Chapter 7: Working to My Future

Written by: Kaleb (KrazyKaleb)

Over the past few weeks I learned who I was. Or, possibly who I could be in the future. It was so surreal and hard to comprehend.

Yet, it made complete logical sense. Me a technical advisor and creator of a time machine to help a future war leader. Against what?... Machines... Killer machines... Terminators! Then there is Skynet... a artificially intelligent defense network super-computer designed to control the nation's most critical defense-related assets! A machine I helped to kill people in the past or, my present living state! It certainly was confusing and not confusing at the same time.

I also learned that my neighbor's were actually... John Connor my future friend and leader of the future so called Resistance against the machines. Sarah Connor, John's misunderstood mother and protector of John's life. The so-quote, “Mother of all Destiny” as she called it. Cameron a robot that they called a Terminator infiltration unit. Who was from the future and reprogrammed to protect John and stop Skynet. Along with Derek Reese a military Resistance Fighter, one of John's best men and one of my future unfriendly allies. And after I finish this machine and fix everything. Hopefully, Derek and I will be on better speaking terms.

The next few days were laborious and the sore bullet wound from Derek wasn't helping my progress. But, Cameron kept checking on my condition even thought my wound felt fine after the next few weeks. I figured she wanted to make sure her mission would go on without delay by continuing to check my vital signs for any deception.

The Time displacement device itself was a lot more complicating than I initially thought. So I had to make a few modifications. The technology we have right now to make this thing, doesn't exactly exist.

This world had yet to understand fourth-dimensional particles known as Tam-eons. These are microscopic particles that travel at the speed of light. Tam-eons keep our bodies in the forward motion known as conscientiousness. But, the time displacement machine that I've devised. Uses electromagnetic energy to move organic objects through time, manipulating these Tam-eon particles.

Funny huh? I never thought I would ever had been able to explain that to anybody in my life-time. All that tinkering with my techno gadgets in the junk yard as young man payed off, Right? One day my parents are going to be proud of me, I hope.

When it came to Cameron's cut-up face. She knew a special treatment along with those staples in her face which was needed to help prevent further tearing of her skin and permanent scaring. Anyways that metal face of hers sure did give me the chills. Knowing that she wasn't what she appeared to be just made me both fearful and curious about who or what she truly was inside that cybernetic chip of hers. Was she truly a machine? Or was she something more? Could she become a sentient being? And to what degree could she be human?

Apparently Cameron malfunctioned the day she was in the jeep explosion. For some odd reason she just went bad and I don't know for exactly why she did those deranged things to kill John and Sarah. But, fortunately John was able to pin her between two cars and bring her back to her previous programing. Was it Redemption for Cameron? I wonder... you never know what is truly going on in her chip.

I talked with Cameron many times over my creation of the time machine and now that I think about it I took her warnings of the future for granted. At the time I still didn't fully understand the danger that existed around me and for the future of the world. So we got to talking as I was working on the final pieces of the Time Displacement device. John and Sarah were standing guard near by keeping intent watch on me or, on Cameron for that matter. I don't know for sure but they must of been going through some hard times with Cameron's programing.

“So how do I help John in the future again?” I asked as I was working on the time displacement device. Checking various connections I had made once again.

“You helped John Connor created the time displacement chamber in 2027 so that he could send back both me and John's other Resistance fighters to the past to undo the future of Skynet. Which also included protecting Sarah and John Connor from Skynet attacks.” Cameron replied.

“OK. And what about this terminator you said that captured me in 2011? What's up with that scenario?” I asked.

“It was a one of a kind Terminator infiltrator model. Designed for one time use in it's special mission. The Terminator's memory chip was then destroyed and endo-skeleton incinerated after it was found on stand-by after Judgment day by Skynet's other terminators. You talked in the future about how it was watching you for a long time before it appeared one day and took you to a fallout shelter, where we all will be made, Depot-37. You kept on saying that it was strange because when you first saw the terminator. It was almost like you befriended to it.” she said very monotonously as she looked at me with a very seductive smile.

“What do you mean I became friendly to it? Was she a girl like you or somthing?” I looked at her very inquisitively and confused as I wondered if it was Cameron's model that would do this to me.

My thoughts then were cut short as I was interrupted by John Connor who was also watching me with a very amazed expression by what I was working on as he said, “She means that you were fooled by a machine David. A robot that you probably recognized as one of your friends or family most-likely. Believe me I would know.” John then smiled at me with a I-told-you-so expression. While at the same time Cameron slowly turned and looked a John very accusingly with her raptor glare.

As I continued working on the last few major components of the Time Displacement Devise, I wondered how my future friendship with John would be like. Because right now he didn't seem like a great guy to get along with entirely. He seemed to have a lot on his mind all the time and he kept on mumbling something about the future as he's watching me. I guess having the burden of the future world on your shoulders could be the most cumbersome thing to ever comprehend...

“One of a kind meaning that there was only one of them that ever had an appearance and look as that. I mean its lame personality probably convinced you it was real human being.” said Derek Reese sarcastically as he walked hearing our conversation and cutt into my deep thoughts. I was starting to get a feeling that I've seen him somewhere before. Like a sort of Deja vu as it were.

As I continued to think I thought, Huh, his name is Reese... like... like... a candy...Reese's Pieces. Could it be true? Is he the same boy with the softball jersey I saw weeks earlier?

“Oh.” I said, “Hey a-- Mr. Reese do you like base ball by any chance?”

“Yes, Why?” he said looking at me very seriously.

“Did you and your brother ever play baseball in the park around this year?” I asked expecting the answer I was looking for.

“No why? Why do you ask?” as Derek looked a John very suspiciously.

“Oh with all this time travel going on... I thought that you might have a younger version of yourself running around these parts. You never know...Ah, never mind it's none of my business anyway.” I said trying to push the conversation aside. I still thought though, that there was a connection between the two senerios. But I didn't push it. I didn't want to get on Derek's bad side again. Nor did I want to get shot again and I would probably find out in the future anyways.

“Kid with questioning like that your going to get yourself killed... Seriously... You better watch yourself.” said Derek sarcastically with a smile.

“Leave him alone Derek he just a very inquisitive young man.” Said Sarah Connor who was still standing nearby watching my developments on the machine I was still working on. Derek took a look Sarah and turned around.

Working as Derek walked away, I was almost done and soon it would only be a matter of hours before my future would set in. The day surely was a laborious one and being cooped up in a abandoned building in place unknown to me was takeing it's toll on my mind.

“You need to be done by tomorrow morning David. Are we clear?” asked Sarah Connor who was now standing next to John watching me with a disgusted look at what I was doing. She must really hate technology. But of all things why would she know Andy Good?, I didn't remember him going out with anyone. I thought.

“OK. I'm actually done right now.” I said.

“Good. I don't want any problems.” said Sarah like she was my mother.

“I'm just double checking all the circuits right now. I don't want to end up in Jurassic Park if you know what I mean.” I said smiling and half laughing as I stood-up from where I was, underneath the time chamber computer. I then wiped my hands on a cloth and started to prepare the time machine's date and coordinates.

“By the way how do you know Andy Good? He was a good friend of mine we would share ideas and stuff. In fact I was going to show him my idea for this machine.” I asked.

“Oh, we were friends mostly and we went on a few dates. So you must know what happened to him too?” Sarah asked.

“Sort of...Well I know he was murdered coincidently on the day I wanted to show him my idea for the Time Machine. I'm just so upset that they still haven't found the killer.” I said sadly.

“Yeah I know...” she paused for a while and frowned. I started to realize I hit a sore spot in her emotions so I tried to change the subject.

“Looks like I only need the coordinates now for the machine!” I said in surprise.

“That's tight David.” said Cameron with a sudden amazed look and smile. I looked at her very strangely because what she said came off very unnaturally and suddenly. Cameron then said, “I have the location and date David. Depending how we do after you leave. Will depend on what future you will have and whether or not Skynet is in your future. If we fail to prevent Judgment Day. You will most-likely arrive in a bunker where John is waiting for you to get to work and prevent Skynet.” she then paused for a moment. “ If we are successful in stopping preventing Skynet, you will arrive in a populated planet with people and no desolation. If you end up in this future, find us and your family. I'm sure they will be glad to see you and help you out.” said Cameron in her over detailed manner.

“Alright, Alright, Alright. Gosh, give me the date and coordinates already.” I said a little annoyed by her thoroughness of what will happen. The different possibilities of the future sure did scare me...

...and fate had nothing to do with it.

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