Chapter 7: Shattered

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The light is majestic as it shines over the spectacular green park. It was like a scene out of a fairy tale. The grass seemingly dances to the will of the wind as it blows over the landscape. The trees sway from side to side; making the calming sound of leafs moving against each other. You can make out each and every playground with the swings, slides, and merry-go-rounds.

John could almost forget about his life here. He could forget about the war, the machines, Allison, Derek, his father and mother. He could forget about being the saviour of mankind, a job he did not sign up for, but almost everyone believes he is... He could forget almost everything. He tried to take in the moment as much as possible...

“It’s beautiful...”

John turned toward the voice, looking frantically for who would disturb his moment of peace. He then spotted a figure, blurred by the blinding light, making its way toward him. He couldn’t make out the voice completely, but seemed to recognize it...

Who are you?

He called out, hoping to make a connection with this person of mystery.

“I love the sounds nature makes. It makes me feel... warm... comforted”


He guessed it was his mother; she is the only women he knew that would talk like that. His mother would tell him of her childhood, taking walks in the park, riding along nature, with the same type of enthusiasm.

Where are you?

He had not seen his mother in such a long time, he wanted to see her... to talk to her about the experience he has had on his own. She slowly came into focus, revealing a female silhouette standing against the sun in the middle of the park. Below there were children playing the swing and in the sandboxes. The scene was something he always wanted for himself, but could never enjoy given his destiny.

“It is so beautiful John...”

His mother’s voice was so different that what he remembered, in fact, he couldn’t say that it was entirely human; more with a surreal quality. He then remembered the battle at the factory and the explosion that killed Allison. He remembered the pain of the hit to his head that put him out... he did come to a very troubling thought.

Am I dead?

His thoughts turned to heaven, paradise, and the end of his existence. On one hand he did not want to die, but on the other hand, there was a hope that maybe his death would end the torment of his life. His death could finally be his liberation from the destiny that he felt he never had any real control over. His apparent mother, still with her back turn toward him, finally spoke to break John’s string of thought.

“Dead? No, you are not dead... Far from it!”

John was confused of his own existence; whether or not he was dead or still alive. In any case, he felt at home here in the park. He was safe from the dangers of the world, from the terminators... He hoped that the park would remain there for an eternity; however, he then realized what would happen to it all. Judgement Day, the end of man’s dominance on the planet Earth would take all of this always. He looked down at the grass, still full of life, and wondered how long it would be until all of this was gone... wiped from the face of the Earth.

Why must this all end?

“Things must end John... but there will always be a new beginning... we are the key...”

Why are we the key?

John had no clue what his mother was talking about. More and more this was turning into a surreal dream where he would never be able to understand what was spoken to him. He tried to yell back to understand about was going on.

What are you telling me mom?

“Who said I was your mother?”

The feeling of imminent dread overwhelmed John. Who could be this impostor? The woman finally turned to face him revealing her face. He took a good hard look at his companion and what he saw made his heart skip a beat. He felt fear and joy in one moment. This was the moment he had been waiting for; he leaped forward calling to the person that he has given his life to, trying to grab onto anything on her body. Just as he was about to hold her hand, she started moving off in the distance, away from him...

“Goodbye John... I will see you soon...”

John and did the only thing his mind would allow him to do...


John shot up from his bunk and tried to catch his breath. He looked around, seeing the faces of all people living in the tunnel. They were crammed into a room, dark and dusty, eating whatever scraps they could get their hand onto. John started to pat down his body just to make sure he was awake, hoping that this was all just a dream; that he would wake up living in the normal world, living a normal life... but he knew that would never ever come.

“Good to see that you are awake...”

John looked behind him, seeing Derek standing over him, John settle down a little bit. Derek was just sitting there with a steaming cup in his hand; Kyle was behind him, looking at the ceiling without any expression to tell what he was thinking or even if he was thinking at all.

It was then that John’s senses kicked in and he began to feel the enormous headache that was spinning around in his head.

“God, my head hurts like hell...”

“Umm Yeah... sorry about that... I’d think you would understand how important it was to get the hell out of there.”

“How long was I out?”

“A couple of weeks, we would feed you when you were semi-conscious... I was surprised how hard I hit you... you almost did not want to wake up.”

Derek’s words stung John, and he suddenly remembered the last moments before he blacked out and why he did not want to wake.


Losing Allison was like losing Cameron all over again. Sure he did not know her all that well, but Allison was the only person who even cared to offer friendship in this god forsaken place.

Mom, Riley, Derek, Allison... Cameron... seemed that anyone he dared to love would be destroyed by his worst enemy... an enemy that he could never escape, not in any time. This was his curse...

“It’s not your fault...”

John snapped back to reality...


Kyle was standing above him. John did not notice his father coming towards him while he was deep in thought. John looked straight at his unknowing father. He could not understand John’s torment, nor would he ever wish to share it...

“I said it isn’t your fault... you look like you are blaming yourself for all the troubles of this world...”

If you only knew...

“... All I’m saying is that you should never lose faith in yourself, no matter what happens... I mean, you saved a lot of people out there...”

John remained quiet and still. He felt that there wasn’t going to be any hope for anyone, especially him. Kyle just stood there until Derek grabbed his arm.

“Let him be Kyle... he’s hurt, and we all have to deal with it somehow...”

Both the Reese boys made their way down the hall, leaving John alone to his thoughts. Even with all the people around him, he never felt so alone. He always had his mother... Uncle Bob... Cameron, but now it seemed that he had finally lost everyone and everything.

He sat there on the ground for most of the day, never moving, and never saying a word. All he could think was what he would do with himself in a world where he does not matter.

All of a sudden, Derek came around the corner and yelled down the hall.


John stood.

“... Someone wants to talk to you, come with me.”

John picked up his rifle and began to walk toward the corner. He looked down toward the floor, not really looking where he was going. Suddenly, he hit someone’s shoulder.


He glanced at who he hit and turned back.

“..It’s alright...”

He didn’t get a good look at who he bumped into. It looked like a young women in rags and a hood, so he did not have the time to really see who it was. At the same time, there was something familiar in the voice...

Oh, it is probably nothing anyway...

John then disappeared around the corner...


Cameron and Allison headed toward a service elevator at the end of one of the tunnels. They started to head up with such speed that Allison almost fell down in pain. Cameron was there, however, helping to stay of her feet.

The elevator stops. Allison assumed that they reached the floor where the bio bay was. They exited the elevator. Cameron turned and led Allison down a long corridor that seems to go on forever. They reach a small hatch that led to the main hallway. Allison made her way through the hatch and was immediately stuck with awe at the bright white halls. The hallway was wide and tall, the clean white just made her believe she was dreaming. Allison then shook herself from the spell and concentrated on Cameron’s machine body. They headed toward a glass door that opened as they approached it. Allison felt both fear and wonder; she had never seen such things in her life.

“Over here”

Allison immediately turned toward Cameron. It was then she saw what Cameron was intending to use; a large glass cylinder along the wall. It was covered with wires of many different shapes and bright lights that gave it certain magnificence. Allison was so mesmerized by the apparatus that she didn’t even notice Cameron beginning to take off her clothing. She naturally felt embarrassed at being naked, but she realized that the only person around was Cameron; a machine made to look like her...

“Does... does it hurt?”

The fear of what was to come made her have second thoughts. She needed Cameron’s reassurance that everything would be ok.

“I don’t know, usually the subjects are unconscious for this part, they don’t even know it is happening.”

Allison accepted Cameron’s answer and just nodded her head. She then took a deep breath and walked into the chamber. Cameron followed her and began to attach the wires that surrounded them at various points of her skin. Allison just looked forward and waited; trying not to think of what was to happen. She was scared, but dug up the courage to continue on her dangerous course.

Cameron headed back to a terminal and pressed a few buttons. Suddenly there was a bright light from above that almost blinded Allison. Smoke filled the chamber, and Allison began to find it hard to breath. She thought at that moment,

This is it... I’m going to die...

Just as suddenly, the smoke cleared and she could start to see Cameron.

“That’s it. You can step out and put on your clothes.”

Allison was a little taken aback... and a little disappointed. She had built up the significance of this procedure for so long, but it barely lasted ten seconds... What a let down...

She walked out and founded her clothing and started to put it on. Suddenly, she heard a loud noise. She snapped her head to the chamber and saw Cameron being covered in smoke. She headed toward the glass and began to see liquid goo starting to cover her machine body. Mechanical arms lowered from above and started to work all around her. Allison could even see clear string form in the back of the chamber. It was almost being grown... it then began to change colour to a dark brown... her hair... and mechanical arms then taking and attaching them to Cameron’s head. The speed that the arms were working at was staggering; Allison could barely see them move.

Suddenly smoke filled the chamber and she couldn’t see what was going on. A bright light filled the room, and again she was blinded. The light subsided, and smoke was beginning to clear, but she still could not see Cameron. She moved closer to the glass, trying to see where she was...



Allison screamed and fell backward onto the floor. She could a human form leaning on the glass close to the ground. Cameron was wet all over, as if she had just finished a shower; and she seemed to be breathing quite heavily. She is still a machine Allison thought, why she would need to breathe at all?

“Are you all right?”

Cameron then opened the glass door, and fell to the ground...

“Cameron? Are you ok?”

Allison was beginning to get worried. She moved slowly toward the near lifeless body. As she got closer, the body then jerked to life, scaring her.

“Yes... This body is getting used... to the stretch and pull of the skin... The metal needs to experience... the differences in order to work effectively... and the skin needs to be worked... before completely setting... Air intake... joint movement... skin movement all need to be worked out for a few minutes. That why I seem to be breathing heavily.”

Allison was suddenly realizing that right in front of her was her. Although naked and wet, Cameron looked exactly like her. Even the birthmark on her left temple was replicated.

“Is there anything I can do?”

“There are towels and human clothing in the locker marked A4-3.”

Allison headed straight for the locker, opened it and founded clothing very similar to hers and towels. She pulled them out and handed them to Cameron. She began to dry herself and her hair, surprisingly the hair look much better than hers, even thought it was the same length. Cameron seemed to notice this.

“The hair is the hardest part... so they spend the most time on it to try to make it look similar to yours.”

“I’d say it looks better...”

Cameron laughed.

“Thank you.”

Cameron put on her clothing. She looked exactly like a resistance soldier, once more she looked exactly like Allison in many respects. She then gathered a few supplies from the bio bay and began to head toward the door. Just at it opened, Cameron turned toward Allison.

“Allison... it’s time to go.”

Allison nodded, and Cameron began to help her back to the service elevator. Once there, they made their way down again. They retraced their steps back to their “camp” and then over to a large pipe making its way up toward the surface. Although Cameron herself used this pipe to make her way down with Allison, Allison herself was unconscious and was again in awe when she finally saw the pipe.

Cameron stopped and turned around. She put out her hand toward Allison and smiled...

“Come... you will be safe with me...”


John was walking down the hall heading to the base commander’s office... That’s what the guards called it, but it most likely did not look anything like an office. More likely it was a room that just happened to have less damage than others in the bombed out building. In front of him was Derek, looking more serious than usual.

He then stopped in front of a set of double door with two guards in front. John, not far behind, could only assume that this was the Commander’s Office.

“She’s waiting for you, head right in...”

John was surprised by the remark... If it were him, he would have had a little bit of a better system of verifying that who he was seeing was actually them... but then again, this was not his show...

Both Derek and John made their way inside where they saw a bunch of older electronic equipment that John could swear was from the 1950s. About 5 people were in the room, doing various jobs... jobs of fighting an enemy that would just take their life away and the life of their loved ones...

Pointless really...


John’s attention then shifted to the red headed lady in the middle of the room. Immediately he recognized who the woman was. They were something in the face that just told him who he was looking at...


Both the woman and Derek immediately looked straight at John, almost as if he just said the craziest thing in the world.

“Did I say something wrong?”

It was only thing John could think to say. He did not know how to react to their glaring... He felt the spotlight on him and it made him feel nothing but shame.

“Do I know you?”

The Commander’s question burned through John like a bullet. As his face turned beat red, he looked around trying to find something to save him from this situation.

What am I supposed say? “Hi, I am a 17 year old boy that you knew when you were a child... oh and I taught you how to tie your shoes...” Yea, that’s really awesome!

“Ummm... No?”

Great John, really ******* original!

Both the Commander and Derek continued to look straight at him with his response. He felt both incredibly stupid and incredibly scared at being found out.

Derek immediately turned toward the Commander and proceeded to apologize for John’s actions

“Sorry for the kid’s awkwardness... we found him a long while back and we find him a bit weird as well. Please disregard...”

Thank you Derek!!!!

“I do know you!”

The Commander completely ignored Derek’s apology and focused directly on John. Any hope of Derek save him from Savannah’s curiosity was gone in an instant. He did not know what to do; smile? Look away? Run? It was not every day that a time traveller was discovered, and it was usually John doing the discovering, not the one being discovered.

“I knew I would see you again someday... Sarah told me you would.”


John was not pretending anymore. Once he heard his mother’s name, all bets were off. Savannah just smiled and looked away from John.

“She... she died... in 2013... Cancer...”

John could not return the gesture; the thought of his mother dying overwhelmed his thoughts. He could not control the feelings that were sweeping through him. Yes, she did not go with him, but in the end, he still loved his mother and missed her, and now he felt he may never see her again.

“You are him... you are the John Connor... the one who will save us...”

John looked at Savannah with the look of scorn of that name. With reluctance, he answered.

“.... Yes....”

He said with almost a whisper. He was not as much acknowledging himself has the John Connor as much as just acknowledging the name. To him, the John Connor only really meant death to all the people around him, not the saviour of the human race that he was made to believe by those who protected him. That name took away his only real chance at a real life.

“What the **** is going on here???”

John had almost forgotten that Derek was still there. The moment with Savannah had blocked out the rest of the room.

“Lieutenant, this young man maybe the most important thing to happen in this war...”

No I’m not...

John just looked straight at Savannah in silence. Just as he was about to speak...


John dropped to the floor, dirt and concrete flying all around him. Everything seemed to slow down as he saw his uncle and Savannah being thrown to the wall by the explosion. He looked up and saw a huge hole through the wall. It was then everything went back to normal. He could hear the yelling outside and on the radio. He did not need any explanation of what was going on, he knew what exactly happened...


Radio chatter was going off everywhere.

Terminators in the base... terminators are attacking the civilian hold... oh my god; they’re everywhere... [Gun fire]DIE METAL BASTARDS!!!!”

The sound was almost deafening, all the screams from outside. He just wanted it to stop... Right behind him he could hear Savannah yelling...


The Soldiers and Savannah got off the floor and headed toward the hallway. John’s instinct told him otherwise. Started to take cover behind the large desk.


His warning seemed to go on deaf ears. Savannah took out a large pistol and then ran into the hallway. Almost instantly the Soldiers and Savannah were shot by plasma fire. John looked away as the intense fire shredded the apart. He opened his eyes, looking straight at Derek, who was huddled behind another desk in the room priming his weapon.

“They are not going to get me without a fight...”

Derek got up and ran toward the hallway, almost certainly to his death. John remembered his uncle death in his timeline... the thought of losing him a second time would kill him.


At the last second, Derek turned as plasma fire shoot though the hall way. Instead of shredding him to pieces as with Savannah and her men, the shot hit him straight at his shoulder, cleanly taking off his arm. He fell to the ground yelling in agony. Before John could get up to help his wounded uncle, he heard one of the most frightening sounds in his life.

Thump.... thump.... thump....

The movement of the terminators almost made his blood run cold. He looked toward the hallway, seeing the shadow of the metal endoskeleton of the cold killer. Every muscle in his body would not move in fear of his worst nightmare finding him.


Derek is still alive!



... Not for long...

The next sound John was the crack of Derek’s neck. It was so loud and just resonated in his mind. He thought of the day that Derek was shot in the head. Twice now his uncle was killed, and he felt powerless to stop it from happening. Then.... silence...



John did not know what to do, and he would not make even the smallest sound in fear of being found by the terminator.



... Maybe he is gone?

Suddenly a loud crash sound surrounds John. The desk he was hiding behind was torn to pieces by the force of the terminator, revealing John. He did the only thing he could do... run, but he knew he would not get very far. Sure enough, he didn’t.

The terminator grabbed him by the jacket and threw him across the room into the wall. The wall was weakened enough by the explosion that the force of him going into wall broke right through. At first John could not think of anything but the pain going through his body. He was able to block it out and then quickly assessed the situation. Looking back to it, it was probably for the best that he was thrown in to the next room where there was a clear way to the hallway, and hopefully to his escape. Otherwise, he would have been stuck in the room with that monster.

He quickly willed himself up and ran for the door as the terminator was moving concrete to get into the room. John was acting on instinct, seeing the danger and avoiding it. He moved through the halls quickly, shift from one hall to the next to avoid being shot of pursued.

All around him he could hear the screams of people being slaughtered by the terminators. He deliberately blocked it out of his mind and concentrated on his escape. Anything time spent on them may mean his death.

He turned one corner and saw it... the feeling of hope and joy rushed his body. The escape hatch was right in front of him about 100 yards off. If he could get to it and get to the surface, he may just have a chance.

Not a moment too soon...

The sounds of the death in the camp was getting closer, it was now or never. He bolted for the door. Never before did he feel so fast. For a moment, he felt he could out run anything...


The force of the wall blowing open through him back... The pain the he had felt before suddenly rushed into his mind again. He shook his head and slowly looked up...

Staring right at him was the deathly gaze of a terminator. It was fixed on him, rifle in hand, ready to terminate. It walked right up to him quickly and efficiently. John`s instinct told him to run, but his fear was just too much, he could not move an inch...

The Terminator stopped and looked right at him and then pointed his rifle straight at his head, execution style.

This is it... The life of the famous John Connor ends on his knees with a rifle in his face...

In a dark way, he almost accepted this fate. On one hand, he did not want to life the life that was written for him. He just wanted to be left alone. He wanted someone else to pick up the torch while he lived out his life. On the other hand, he would miss all the people he loved... Derek, Kyle, Sarah, Allison.... and most of all, Cameron... He would never be able to find her, to tell her all he had learned; about why he let her live; why he dated Riley; and why he went after her through time... To hold her and tell her all the things he wanted tell since he first met her...

He knew then that he had to be the one to do all those things. To be the leader that everyone wanted him to be. If not him, then this would be the fate... certain death... It had to be him...

Well... I guess I will never know now...

With that, he got ready to the inevitable and closed his eyes. He hoped it would a quick death...

He then felt a huge pressure on the skull... and everything went black...

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