was talking about. Sarah stepped outside and smiled as she moved closer.
“Hey.” The older John said upon seeing her. She stands beside him looking at the younger John playing with the dog.
“Dorothy? From the Wizard of Oz?” Asked Sarah, John smiled.
“Well, I can’t name her ‘Toto’” He said.
“And the guys from the pound where I got her told me that they rescued her after the tornado.” He added.
“Really?” Said Sarah.
She saved my life. Twice. Warned me about the machine that was after me.” He told Sarah.
“You have a triple eight on you?” Sarah said sounding concerned.
“I’m not sure what model it was but I haven’t seen it for a year now.” Informed John.
“That was the machine you were talking about. The one you thought was Derek.” She said.
“John told me that he was Kyle’s older brother. And then I saw Cameron, I realized that Skynet sends machines who looked like someone I knew, someone I have a connection with.” He said dimly.
Sarah stood speechless beside him.

A black Lincoln inter continental is parked outside a building. Derek cautiously walks towards it. He looked around before sliding underneath the car then placed a C4 charge on it and slides out, looked around again before walking away.

Sarah was helping the older John prepare for dinner when her cell phone rang.
“Derek?” Said Sarah, listening to the person on the other line.
“Where are you?” She said to him.

“I have good news. Sarkissian’s dead.” Said Derek.
“What? What about the Turk?” Sarah said, shocked by what she just heard. After a few seconds of talking to Derek, she hangs up. John looked at her and asked,
“Mom, what is it?”
The younger John walked in on them holding some papers, followed by Cameron.
“Mom you need to take a look at this. What’s wrong?” He asked when he saw Sarah looking worried.
“What is it?” She said holding out her hand, John handed her the documents.
“Remember him? The man in the photo along with yours and Dmitri’s? I found out who he was, there was a file on Sarkissian’s hard drive. His name is Alexander Volkov.” Said John.
“Volkov, I’ve heard that before.” Sarah said.
“He had a meeting with that man, Sarkissian.” The older John spoke.
“Derek told us remember?” The younger John said when Sarah looked confused.
“Volkov is an advance weapons dealer wanted by the U.S and British government.” Explained the younger John.
“Derek’s right, we have a big problem.” Said Sarah anxiously.
“He called? What did he say?” Asked the younger John.
“Sarkissian’s dead. Someone blew up his car.” Explained Sarah.
“Isn’t that a good thing?” Asked the older John. Sarah looked at him then at the younger John.
“He no longer has the Turk. Sarkissian sold it to a man named Alexander Volkov.” Sarah said grimly, realizing that it was where he heard the name Volkov.
“What?” The younger John stunned.
“And Sarkissian’s men kidnapped a woman named Alice Caroll. Another former intern at Cyberdyne now works as a robotics engineer for AMT.” Sarah added.
“She was a resistance fighter. John knows her.” Cameron spoke for the first time. Sarah and both Johns looked at her completely stunned by this information.
“Was?” The older John asked.
“Alice Caroll died 2026 when Skynet found their lab.” Said Cameron.
“Lab?” Asked the younger John.
“She was commissioned to design and build the resistance’s weaponry. Like the one you used on Cromartie.” She told Sarah.
“Mom we need to find her.” The younger John said. Sarah looked at him thinking.
“I’ll call Derek, tell him to meet us.” She said.
“I’ll get the car.” The older john said.

As the Connors prepare to leave, Derek stealthily enters a warehouse and hides behind a large crate. He felt his cell phone vibrate, Derek answered it discreetly.
“I followed one of Sarkissian’s men in a warehouse. I have a hunch that they’re keeping Caroll here.” He said to the person on the other line. Meanwhile, a man stands in front of a door staring blankly at it. Behind him, a woman tied on a chair with a tape over her mouth. She tries to cry for help over the gag. The man looks at her with glowing red eyes, the woman cried louder as she attempted to break loose from the restraints. The man faced the door again and stood in front of it, not moving as if waiting for something.

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